The Domination Game

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Derek's Basement: Part 1


“Xanos.” I whispered.

I couldn’t believe it. I had to rub my watered eyes to get a better view.

“I’m unarmed.” Xanos stood in the shadows in the corner of the room.

“You don’t have to be armed.” Derek kept his aim steady as he walked towards him.

“I’m here to talk, that’s all.” Xanos deep toned voice was calm. He wasn’t afraid of the gun loaded with a silver bullet, and it seemed like he had no fear of anything around him.

We locked eyes as Derek got closer. He didn’t flinch at gun pointed to his head, but instead, kept his eyes on me.

“Lower it.” I commanded to Derek, but his hand holding the gun remained in place.

I walked towards Derek. “I said, LOWER IT.” I placed my hand on his shoulder, hoping to calm down the situation, but he kept his arm up, not giving into my demands. I couldn’t blame him, he was on edge after everything, but seeing him hold a weapon to Xanos's head made me uneasy.

Derek remained motionless. He had Xanos at the end of a barrel, a perfect opportunity to kill the most powerful Alpha in Elysium, but I wasn’t sure if he would be fast enough. I wasn’t sure what Xanos was capable of or how strong he truly was.

“Please, just give us privacy.” I kept my hand on Derek’s shoulder, hoping to get through to him.

“He shouldn’t be here.” Derek furrowed his eyebrows deeper to Xanos who still remained un-phased by the situation.

Xanos kept his eyes on me the entire time. It was like he didn’t care if he died in the moment, all he wanted was to see me.

“LOWER IT.” I stepped in front of the gun.

I felt something I’ve never felt before. Like a jolt of energy that came from deep inside me. My vision went briefly, like a flash of nothing. My fingers tingled and my hands balled into fists. I hadn’t realized I was breathing fast until I came back to reality.

Was I really stepping in front of a gun for Xanos?

Derek's eyes widened as I stepped in front his gun. “Are you fucking insane Hunter?!”

“LOWER IT.” I gritted between my teeth.

Since the first-time meeting Derek, I never saw worry, concern, or even fear. I wasn’t sure what it was, but he was already lowering the gun.

“Don’t forget what I told you," He whispered to me. "I’ll be back.” Derek looked back to Xanos who remained motionless. “This doesn’t change how I feel about you asshole.” Derek huffed as he walked past him.

Xanos eyes peeked over as he heard Derek’s footsteps fade up the stairs.

I understood Derek’s frustration, but at the same time, I loved Xanos and Marcus. No matter how Derek felt about me, the two of them would always be first, and I couldn't help it.

This was why I couldn’t get close to Derek. I liked him, but I couldn’t do that to him. He deserved better then that.

“Looks like you had a rough night.” Xanos walked closer into the light.

He was wearing his usual black suit ensemble, along with a white button-down shirt. He looked as he always did. Neatly groomed with his dark hair pulled back.

“Define rough.” I peered into his eyes. There was something about him that kept me on my toes. I wasn’t sure what it was. He was nothing like Marcus, but at the same time, he was everything like him.

“Why are you wearing his shirt?” He looked to the shirt I was wearing. He obviously wasn’t pleased with the fact that it was Derek’s shirt.

“I had nothing else to wear.” I replied.

He let out a low growl as he moved his head to the other side, getting a different angle of me.

“What’s it to you? Would you prefer me to wear blood-soaked clothes?”

I could hear agitation in his voice, “Why are your clothes stained with blood?”

Shit, said to much already.

I cleared my throat, “Bad day.”

“You reek of him.” He stepped in closer as his eyes trailed me up and down.

I stepped back closer to the couch, “He’s just a friend.”

“So you say.”

“I don’t owe you an explanation, or a reason for me wearing these clothes.”

“Hmm,” He looked back to the stairs and back onto me, “You can’t trust him.”

“And whys that?”

“He isn’t who he says he is.”

“Really vague of you, mind explaining yourself?”

“I don’t know specifically, but he’s lying to you.”

“I won’t blindly take your word for it. I’ve spoken to him more then you technically.”

“I don’t need to speak many words to know who to trust.”

“Aren’t Alphas supposed to know everything?” I folded my arms across my chest and narrowed my eyes on him. How could he just come in here and tell me who to trust?

“Does Marcus know everything?”

I swallowed hard, “No.”

I wondered what he was referring to. James or my fight?

“So, tell me something you do know.” He came in closer and took a seat on the chair parallel from the couch. The closer he got, the more anxious I was becoming.

“I know…” I breathed in heavily as I took a seat back onto the couch. I was trying to hide myself, but I couldn’t help it. It was overwhelming. “I want…” I bit my bottom lip and looked away.

“What do you want?” He leaned over his legs as he analyzed my every move. His dark eyes hovered towards my exposed legs poking out of the shirt.

I tried to pull it back over my thigh, but there was only so much I could cover up.

My heart was pounding, my throat was tightening, and my hand was squeezing the couch cushion. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice, but hell, I couldn’t help myself.

I wanted him so fucking bad.

“I want..." I looked away. I couldn't answer the question. I didn't want to answer because I was scared of the truth.

“My brother?” He leaned further towards me as he sat on the chair. He was a couple feet away, but he was so large that it felt like he was sitting right next to me.

“Yes.” I was hoping he wouldn't suggest himself, because I would answer yes to that too.

He stood up as I answered him. I flinched from his movements, but quickly regained my composure. I had to tilt my head back just to see his entire body. He was huge, similarly sized to Marcus, but I was beginning to think that he was slightly bigger.

He was intimidating to say the least.

I wasn’t sure if it was because he was the older brother, or it was because there was this mysterious darker side to him, but my heart was pounding outside my chest from the growing tension.

“You’re lying.” He said in a cold dark tone.

“No I’m not.” I looked away briefly, then back to him.

He kept the same look to me. My spine was tingling, my arms were numb, my legs were hot, and I couldn’t get a handle on what was happening.

He was reading me like a book.

I could see the hunger in his eyes, his face, and his body. For a man that had everything, he still lacked something in his life. A longing, or a missing piece to an incomplete puzzle.

“You’re not telling me everything.” His breathing turn course as his eyes trailed once again to my exposed legs.

I readjusted myself and crossed my legs. Maybe it was making it worse, but I had to keep myself to the point.

He breathed in heavily as I moved, then stepped forward.

“What do I owe you then? How do I know you aren’t like all the others? I don’t give two shits if you’re the Alpha of the god damn world. I don’t owe you anything.” I let the words slip from my mouth, but I instantly regretted it. It was so strange to want to say something, but your body was telling you something else.

I was at battle with myself.

“Why are you lying to him about fighting?” He took a seat on the end of the same couch I was sitting on. I could feel the heat coming from his body as he got closer.

“I was scared,” I muttered under my breath.

“You don’t seem scared.”

“Not anymore.”

“What changed?”

Should I tell him? Would he find Troy before James killed him? I wasn’t sure if I could fully trust him, besides, the plan was already in motion. It was too late to involve Xanos.

“Circumstances.” I replied.


“Sort of.”

“I wouldn’t change you. I wouldn’t prevent you from doing the things you want to do.”

“How do I know that? Marcus told me himself that you killed my father.”

“I killed him, but I never lied to you about it.”

“Fuck you.” I started tearing up, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. I stood up from the couch and faced him.

“What if I told you, it was to save mine and my brother’s life?”

I kept quiet as I looked to him. I wanted more of an explanation.

“Kane, your father, was planning a hit on us. We were becoming too powerful, and we were getting close to claiming our own packs. It was either him, or us.”

“What about me and Troy?”

“Disappeared before we realized it. I suppose your mother caught wind of what was happening around her and wanted to save you.”

“This story is fucked!” I couldn’t help my anger. It was all the pent-up frustration I’ve been shoving under the carpet. How could I be in love with the murderers of my parents?

They took the opportunity to have a family away from me.

Xanos stood up and looked down to me. “Its fates path for us.”


His hand came onto mine, and my heart was pounding as I looked to him. How the hell was I feeling like this at this moment? The day before the fight, the day my brother was kidnapped, the day fucking Kendra … Fucking Kendra.

I felt myself become overwhelmed with anger. Thinking about her dying, thinking about my parents…

I swung my hand hard into his face.

I was shocked that I did it, but I couldn’t help it. They all deserved it. I wasn’t some game, some territory they could claim.

The sharp sting on the inner part of my hand subsided after a moment, but that’s not what I was focused on.

I wanted to see his reaction.

He was caught off guard, and he placed his hand where the slap was, but quickly refocused back to me.

His eyes darkened, his body tensed up, but he held his composure. It was eerie, it was mysterious, and it was keeping me on my toes.

He was unpredictable.

My eyes widened from the shock of my impulsive slap, and now, I was holding my breath. I wasn't sure what he was going to do.

Suddenly, he stepped forward abruptly, causing me to loose balance and fall back into the couch. He slowly hovered over me, like a shadow, slowly devouring every inch of my body.

My heart was racing, my hands were grabbing the fabric of the couch, but I held a straight face.

I wasn’t going to show him fear that he craved.

He stood over me, and the closer he got, the more I shriveled in the couch. I was trying my best to keep my distance, but this was always inevitable. He wasn’t touching me, but instead, slowly leaning into my body, creeping down to my eye level.

“I haven’t been hit in a very long time.” His low, chilling voice brought the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

“You deserved it.”

“Of course I did.”

“Why aren’t you mad?”

“Who says I’m not?” His eyes were starting to blacken, and his heart was racing just as mine. I was stuck, but I wanted this.

I remained silent. I wasn’t sure how to reply, all I felt was the hunger.

My heart was racing, my limbs were tingling with new sensations, and my skin was still electrified from slapping his face.

My mouth was moist... just like between my legs. There was something about Xanos that was so electrifying.

“We barely know each other.” I whispered.

“We don’t need to speak words, we don’t need to find truths, we just need to…” His hand cupped under my chin, gently pulling my lips to his. “Touch.”

His kiss was light enough to leave me wanting more.

“I shouldn’t do this….” I whispered back.

“I won’t force you Hunter. I won’t mark you unless you desire. I came here for a different purpose.” He pulled out something from his pocket and held it to me.

It was a photograph and a large watch that was wrapped in a black cloth. He unraveled it carefully, and now I understood why.

It was made of pure silver.

My eyes widened as I looked to it.

“It was your father’s, he was the only wolf that was immune to silver, a strength that none of us possess.”

I grabbed it, softly tracing the metal groves with my fingers. I couldn’t believe I was holding the watch that my father once wore. “Why are you giving this to me?”

“Its only right that you have it.”

“What’s this?” I grabbed the photograph from his hand and looked into it. It was the first image I’ve ever seen of both my mother and father together. It was strange finally putting a face to Kane. He was the largest man I’ve ever seen. I could see his size compared to my mother who was a mere fraction of his body. He had a full head of grey hair, he was wearing a beige suit, his face, however mature, was defined with solid structure. He looked like he was a man that was not to be fucked with. Just looking at his photo gave me goosebumps.

I still couldn’t believe that Alpha Kane was my father.

“Why did you keep it?” I continued looking into the photograph.

I felt myself tearing up as I looked to my mother, smiling as my father wrapped his arm around her. It looked like they were at a dinner in a restaurant.

They looked happy.

“I didn’t want it to happen the way it did.” Xanos replied.

“Well, it happened...”

He wiped a tear falling from my cheek, “I’m sorry.”

“Its too late for sorry.” I looked to him, and he contained the same, calm, dark expression. I had no idea what he was thinking.

“Would you save your brother if a gun was pointed at him?” He asked.

I paused. My heart raced. How coincidental was this entire situation?

“Marcus saved you?”

“Your mother, she had a gun, and she shot me with a silver bullet.” Xanos untucked his suit, pulling his button top out of his pants, revealing a small scar. It was barely noticeable, but it was there. It looked like a coin size bullet wound on his lower abdomen. While I was analyzing it, I couldn’t help to look at the rest of his body.

I shivered as I looked closely. His skin, just like his face, was sun-kissed in colour. I could see his v-line tracing down his abdomen. My eyes trailed his body like it was one of Kendra’s elaborate pieces of art.

I couldn’t help myself.

I put my hand on the scar, then traced my fingers along his skin. I was a fool to touch him because I couldn’t stop.

It was electric.

His breathing began to amplify as my fingers continued tracing the scar, and that’s when I pulled back my hand.

“I didn’t know…” I looked to him as he straightened himself back up.

“You desire independence. Your mother was the same way, and Alpha Kane respected that. I will treat you the same way.” He bent over, cupping his hand under my chin as he placed his lips on mine, but this time, with a little more force.

The hunger.

It was beyond what I ever felt.

I pulled away for a moment, “I can’t trust you...” It was hard to get the words out, but it caused him to stop.

“Do I give you a reason not to trust me?” He held my hand tightly. It felt so natural, it felt so right, but something in the pit of my stomach felt the guilt.

Maybe it was the aftermath of all the lies. Not only Marcus, but with my lies. I was still living a lie. This was the worse time, but how could I starve myself?

“I…" Was there a reason not to trust him? Only that he was a werewolf? Was it because Marcus hated him? Did he have a legit reason to hate him?

“Is it because I’m an Alpha?” His eyes peered into me, like I was staring at a reflection of myself through a mirror. I couldn’t move my gaze. I was in a trance. My heart started to beat fast, my limbs were tingling from the excitement, and my legs trembled from the urge.

I had to let myself go.

I had to release myself from this urge.

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