The Domination Game

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Last Breath

I couldn’t get her out of my head. Her screams, and her pleas, all while I watched him touch her, degrade her, use her like some toy. I couldn’t do anything to stop them.

I let her down.

I let everyone down.

The bag sitting on my head was starting to soak with blood. I was surprised I was still alive, but maybe it was from all the Volt that was coursing through my veins.

I wasn’t sure how long I was passed out for. Was it minutes, an hour? Was it all night?

I tried to free my body from the restraints, but I was still secured the same way since I last remembered. The metal wire dug into my skin, I was bleeding out slowly, and I knew, death was near. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

This is what he wanted the entire time. How could I be so stupid to fall into his trap?

I felt the cold draft coming from outside. The warehouse doors must have been opened. It was still dark, but it was early morning because I could hear the birds chirping outside.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the two amigos here to join me for a nice morning drink. Please.” It was James. That mother fucker should be dead, and I was foolish to think I was capable of getting close to him.

He was always several steps a head of everyone.

I tried to make a noise, but my body was too crippled. My leg was broken, and there was a huge piece of metal wire tightly wrapped around my head, digging deep into my mouth, preventing me from speaking or making any noise.

I kept my head down, it was too painful to move.

“What the hell is this about James? Why did you call us here, you know there is a city-wide parley?” I could hear Marcus growl as he approached us.

“Parley to you too.” James replied.

“Enough, what is this about?” Was that Xanos speaking? What the hell was he doing with Marcus?

“It’s exactly about the parley.” James answered back.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” Marcus was already agitated by the sound of his voice. He must have had a rough night after everything that has happened in the last twenty-four hours.

“You’re just wasting our time with your head games. Don’t you have something better to do?” Xanos said.

“I actually do have a few activities lined up before the big fight. I’m really routing for Aphrodite, but damn, that Huntress seems like a riot! Don’t you think!?” James roared like a lunatic.

“Ah, I see what you’re doing. You want us to play into your hands so you can back out of the fight. Is the bet too much for you to handle?” Marcus scoffed.

“He’s not referring to the fight Marcus.” Xanos replied.

“Then what am I doing here with you gents then eh? You think I have better things to do then meet you two down here in this filthy warehouse, when I could be getting my dick sucked by some blonde bimbo waiting for me in my hotel room?!”

“Who’s under the bag? I don’t recognize him.” Xanos came forward. I could feel the focus turning to me now.

“Maybe you should ask your brother there.” I could hear James’s smile grow. I couldn’t see him, but he was one happy mother fucker about this whole predicament. They were playing into his hands just as much as I did.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Marcus stomped forward. He must have known it was me since the moment he got here. He was probably trying to play dumb, but he knew he was in trouble the moment he caught my scent.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” James pulled the bag off my head.

I could barely see, my vision was still fucked, but I could make out my surroundings.

Marcus and Xanos stood a few feet in front of me, they were wearing suits. James on the other hand… Was also wearing a suit oddly enough. It was strange to see him dressed like everyone else. Was he trying to fit in with all the other Alpha’s now?

“What is the meaning of this?!” Xanos eyes darkened and his face soured as he leaned in to get a better look at me.

Marcus kept a blank stare at me, like he knew what was about to happen. He knew this was the end of the line.

“Caught him on camera, he killed one of my men in the process of trying to steal from me. Out of all the days Marcus! You had to choose this day to rob me?” James smiled menacingly at me, then back to Marcus.

“You’re lying, I had no knowledge of this! Release him now! I’ll fucking kill you for this! You had it coming for a long time!” Marcus plowed his arms into James, and Xanos immediately pushed him back away.

“Get a hold of yourself Marcus! It’s parley, don’t do anything stupid.” Xanos held Marcus back, barely getting a handle of him. Marcus was losing control, he was losing sight of everything, and now, James had him caught in a hard place.

“He’s up to something, he’s lying, he’s been lying his ass off for weeks now!” Marcus yelled out as he barred his teeth to James.

I tried to speak up, but there was no point. My mouth was too muffled from the wire.

I could send the security footage to all the Alphas in Elysium, but what fun would that be.” James leaned back against a nearby table and took out a knife, slowly unsheathing it from its leather case. It looked shiny, like it was freshly sharpened.

“What do you want James?” Xanos stood in front of Marcus, trying to calm the situation down. He knew what was at stake. Hell, we all knew what would happen if word got out.

James looked to Marcus and smiled, “I want him dead.”

“NO!” Marcus stepped forward again, his eyes were blackened. His body looked like it was going to burst through his suit. I’ve never seen him so pissed.

James looked to me, and my heart instantly dropped. I knew this was coming, and when I was initially taken, I tried convincing myself that there was another end for me, but this was always the intended path.

It would always end up with me dying.

“Call it, reparations for my pain and suffering.” James smiled as he continued playing with the knife in his hand.

“Pain and suffering? Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Marcus was changing, his hands turned into claws, his large canines, protruding from his mouth. Werewolves rarely shifted in Elysium, and to see Marcus starting to shift over this was unsettling. I didn’t want to die, but it was a death wish to break the parley. Marcus was in trouble and we all knew it.

“How do we know you won’t tell the others after he kills him?” Xanos asked.

“Here.” James pulled out a small square USB drive from his dog tags that he had strung around his neck. “This is my only copy.” He held it in front of them to examine.

Xanos continued analyzing the USB drive in James’s hand, then looked back to him, “How do we know that?”

“Crikey mate! What the hell is up your asses! I told ya, its my only copy!” James pulled it away and put it back around his neck. He started to play with the knife again, casually waiting for the brothers to deliberate.

Xanos pulled Marcus to the side and they started whispering to one another. I was too fucked up from the Volt and blood loss to figure out what they were saying.

I was just thinking about how I let Hunter down. How I let everyone down.

“If ya want to hear it from his own damn mouth here ya go.” James came forward and pulled the wire from my mouth. It slid off painfully, dragging against my skin, creating more cuts in the process.

I yelled from the pain.

I tasted my own blood coming from my mouth, and once again, my head was starting to spin.

Marcus and Xanos approached me. They looked down. Their faces cold, and blank with expression.

“Is it true?” Marcus asked.

“Yes, it is, I’m sorry.” I looked down. It was a complete lie, but I had no choice.

“He’s lying.” Xanos turned to James and arched his eyebrows.

“Lying, wow your good Xanos, so tell me, will the other Alphas believe you when you tell them on a hunch?” James smirked.

Xanos expression darkened as he looked to James, then back to Marcus. He didn’t speak many words, but I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Marcus had to kill me.

I wasn’t going to struggle, what was the point. I was going to go out with dignity.

“Here, I’ll let you borrow it.” James held out the knife to Marcus. I got a closer look at it. It looked silver, but at this point, anything could kill me. I was already near my end. Maybe death will be an easy way out now.

“NO, I’m not killing him, I can’t.” Marcus turned away for a moment, then Xanos went back to him, whispering in his ear.

They both turned back to me.

“This isn’t right.” There was hesitation in Marcus’s voice. There was something holding him back.

“Do it.” Xanos placed his hand on his shoulder and pushed him forward.

“Yeah Marcus, what he said.” James chuckled.

“Shut the fuck up James!” Xanos turned to James and he immediately took a step back. It was nice to see James was still scared of something.

“Alright, you’re the boss!” James raised his arms up and leaned back against the table, watching closely, like he had a front row seat to my demise.

This was just a game for him.

I was a fucking game, my life was nothing to him, and now, this was the ending to my story.

Marcus took the knife from James’s hand. I couldn’t believe this was it. I thought I had more time, but I suppose, no one ever knew when their end would be.

My eyes were heavy, my face was swollen, but I wasn’t going to beg for my life. The end will be clear, I will die with purpose, I will die not in vain, but with dignity.

Marcus breathed in heavily as he tightly grasped onto the handle of the knife.

“Second thoughts Marcus?” James smiled.

“No,” Xanos nodded to Marcus once again. “Do it.”

Xanos and Marcus were starting to blur. I was surprised I wasn’t dead already, but I suppose James wanted me to tell them the lie straight to their face. He wanted Marcus to stab me, he wanted to wedge a knife between Hunter and them. This was his plan all along.

I wanted to tell them, I wanted to yell it out to the world, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t risk losing her.

Marcus placed his hand on my shoulder, and I looked up to him. I saw concern on his face, and for the first time in my life, I actually saw a face of regret. He didn’t want to do it, but it was either lose everything, or kill me, a no body. He would never show James his emotions, but he had his back turned to him.

He was allowing me to see him. He was allowing me to see his vulnerability.

It was eerie, and I knew the end was coming soon.

He didn’t speak to me, but instead, just looked me dead in the eye as he held the knife close to my heart.

“What are you waiting for mate! This wanker got caught red handed during parley and you’re just going to sit by and do nothing about it?! What kind of Alpha are you?! You could lose your kingdom if you’re not careful!” James taunted Marcus, but his face remained calm. He was looking to me because he knew this was wrong.

I was a victim to James’s manipulative master plan.

I spat out more blood from my mouth.

“Just do it.” I sighed heavily.

Marcus stood there silently. He was frozen. He didn’t want to do it. He knew James was setting this up, but he was powerless to the parley.

Suddenly, I heard the clink of the knife falling to the pavement.

“Are you serious?!” James yelled out. “Ohhh boy! Can’t wait to see the fireworks after this!”

Marcus was walking away. I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t do it. He was going to lose everything for this. He couldn’t walk away; it was a death wish.

Xanos picked up the knife in quick pace, he held a dark cold expression as he looked me in the eye. And that’s when he pushed the knife through my chest.

My eyes widened, like I was seeing light for the first time. My heart was beating rapidly, trying to heal the impending wound, but there was nothing to stop it.

I gasped from the pain of the blade digging into my chest.

I yelled out in agony. Xanos kept in it, keeping his eyes on me the entire time. The warmth of blood continued to fill my mouth as it poured out of me. My eyes were like rocks. I just wanted to see Marcus one last time.

“Marcus.” I gasped loudly.

It was getting hard to breathe.

Every breath could be my last and I had to make it count.

“Marcus.” I spat out more blood to the floor. The knife remained in my chest as Xanos stepped back.

Marcus came forward, and he held the same dark expression as Xanos. He bent down and placed his hand on my shoulder.

We locked eyes.

I was going to die at any point, but I had to tell him my last words.

He had to tell her my last words.

“Tell her…” I coughed, “Tell her…” I gasped for air. I was suffocating on my own blood and I was beginning to choke.

I was seconds away from the end.

This was my last breath, and I was going to make it count.

“Tell her, I love her.”

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