The Domination Game

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The Thieving Magpie

One Hour before...

This was the end.

I didn’t know it would be at the hands of this scum bag, but destiny was a bitch.

He kept playing the same song.


And OVER again.

My ears ached, my arms bled, and my legs were stiff as a board. Silver wire wrapped around my entire body, slowly burning into my skin.

“This song suits you.” I muttered under my breath.

I was weak, but I was going to fight until the very end. I wouldn’t go down without telling him what was on my mind.

James turned from the table. He wore no shirt, and just had black pants on. His entire torso was covered in dried blood.

“You’re going to die for this.” I spat a fresh pile of blood to the ground.

“So you say my boy.”. He locked eyes with me as his insane smile grew. There was a crazed look in his face. Did he look like a demon or was it just my imagination? He was crazier since I last saw him, and I wasn’t sure why.

His legs moved to the tempo of the strings, like he was ballroom dancing with a ghost. It was quite the spectacle.

“You belong in an insane asylum you asshole!” I fidgeted my arms in the wires, but I was only met with pain.

He stopped his dance and stood over me. “So, tell me, do you know what a magpie is?”

He leaned in closer. I wanted to hit this mother fucker so bad, but I could barely move an inch. Even if I could some how get out of this chair, my leg was broken. I could see the bone fracture emerging from my knee cap. The metal pipe that was used to break my leg was bent in half, still in the same spot where James last left it.

I looked to it sitting on the ground nearby. The more I stared, the more anger surged through me. Anger was the only thing that could keep my mind off the pain now.

“No, I don’t.” I gritted between my teeth.

“Hmm.” His smile grew more as he leaned over me, “I was hoping you would, because I hadn’t the slightest clue!” He erupted with laughter, closely laughing into my face, practically bursting my eardrums. I wanted to pull myself away, but I was so crippled. “The song, the very song we’ve been listening to for the past few hours. Is it growing on you just like it is me? Thieving Magpie! How glorious of a song!”

“Your one crazy mother fucker.”

“Thieving Magpie, Thieving Magpie!” He started conducting his hands to the song as the tempo sped up.

“How about you untie me, and I’ll show you what it means.”

He stopped his hand movements and looked to me. His crazed smile slowly disappeared, and he leaned forward. His eyes blackened as he placed both of his hands on my shoulders, tightly squeezing on top of the wounds that littered my skin from our previous session of torture.

I hissed from the pressure.

“I think you will change your mind soon enough.” He said in a low tone.

“What the fuck does that mean you asshole!?”

“In time, buddy ol’pal.” He took a seat on my broken leg.

I screamed at the top of my lungs.

A tidal wave of pain pulsed through me. It was on fire, it was excruciating. Never in my life have I felt so much physical pain.

My heart was pounding outside my chest as he let his weight push down harder onto the fracture.

I yelled out again.

“You’re not really comfy you know, maybe this was how Hunter felt when I fucked her.” He laughed.

He pulled out more wire and pushed it in my mouth. I kept yelling as the wire dug into the corner of my lips. After he secured the wire, he got up.

“I think I need someone with softer skin, don’t you think?”

I screamed. It was all that I could do. I wasn’t sure what he was referring to, but deep down, I was scared. I wasn’t scared for my safety, but I was scared for whatever he was referring to. What did he know about my personal life?

While this is happening, the same classical music blared full blast through the empty warehouse.

No one was coming.

No one could hear my screams.

He came back onto my lap, allowing all of his weight to rest on my fracture. I felt like my leg was going to be ripped in half. I groaned loudly as my eyes blurred. I was going into shock, but I had to keep myself awake. I had to get through this.

“You’re not looking too good mate. Maybe you need to see a doctor?” He grinned cynically.

He got up again. I tried yelling, I tried to get my words out, but the wire was too jammed in my mouth.

I was nervous, anxious, and I wasn’t sure what he was capable of. He was insane, he was unpredictable, and I played right into his hands.

We all did.

This was the plan the entire time.

“Fuck you.” I tried to mutter through the silver wire, but it was muffled. I wasn’t sure if he was able to understand me.

“Aww, don’t be like that, the night is still young.” He stood up and walked backed into the dark corner, slowly, keeping his eyes on me the entire time.

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My eyes were heavy, and I was trying my best to keep them open, but I was starting to lose consciousness from the blood loss.

“Ahh, not so fast,” He pulled out an orange cap syringe. How ironic was this. I knew exactly what it was. “Can’t have you passing out on me just yet, especially when the company hasn’t arrived yet.”

He pulled the cap off and jammed it into my arm. It was a sharp sting, and as soon as he pushed on the syringe, I instantly felt the effects of the volt.

My heart began to race, my hand balled into fists as I felt the drug pulse through my body.

I yelled out again, and bit down on the silver wire lodged into my mouth. The only thing I could taste was my own blood, mixed with the metallic taste of the wire.

The effects of the volt subsided some of the pain, and it was surprisingly easier to focus.

James knelt down to my eye level. The music was still blaring in the background, the strings, the tempo, all too familiar now. I memorized the vibratos, knowing when each crescendo occurred, along with the horns, the decrescendo, then finally, the end.

But it was never the end.

The song was on repeat, OVER and OVER again. Slowly making me insane just like James.

His crazed smile grew once again as we locked eyes. “Are you going to be a good boy?”

“Fuck you.” I muttered between the wire.

He slammed his hand onto my leg, barely grazing the bone the was protruding from my skin. The volt only helped so much. I just wanted the pain to stop, but I wasn’t going to do what he asked. I would rather die from the pain then listen to him.

“When they get here, you were trying to steal from me, capeesh?”

“Fuck you.” I repeated. My words were so muffled, but he got the gist of what I was telling him.

“Should I cut it off then?”

I started to laugh. He could threaten me all he want. I wasn’t doing shit for him.

“You may want to rethink that.” He turned his head to the door. There was nothing, but I heard someone coming through.

I froze. Who was it?

As the footsteps approached my eyes widened. My vision was hazy, everything had this strange twinkle, like I was underwater, but I was still able to make out my surroundings.

I struggled in the chair as the footsteps got closer.

I could smell her. I wasn’t sure how she was here, or how she was taken, but she was here, and I was powerless to do anything about it.

“What are you doing?!” I screamed through the wire, but there was no use in my pleas. James was too focused on the empty doorway.

I tried to get up from the chair. I lifted my arms and pulled as hard as I could from the wire, but it only caused the metal to dig further into my skin.

“I’m going to kill you!” I yelled.

“We’ll see about that.” James smirked then turned to the door.

One of James’s men wearing a black hoody pushed her through the doorway. A burst of adrenaline surged through me as I realized the state she was in. She was blindfolded, and her hands were bound with rope. She still had her work clothes on, and I could see tears falling down her cheeks.

She trembled, and all I could smell was her fear.

“Nooo!” I struggled again. I tried to pull my arms and legs up. I didn’t care about the pain now, I just had to save her. She had nothing to do with this.

“You see, I got you a doctor. She hasn’t examined me yet though, do you mind if I go first?”

I yelled out as she was pushed towards James.

“Please! Don’t hurt me, what do you want?” She cried as she fell to her knees.

James snatched her up with his arms and pulled her in tightly to his body.

I was sinking into a deep hole. I wanted to die as I watched him touch her. This was my worst nightmare turned into reality. I was powerless as he fondled her. I couldn’t do a fucking thing about it.

She was innocent. This was my fault. She was here because of me.

“You smell scrumptious my dear.” James sniffed her neck as he held her tightly to his body. He looked me dead in the eye while he did it.

He knew exactly how to get under my skin.

I was falling further into the depths of my blackening mind. I couldn’t do anything to help her. She was at his mercy and I couldn’t do a fucking thing.

“Please, I don’t know who you are, just let me go, please, I haven’t seen your face.” She kept crying as she tried holding her hands to her face.

I wanted to reach for her, I wanted to tell her it would be ok, but I was so fucked up. I was only able to look at her scramble and panic as James held her small body in his arms.

“Don’t worry, I got yah hun.” James cupped his hand under her chin and pulled her face to his. He tried to kiss her as she continued to struggle. His tongue traced her cheek as she pulled away.

He looked at me the entire time.

“Don’t touch her.” I tried to make my words come out, but it was barely audible.

“Do you think she knows the meaning of magpie?” James laughed as he tried to go in for another kiss, but this time, she used her bound hands to hit him in the face. “Easy does it now, I was just asking a question is all!” He slapped her hard in the face and she yelped. “I wonder if I can train you to not make those annoying sounds then, eh? Does she scream the same way when you fuck her? Maybe you can give me some pointers.”

He pushed her to the ground near my feet.

She had no idea I was sitting right in front of her, watching as she struggled. I was dying inside, I wanted to break free, I wanted to release my beast, but I was shackled to the chair and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do.

“So, what do you say?” He looked to me as she continued to cry in her legs.

I kept my eyes focused on him. I wanted to rip his body in half. I wanted to tie him to this chair instead. He was going to pay. It was all that I was imagining right now.

“Have it your way.” He stood over her and smiled, then looked back to me. “Are you sure?” He picked her up and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Her cries turned to screams as she resisted. She was so small in his arms, but she still put up a fight.

“I could see the appeal. Her skin is so soft, and she is feisty for a human!” James sniffed her neck again as she continued to squirm in his arms. He kept his crazed eyes on mine while he did it. “She is beauty, and brains.” He smiled once more before he ripped the buttons off her white blouse, revealing her beige bra underneath.

She screamed louder.

“I’ll do it! Stop it!” I nodded my head as I yelled to him, begging for him to stop.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” He pushed her down to her knees and had her face him. “If you run, I’ll cut that sweet face of yours.”

She trembled, she kept crying, but she nodded as she tried to look to him. She was still blindfolded, but she understood that her life was a stake now. She didn’t understand the circumstances she was under, but only that she needed to obey him.

I was dying inside as I watched her on her knees. All while he looked at me, smiling. He was getting a kick out of this. He enjoyed doing this.

He grabbed her by the hair, which was now undone from her usual tight bun that she always wore. How could I allow him to touch her? I was only a foot away and I couldn’t stop it. Tears were starting to poke through my eyes as I watched. I couldn’t help myself.

She didn’t deserve this.

He pushed her head towards his crotch. He was wearing pants, but I could see his obvious erection pushing through.

James looked to me and smiled as he kept his hand on her head, “What was that again?”

“YES, YES!” I screamed.

“It’s hard to understand you! I think you got something in your mouth man! Make yourself clear before something bad happens! I would hate for her pretty little face to get damaged. My pack is hungry, can’t you see them watching?! They want a turn too!” He pushed her head on his erection, but his pants were still on. This was just an intimidation tactic, but it was fucking degrading. It was only a matter of time until it would escalate.

My eyes were burning up, and my body, bleeding from all the struggling within the tight wire.

“I’LL FUCKING DO IT! STOP IT NOW JAMES! STOP IT! STOP IT! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, JUST STOP!” My voice was still muffled, but he was always able to understand me. He was trying to push me to my limit. He wanted me to go with whatever he got planned.

And it was working.

He won. I would do anything to save her.

He pushed her back to the floor and she erupted in crying again. One of his men came from the shadows and pulled her away.

“Shut up bitch.” The man scooped her back into his arms and threw her over his shoulder. He left through the same door they entered in.

“She will never be like my Hunter.” James sighed.

My hope was next to nothing. I wasn’t going to escape. I wasn’t going to kill James. It was game over for me. James was several steps in front of all of us and we hadn’t realized it yet.

I wondered how much James knew about all of this, about Hunter, about her plan, about Troy, but I had to keep my mouth shut. I couldn’t tell him anything. I couldn’t put Dr. Rosalie’s life at risk.

“You broke the parley Andrew, and you will admit that to Alpha Marcus when he gets here,” James put a hand on my shoulder and got down to my eye level, “If you break your promise, I’ll make sure, your little Doctor friend lives the rest of her days as an Omega whore, passed around, used, living, well…” He smirked. “Barely living. All the while, I’ll keep you alive, I’ll make you watch everyday as she gets fucked by every, Tom, Dick, and Harry in this place. Then finally, one day, I’ll end her. I’ll fucking end her, slowly. I’ll make you watch while I bleed her dry. Just make sure you play along, then I’ll ensure she’s released. You got that COACH?”

I looked to him, then looked back down to the floor. I had to agree, it killed me, but I had to do it.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Marvelous.” He smiled one last time before he placed the fabric bag over my head. “It’s showtime everyone!”

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