The Domination Game

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I thought I was waking up from a deep sleep, but this wasn’t sleep. There was too much noise. The howling, the clapping, the roaring of the crowd rung in my ears. I was still in the stadium, on the ring, surrounded by the huge audience, but I wasn't myself.

My smell, my taste, and my eyes were all distorted, it was like I was looking through a lens of an unknown creature. I had no idea what I was seeing, but at the same time, it all made sense to me.

There was a change in the noise as I stood to my feet. My legs and arms tingled with new life, like they could tear through anything that got in the way, and my teeth felt new, big, and complex.

“Hunter?” His voice filled my ears like icing on a cake. It completed me. The hunger, it was unbearable right now because all I wanted was him. I wanted his blood. I wanted to fucking pull his entire spine out of his body.

I turned to him.

“JAMES.” I smiled as I let his name slip from my mouth. I lightly licked my lips with my tongue, revealing my new set of teeth.

I ran my hand through my long new hair. It was soft, almost silk like, and it was bright. It was my new mane, and I fucking loved every bit of it.

The silence suddenly turned to harsh whispers.

“What are you?” James eyes widened as he cautiously stepped back, peeking over his shoulder to ensure he was covered. There was an army of security detail and a whole convoy of his own men, but it didn’t matter because I knew I could fucking kill them all.

“You’re worst nightmare you piece of shit.” I wasn’t speaking with my mouth, but instead, through my mind. I wasn’t sure what it was, but my beast was in control, and I was just sitting along for the ride.

His face lit up when he heard my voice, and he tossed his eyes side to side to assure he still had his bodyguards beside him.

They can’t protect you from me.” I pierced my bottom lip, enough for more blood to fall out. I could smell the fear all around me. Everyone was watching, and the more they watched, the more I could inhale the sweet aromas of their stench.

It was like I was inhaling a juicy hamburger. I wanted to fucking kill all of them, but my eyes were set on James. I wanted him…




I looked to my hand which was already covered in blood. I didn’t realize what it was until now. I must have lost control when I initially changed. I wasn’t sure what sparked my transformation, but all I knew was that I was dead, and now I wasn’t.

Aphrodite's heart was still beating in my hand. It was warm and the outer layer was soft, but it was hard as I squeezed down. It was one of the strongest muscles in the human body, always working none stop, and now, I had that bitch's heart in my grasp. I squeezed it tightly in my hand, piercing the organ with my long claws until it stopped beating.

I brought the heart to my nose to inhale the sweet aromas. There were gasps from the audience, but I continued. It was my natural instinct to smell it. There was something about her heart that made my mouth moisten. The scent was unlike any other, like a buffet of my favourite food, but I wasn't here for this. I was only here for James.

I dropped her heart to the ground like a piece of rubbish. Just as she did when she killed me, tossed to the side like I was nothing.

As the heart plopped down to the ground next to her lifeless body, it began rolling away like a potato tumbling down a hill.

It was ironic how the tables could turn so quickly.

I took a step forward, and James took a step back.

OH, THE IRONY OF THIS SITUATION. If only Kendra and Troy could see this now. This was beyond satisfaction.

LITTLE... LOST... ALPHA.” I dug my canines deeper into my bottom lip.

The blood dripped down to the floor, and my hands ached a little more as my claws grew larger. These claws were huge, bigger than a werewolf, but I didn’t care what I was or whatever creature I had become. My only last wish before they shot me dead was to kill James.

I could outrun the bullets for a moment of time, as long as it was enough time to kill James.

There were men scattered everywhere, and they were all pointing their guns in my direction. They were confused just as everyone else, but as soon as I broke the parley, they will no doubt shoot at me.

“What are you?!” James roared.

I stepped towards the perimeter of the ring and looked to the people in the stands, they were all taking pictures of the spectacle.

“Does it really matter now James?”

“You can threaten me all you like. You still belong to me. Your bonded. There is no way in hell you will kill me.”

Think again mother fucker.” I deeply inhaled, then lunged over the fence.

I moved like I’ve never moved before. My legs were like rockets, and I was trying to keep up with my surroundings, but my beast was in total control.

That’s when the bullets began to fly by. I could hear them. I could avoid them, but soon enough, one would eventually it would hit me.

I jumped over his posse of men. I was lunging towards him as he backed up a few more steps, but I already predicted this. I overshot my jump to meet him on the ground.

I was so fucking close.

I was going to do it.

There was screaming, flashes, and gun fire, but I was too fast.

I could smell him as I neared. I was going to do the same thing to him as Aphrodite, all while everyone watched.

My claw extended forward as I neared him. I was already aiming it towards his chest. I could do this. I was fast and nothing could stop me.

The screams from the audience got louder as I got closer. I could smell the fear emanating from his skin, but at the same time, I was losing more control. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was shifting into the creature, but I was slowly growing dark to my surroundings.

“I’ll take it from here.” A strange voice said.

Was I going insane? Was something in my mind talking to me?

There was no response, but I could still hear the commotion as I drifted slow motion in the air.

That’s when I was in complete darkness, then there was a loud explosion.


Several hours later…

My head pounded.

My body ached, but I was still breathing.

“Your safe for now...” The voice echoed in my head, but there was nothing around me. I was in a box. I patted my arms around the tiny confines of the wooden walls, but it was tightly secured so there was no escaping.

“How is this safe?!” I fidgeted my arms around, but they felt weighed down, then I realized why. I could smell my own blood, and I was bleeding out from every part of me. “Was I shot? What the hell is going on? Why am I in a box?!” I panicked and started to scramble around again.

“I told you, YOUR SAFE. Now sleep!” The voice roared in my mind like it was sitting next to me.

I felt my eyes sinking deeply again.

There were bullet wounds everywhere, but I was alive. How was I alive when I had this many shots in me? I’m sure it was silver, but I wasn’t dead. How was this all possible….

Some time later…

I was still sleeping.

I wasn't sure how long I was sleeping for, but it felt like an eternity. I felt like shit, my body ached, my eyes were like rocks, and I couldn't move.

Was I paralyzed?

“What the hell is she doing here? Is this a joke? This is Alpha Kane’s daughter! Your crazy bringing her here!” A man's voice came over me, but I kept my eyes shut, too exhausted to lift them.

“Quiet Kai! I AM STILL YOUR ALPHA, and you will obey my command, now go get your sister.”

“You will bring death to us all.” He growled back and his loud footsteps faded away.

“Hunter? You awake?”

An hour later...

Where was I?

I heard the conversations, and I most defiantly knew it was Alpha Hiro, but I was being weighed down by exhaustion. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, just spectate.

“I’m not leaving you alone with her. She’s dangerous.” Kai's voice I presumed, entered the room.

“She isn’t dangerous. Father trusts her, and we all follow him. Now leave, I don't need your help.” A woman’s soft voice came over me. She was sitting next to me, and her hands were unravelling the gauze the once covered my wounds.

“Hiro!?” I let out a loud gasp and bolted up from where I was laying down. I padded the side of the makeshift bed, which was located on the floor, but it wasn’t regular flooring. It was cream coloured, and soft, almost like mats you would train on in the gym.

“Where am I?” My vision was slightly blurred for a moment as I tried to set eyes on the women sitting next to me. She was petite in size, and her thick black hair was braided to the side.

The room itself was like Hiro's house, but on a much smaller scale. It had cream colour paper walls and wooden lattice. There was only this bed that I laid on, which was located on the ground. It was sparse, one room and that was it.

“Go get father now!” Kai’s eyes blackened and his stance widened from the corner of the room. He looked exactly like Hiro, his eyes, his mouth, and the way he stood was all undeniably similar. He was a much younger version of Hiro, except that he was much taller, and by the looks of it, a much bulkier version. He had short black hair, and he wore a black Kimono that I would usually catch Hiro wearing.

The small women quickly ran out as Kai and me locked eyes. I heard their previous conversations, and as far as I knew, I was not welcomed here.

“Who are you?” I sat up straight and he immediately stepped forward, his eyes, blackening more as he bawled his hands into fists.

I put my hands up in the air, “I mean no harm, honestly.”

“Stay back,” he growled.

I didn’t reply, I just peered into his cold dark eyes, analyzing the man that despised me so much, regardless of him actually knowing me.

Was I really that monstrous?

“Look, my name is Hunter, and your name is…?” I put my hand out to shake, but I was only met with a soured face from Kai.

I was growing frustrated with his inability to have a decent conversation, regardless of if he was afraid of me or not. I was here for a reason, and I obviously didn’t pose a threat to Hiro, and besides, Kai was not only a werewolf, but he also had Alpha blood running through his veins. Maybe this was why he was so bent out of shape from my sudden appearance. He was only trying to protect his pack and his family.

“Typical Americans,” he scowled.

I almost got up from the bed but hesitated. I had no idea where the hell I was, and the last thing I wanted to do was agitate Alpha Hiro’s son.

“KAI. ENOUGH.” Hiro suddenly entered the room, and his eyes were beaming towards Kai.

“But Father!” He put his hand to me, pointing to me like some freak experiment, then looked back to Hiro. “She’s…”

“ENOUGH!” Hiro slammed his cane to the floor. “Tell Yuri to come back, I need to speak with her.”

“Yes Alpha.” Kai gave a small bow to Hiro but kept his eyes on me the entire time. “I’ll be back,” he muttered under his breath, like those words were specifically meant for me.

He left the hut, and I could see others accompanying him as he walked out. Possibly bodyguards, all wearing cream coloured Kimonos and Katana swords that were sheathed on their backs.

“My eldest son Kai doesn’t take kindly to strangers.” Hiro walked forward. He was looking frailer since I last saw him. His face was sunken in, and he wobbled as he walked. He didn’t look good at all.

“What happened? What am I? Did you know this entire time?” I had a hundred more questions to ask, but I suppose knowing what actually happened would clarify my curiosity. Kai’s frustration with me was the least of my worries at the moment.

“You heal quickly. And you are immune to silver, just like your father.” He paced forward to the other side of the hut with his cane, then looked down to me. “You don’t remember our conversation?”

“Conversation? No, when did we speak?”

“Must be the Lycan that you’ve kept hidden after all these years.”

“Lycan?” I touched my face, unsure what this all meant.

“Your father was one, hence your immunity to silver.”

“Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

“No one really knew, not even your mates.”

“Technically ex-mates…So, how did you know?”

He sighed heavily, then paced the room, “Another story for another day Hunter, I just need to know one thing,” He stomped his cane forward and took another step towards me. “Can you control it?”

“I’m not sure…I’m not even sure how I’m alive. Did I at least kill James? What about Marcus and Xanos?”

Hiro looked me in the eye, and his face dropped. “I’m sorry to tell you this Hunter, but they all survived. There was an explosion, and they slipped away. The explosion interfered with my ability to finish him off myself, we all had to vacate the stadium, that’s when we took you. This was our plan all along - you really don’t remember speaking to me about it?”

My heart dropped. After all that happened, James was still breathing.


My heart started to race, and I quickly got to my feet. I felt like running. The anger was surging through me, and I couldn’t contain myself.

"Breathe Hunter.”

“I failed…” I breathed in heavily.

“This is not the place to let you Lycan out.”

I held my hand to my chest and focused on breathing. My vision started to blur, and I stumbled over to a nearby wooden pillar to balance myself. The surge of emotions was like my gateway to connecting to this beast. Just like a werewolf. I wasn’t sure what would happen if I let it out again.

“Just tell me…Where…” I breathed in heavily again, “Where…?”

“You’re in Japan.”

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