The Domination Game

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“You got you’re money now scram you dog!” I angrily said trying to push him away. He chuckled at my attempt to move his large body. He felt like a brick wall.

“Aw it seems like I hit a soft spot little dingo.” I could feel his breathe on my ear and retracted my face away from him. He disgusted me. “Come on, why not have some fun?” I felt his finger graze my neck as it trailed to my cheek bone. I tried moving away but he leaned his huge body against me making it impossible to squeeze through.

“You will have to kill me then asshole. You think I’ll let you try? You are sadly mistaken. I’m not one of you submissive wolf bitches you have back in whatever shit hole you came from.” The anger in me was boiling over and I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. I gathered as much saliva in my mouth and spat straight into his face landing right below his eye. Direct hit.

I think his comrades were surprised at my response by the way they were looking at their Alpha. The two of the stepped forward ready to rip me to shreds, their claws already protruding from their hands. The Alpha waved them off like it was nothing, chuckling to himself as he cleaned the spit off of his face with his hand.

“Well, well, well." He whipped the spit from his hand to the floor. "Look’s like we have a fighter then boys.” He playfully smiled at the two hooded men standing on the other side of the room then turned back to me. “Why you so shy Hunter?”

Suddenly I felt his hand grab my neck and my legs were no longer touching the ground. I scrambled to move but my feet were dangling now. I could barely breathe, and I was gasping for air as I attempted to pry his arms off of me.

The Alpha sniffed and inhaled my scent. I wondered why the hell wolves did that, then I realized he was no more than a dog sniffing another dogs ass. That’s what they did and it was in their nature.

I pounded on his hand trying to pry it off while I kicked and squirmed to get myself lose. It was getting harder and harder to breathe and the pressure on my neck was getting tighter and tighter. I was a twig ready to snap under the pressure and there was no training in the world that could save me now. All the time I spent in the gym practicing with Coach Andrew meant nothing against a werewolf, but I wouldn’t show him the fear he desired.

“Is this your first time Hunter? Come on its just for fun. I promise I’ll be gentle.” I could feel the Alpha's hand trickle up my thigh and graze in between my legs. My mind was too focused on trying to breathe to feel anything. I tried speaking but I couldn’t get any words out.

“What’s that little dingo?” Finally, he dropped me on the floor and I gasped for much needed oxygen. I coughed and inhaled the sweet air into my lungs. I’ve never been so grateful to breathe in my life.

“Come on you got something to say?” The Alpha stood over me as he tapped his boot on the floor like an impatient customer, but I was still holding my neck trying to catch my breathe.

I wanted to run but I couldn’t leave Troy, I was just hoping to buy enough time for us. Maybe it was enough time to find my gun I had hidden away months ago when our apartment got robbed. Coach Andrew gave it to me just in case of an emergency. It was fully loaded with silver, just enough to kill this asshole.

“I asked you a question Hunter, now it’s rude not to answer.” As the Alpha finished speaking, I felt his large boot collide into my abdomen causing me to shrivel up. I moaned from the impact. “Speak!” Again he swung his boot straight into my side, causing my whole body to fly off the floor. I crashed back down to the floor with such force I hit my head on impact. I held my side and cringed from the pain but managed to get my raspy voice heard,

“I would rather die then fuck you.” I narrowed my gaze and locked eyes with him to show him his scare tactics wouldn't work on me. I wouldn't submit to him.

“Hm- I like your enthusiasm Dingo. Let’s start with you’re brother then. We can do it how humans like to kill each other.” The Alpha nodded to the hooded man standing over my unconscious brother with a hand gun in his hand. By the sound of the click I knew he was ready to pull the trigger. The gun was pointed directly at his head. Troy had no idea he was about to die, and his life was in my hands now.

“No! Wait.” I yelled.

I had to play my cards right now or we both were dead. I felt like I was ready to die, but I couldn’t let my brother be dragged down with me. I knew he tried killing himself everyday, but I’ll be damned if I was the cause of his death. My hand extended to the man holding the gun to signal him to lower his weapon. The Alpha nodded and the man lowered his weapon.

I sighed in relief, but I knew my troubles were just getting started.

“I am.” I whispered.

“You are what little Dingo?” The Alpha looked down at me grinning with a sinister smile. I wanted to kill him so badly but I had to submit. He held all the cards and I was powerless.

I kept my head down as my eyes focused on the floor, ashamed about what I was about to say. I would had to give myself up to save my brother.

“A virgin.”

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