The Domination Game

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The Ritz

Another 6 months later…


“We can’t waste anymore resources on fighting this Alpha. We need to accept the fact that he controls the entire Eastern seaboard and nothing is coming in and out without him knowing about it.” Christian placed a stack of papers in front of me to look over.

It was lists upon lists of shipments to and from Elysium, all which have been denied entry by border security. A group that Xanos and I would have on our payroll, but it seemed like a certain Alpha was paying them more money now.

“This new Alpha… What’s his name? Alpha Hiyori… Comes out of no where, and now is controlling Hiro’s manufacturing and distribution channels. I just got word that he has an entire monopoly now in Japan. Where the hell is Kai in all of this? He’s an hour late, and my time is valuable. I got other issues to deal with. Parley is over, didn’t you hear?” I pushed the papers away, unable to bear to look at the numbers. Financially, Xanos and I have never been better, but we were still losing money on the Volt imports that we had coming into the city. This was our bread and butter, and it looked like someone was interfering with it for the past few weeks.

“I know Alpha…” Christian glanced down at his watch and sighed heavily.

We were meeting at the Ritz, and we blocked off the entire building to make this meeting happen today with Alpha Kai. We needed to secure an updated agreement to ensure this new Alpha didn’t completely take over the entire distribution channel my brother and I had coming into the city.

Security was tight, and all the Alphas were paranoid.

I took my brother’s advice and focused on our business instead of Hunter, but she still haunted my dreams at night. The private contractor that Xanos raved about ended up going missing, or maybe he just gave up in searching.

We will probably never know.

I reached for a glass of water on the board room table and took a large sip. It’s been a while since I touched alcohol, and sometimes it would be tempting to have another, but I had to focus on my pack. Parley was finished, and that ridiculous bounty that we tried to overturn was thankfully never fulfilled.

I was already planning to seize back properties that James so happen to take under my nose while I was in a drunken state over the past few months. I was also in the middle of planning his assassination when the time was right. It was taking longer then expected, and he accumulated quite the pack when there was a parley for a few months. He’s grown his numbers to the point where he was almost untouchable, but my brother and I had a plan.

We just needed to be patient.


I felt a sudden hard vibration in my pocket. I took my phone out and opened it up to see a text from Xanos.

Xanos: Did he arrive?

I quickly started typing a message.

Me: No, he’s late…

Xanos: Update me when you’re done.

Marcus: you should be here.

Xanos: Had to go out of town to take care of something.

Marcus: You’re hiding something from me

No reply.

Typical. He was in his endless cycle of whatever, and my suspicions were growing. I understood it was to decompress, but what he was doing on his free time worried me. I was a hypocrite with some of my tendencies, but I took his advice and I’m focusing on business, all the while he is doing god knows what out of town.

I began typing another message.

Me: What would Hunter think of your little trips?

I was hoping to get a raise out of him, and anxiously waited to see the three little dots pop up on the screen, but there was nothing.

“Stubborn bastard,” I muttered under my breath.

I started typing again.

Me: What the hell are you up to? I’m working my ass off here, and each time you go on your little trips, it leaves me with another mountain of work to deal with. You better tell me, or I’ll just tail your ass next time you leave.

Finally, I saw the three dots. I was hoping for an explanation, but of course, I was met with a small, brief message.

Xanos: I’ll show you one day.

I sighed heavily as I read his cryptic text.

Me: Whatever, I’ll keep you posted on the meeting.

I placed my phone back in my pocket, and that’s when the there was a knock on the door.

“Alpha Marcus? Your guest has arrived.” The hotel manager peeked through the door, too afraid to walk through. The entire city was on their toes of an impending war, and I suppose having an Alpha meeting on his shift made him worried that it would be his last day alive.

“Christian, leave Alpha Kai and I alone in this room when he comes. I need to have a little chat uninterrupted.”

Christian stood up from his seat and nodded affirmatively, “Yes Alpha.”

I lightly sipped on the glass of water again. Usually I would be sipping on a whiskey, but I had to be sober. There was something in the air that smelled off, and I had to have complete control if something went wrong.

I heard the manager still at the door. He cleared his throat, “Um… Yes, Alpha, that’s the thing... Alpha Kai has sent a fill in of some sort.”

I stood from my feet when I heard the word fill in. How could that bastard expect me to meet with a mere fill in? My fists tightly balled onto the table, and my jaw clenched tightly as I looked to the manager.

He was an older man by the looks of it. He had neatly groomed grey hair, black pressed suit, and small spectacles. I could already smell the fear emanating off his body.

“Who the fuck is it then?” I growled.

The manager began to tremble, “Uhm, it’s a woman.”

I slammed my hand on the desk causing him to jump back, “AND?!”

“She – she – she - said her name is Yuri, that’s all they told me. She is in the front lobby now waiting for you.”

Christian went wide eyed, “Wait a minute, isn’t that Hiro’s daughter? What the hell is she doing here?”

“She came with a few others, I’m really not sure who the men are?” The manager replied.

“That’s it! I’m not fucking around any longer!” I stomped out into the hallway, and Christian quickly trailed behind me along with the rest of my men waiting outside the meeting room.

The manager was already running in the opposite direction to keep out of our way.

I brought my biggest men to accompany me today, but now, it didn’t fucking matter. Everyday I was on the edge of a cliff, and it was only a matter of time until I really snapped. I didn’t need the assistance to deal with a woman.

I kept running different scenarios in my head as we headed for the front lobby, wondering what the outcome of the meeting would be, but I was only meet with confusion. Why would Alpha Kai send his sister on our first official visit? If he was anything like his father, he would die before he treated his business partner's with disrespect. Even in his culture it was an insult, all the more reason why I was suspicious.

Suddenly, I caught a whiff of a familiar scent.

“What’s that smell?” I harshly whispered to Christian.

“I smell nothing but strangers. Nothing familiar to me Alpha.”

I looked over head to the grand foyer doors that connected to the front lobby. I pushed the doors with such force that I almost took them off their hinges. I could even see chunks of wood flying to the floor as I pushed my way through.

As I entered the front lobby, I caught sight of the large group of men standing, or perhaps, surrounding someone. I could only assume it was Yuri.

My hands were balled into fists, but I needed to pace myself before I started losing more control. I had no idea why she was here, and the last thing I should be doing is throwing a tantrum before I figured out why she was here instead of Kai.

As I approached the group of men in suits, they straightened themselves up and faced me, with their hands by their hips, most likely hovering their holstered weapons, but I didn’t let it slow me down.

“Alpha Marcus.” A female voice came from the center of men that surrounded her. I could see her sitting on one of the couches, casually sipping on a glass of champagne. If this didn’t add insult to injury, I don’t know what would at this point.

She was dressed in a black suit, but it wasn’t a typical suit I would see a woman wear in Elysium city. Her pants were tight, and her white blouse and black blazer were fitted well enough to outline her athletic build. Her thick black hair was tied in a bun, and she wore no makeup. In ways she reminded me of Hiro, but at the same time, she was nothing like him. She was small in size, but the way she sipped on the glass of champagne almost made her out to be the biggest one in the room.

“What is the meaning of this. Where is Alpha Kai?” I tried my best to use a calm voice, but I wasn’t sure if it was working. I could see the men around her tense up and draw in closer to her.

“Oh, you didn’t get the package yet?” She took another sip and switched legs that she had crossed, revealing an array of holsters with various knives on the side.

“Interesting choice in outfit considering our arrangement we had set. It’s too bad your brother isn’t here to discuss the terms,” I gritted between my teeth.

A small smile grew in the corner of her mouth, then she looked to a bodyguard standing close by. He gave a small nod and walked away. She looked at the others and they all started to back up, away from both Yuri and me.

I looked over my shoulder to see Christian and my men standing close by, mimicking Yuri’s men on the opposite side. I lightly gave a nod to Christian, signaling him to step back.

Yuri stood up as my men backed away. She gave a small bow and waved to the other couch. I glared at her for a moment, then slowly approached the opposing couch and sat down.

I sat up straight with my hands on my legs, maintaining my eye contact with her. “Want to tell me what the fuck is going on then?”

She sat back down on the couch across from me. “I am the new Beta.” Her voice was soft and light. She seemed too innocent to be in this business, but I would never underestimate her abilities. She was Hiro’s daughter after all.

“All the more reason Alpha Kai should be here instead of you,” I replied.

“No, you’re not understanding me. I’m the new Beta, of our new pack.”

I scoffed, “Congratulations, do you want a fucking trophy?”

She lightly chuckled and looked away for a moment, then back to me, “You know, Alpha said you were… How should I say, spirited?”

I slammed my hand hard on my leg, “And what the fuck is that suppose to mean? HUH?” I stood up, my hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding. I was about to lose control. This woman thinks she can just walk into Elysium and fucking degrade me in front of my own pack?! I didn’t care if she was Hiro’s daughter, she had a death wish.

Just before there was time to reply, the same man from before emerged with a small black box.

Yuri nodded to the man, then he carefully placed the box on the coffee table in front of me.

“What’s this?” I peeked over the box, trying to understand what it was, but I hadn’t the slightest clue.

“A peace offering, and also, an invitation.”

“What’s with all the head games Yuri? Why is Kai not here?” I reached for the box out of curiosity. It was light, and it was too small to be of any sort of weapon or bomb.

“Kai is no longer Alpha.” Yuri’s voice briefly faded away as I focused in on the box. I tuned out everything around me.

I was in a trance.

For some reason, this was the very smell I was picking up from before. Why did it smell so god damn familiar? It was like I was on another dimension. The smell was so tantalizing, so familiar, like a long-lost memory that I still held on to in my subconscious. I lightly lifted the lid with my finger. I was holding my breath, bracing myself for impact of whatever lied within it.

Just went I got view, I snapped back to reality.

“What is Alpha Kane’s silver Rolex doing in your possession?” I looked up to Yuri in confusion. I was unable to touch the watch, only look as it would instantly burn through my skin, but the smell, it made me want to touch it so bad. I was reaching slowly for it. I just wanted to graze my finger on it, just to know I wasn’t dreaming.

I touched it lightly, then immediately was met with an intense burning. I quickly whipped my hand back.

“Pretty enough to burn yourself for?” Yuri smirked.

I was so lost for words that I didn’t reply, I just kept my eyes on the watch. I had so many questions, and the more I inhaled the sweet scent of the watch, the more of my emotions that I’ve been trying my best to keep at bay bubbled up. I don’t remember the last time I saw this watch. Maybe it was the night we killed Kane, but I thought it was burned with everything else.

“If your brother Alpha Xanos came to this meeting, then he would be able to explain the entire situation of how a watch like this would end up in our possession. Wasn’t he supposed to come today, just as Kai was?”

I raised my eyebrows and glared at her, “Why don’t you enlighten me then?”

“I am not permitted to explain, just deliver. My apologies Alpha.” She looked down for a brief moment then looked up again, “the invite is in the box, and you can keep the watch.” Yuri stood up and gave a small bow, “Alpha Hiyori will be landing in a short while, I must go. We do hope that you can come to the party, there will be a parley tonight for a few hours. Alpha Hiyori thought it would be good for all the Alphas to be acquainted without any built-up tension, don’t you think?”

My heart was beating fast. How could I be so stupid. She was the Beta of Alpha Hiyori, and I was too ignorant to figure it out. This entire time she was the enemy, and Xanos wasn’t here to see it firsthand.

I had to try my best to bite my tongue. I had to be diplomatic with her, especially if there was a parley tonight. I didn’t want to start things off by killing Alpha Hiyori’s Beta on the first day here.

I kept my eyes on the watch, but quickly looked to her intently, “Your Alpha is good with introductions....Can’t wait to meet him.” My jaw was clenched so tightly I could barely get the words out. My teeth were pushing through, and my hands trembled profusely.

There were no words for how angry I was.

Xanos should have been here instead of doing what ever the fuck he was doing. Yuri, a fucking Beta just belittled me in my own city, and I sat by doing nothing while obsessing over a watch.

“Oh, Alpha Marcus, before I go, I’m sorry about those men you sent by a few months ago. You know how these Alpha transitions can get,” she smiled.

“It’s nice to know that Alpha Kai’s sister betrayed him. So tell me, did you kill him, or did you help your new Alpha do it? Now I know what type of pack we will be dealing with.”

“That’s an ironic statement, don’t you think?”

“What is?”

“This past year alone, Elysium city has had the highest murder capita in the world, and I hear most of the deaths are caused from werewolves. But what can I say, our pack merely lives-in peace, and in Japan, crime is at its lowest that it has ever been.”

“So Yuri, how many of your father’s men did Alpha Hiyori have to kill to get where he is today? You can’t bullshit me, I know for a fact that you took over the entire manufacturing operation from another pack. Did they just willingly give it to you?”

I wanted to hear the words come from this bitch’s mouth, she was no better then all of us.

“We all know the answer to that question Alpha Marcus.” She started walking towards the men she arrived with, and they immediately started to surround her, creating a barrier between me and anyone else.

Usually, I was more on my toes with these meetings, and today, I was fucking beat all because of a watch that I couldn’t stop staring at.

Just as the last of Yuri’s men left through the front lobby doors, I took out my phone.

“That was the weirdest meeting we have ever had. Where the hell is Alpha Kai?” Christian’s voice came over me, but I was too focused on my phone. I had to reach out to my brother as soon as possible.

It only took three rings until I heard his deep voice on the other end.

“How did it go?” He asked.

“Oh, well, it went fantastic. Kai is most likely dead, and Yuri, his sister showed up on behalf of Alpha Hiyori, you know which Alpha is that? The Alpha we tried to murder not too long ago. The very fucking Alpha that is slowly taking territories from all of us Xanos. So yes, we are off to a good start,” I sarcastically remarked.

I could go on all day, but I’m sure he got the gist of our growing problem.

He sighed heavily, “What the fuck Marcus…”

“And that’s not all,” I looked down to the box in my hand, “She left something behind, and she mentioned that you would know about it.”

I could hear his hard deep breathing on the other line, waiting for me to continue.

“She left Kane’s silver Rolex in a box, along with an invitation. This new Alpha Hiyori is coming TODAY to the city. This asshole is coming today after we were supposed to meet! He stood me up even though he is travelling halfway across the world to host a party in OUR city… In our fucking city Xanos! And now he has the audacity to invite us to a party that we are only finding out about now?! How’s that for an interesting meeting for you? You better find your ass back to Elysium so we can deal with him.”

“Calm down Marcus. I’ll be back at the penthouse in an hour. I’ll meet you there. Don’t do anything in retaliation. I got word of Hiyori’s arrival just before you called from associates from the Upper West side. Everyone is going to be there tonight. I had no idea, and in other news, the mayor is accepting him with open arms.”

“I let that Beta bitch walk out of the hotel alive, you think I need your guidance on how to handle this new Alpha?”

“Marcus…About the watch… There are certain things you do not know.”

“Like?!” I raised my voice almost to the point I was yelling. Even some of my men stepped away to keep clear from my wrath.

“We will talk at the penthouse.”

I paused and sighed heavily. I looked around at all my men as I kept my ear on the phone. He was right, I couldn’t discuss this with so many people standing around. I didn’t know who to trust these days.

“Fine, see you then.” I immediately hung up and placed my phone in my pocket.

“So, are you going tonight? Pretty last minute if you ask me. This new Alpha has big balls to think he can fuck with you and your brother,” Christian said.

“We have to play the political game for now, but if it’s a war he wants, a war he will get.”

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