The Domination Game

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Tonight was the night, everything in this past year has led up to this point. I managed to buy this building and convert it into the hottest club in the city.

Everyone and anyone often spent their weekend nights here, in my establishment, and no doubt, taking a lot of business away from Xanos and Marcus. Their clubs were never this popular, and I was already in the middle of purchasing the Rogue from Marcus without him even knowing it.

“Seems like everyone clicked yes for their RSVP.” I sipped on the sudsy champagne. It was smooth, and it gave me the right amount of lift that I needed to loosen the tight knot in the pit of my stomach.

I can’t remember the last time I was nervous. Maybe it was exactly one year ago, the day of the fight. The day I finally realized who I was. But why should I be nervous? This was my party after all, and I deserved to let loose after this entire year of being away from Elysium.

I leaned over the balcony railing of the club and breathed in heavily. I couldn’t believe I was here, and sometimes I wondered how I even managed to pull this off.

I took in another sip of champagne.

The bottle of bubbly that I was sipping on was worth more then an entire year worth of wages when I worked back at the Rogue. Money was nothing to me, and now that I was here, I understood why the Alphas cared about it so much.

Money was power.

Money was the gateway to more territory, more allies, and a larger pack, but one thing was missing.

What about all the people in the city that actually needed it?

The Alphas paid off politicians, and even city planners. I remember the first day I claimed Hiro’s territory back, I was contacted by a city planner in Elysium city, practically asking for a handout for blind land zoning permits. Of course I bought them, but now I realized how city funded resources were falling into the hands of the Alphas. I had to play their game too to reach to the top, but eventually, I was going to give it back to the people.

“Interesting choice in music don’t you think Alpha?” Yuri stood beside me, leaning over the railing just as I was. She was wearing a simple long sleeve black dress. She wore no makeup, and her hair was neatly braided to the side. Yuri didn’t like to dress up much, and she was all business most of the time, rarely taking a break for herself. This is why I made her my Beta. After I killed Kai, I took her in.

The circumstances revolving around his death didn’t leave her bitter after he died, and in some ways, I felt as though she was relieved he was gone. It was ironic how the tables could turn so quickly. Only a year ago today she was the one introducing me to her people, taking me under her wing, teaching me their culture and their style of fighting, and now she was my Beta. She was the only one I trusted and confided in.

There was a sea of people below us, all hoping to impress one another with designer outfits that cost a fortune. The parking lot was filled with luxurious and exotic cars tonight, but nothing like that impressed me, I was only interested in loyalty. I wanted allies that I could trust, and so far, everyone was proving that I couldn’t trust anyone besides my own pack. Marcus and Xanos already tried to kill me. They didn’t know who I was, but they would be in for a treat today.

I was being referred to as Alpha Hiyori to avoid the ridiculous bounty James had on me, but now that the bounty was done, I was going to reveal who I really was.

I looked over to see DJ rage already setting up in the booth next to us. “Glad he could accommodate us last minute.” I finished the last of the champagne and placed it down on a nearby table.

Once Rage caught view of me, he stopped unravelling a set of cords and came towards us.

DJ rage was Japanese, almost similarly sized to Kai, with dark eyes and short dark hair tousled in a messy way. He wore a simple black sweater and dark denim jeans, and he held his robotic looking helmet in his hand. I requested it to be the same helmet he wore that night at the Rogue last year.

“Thank you, Alpha for having me.” He bowed lightly, then looked to Yuri, “my sincerest condolences for your father, he was a great Alpha.”

“What pack do you belong to now Rage? Now that Hiro’s gone, its fair game?” I couldn’t help but to ask the question. Curiosity was getting the best of me, and I was only being honest with him. I wanted to know, even if he was part of another pack so I could keep tabs on him. I didn’t know him well, but time will tell what type of man he truly was. He cancelled a show to come here tonight, and I was curious as to why he would turn down the profits of a concert to come to a private venue such as this.

“Well, I was part of Alpha Hiro’s pack, and now…” He put his hand out to shake mine and got down on one knee, “I am part of the Kane pack, that’s if you will accept me Alpha.” He kept my hand in his and pulled it to his lips, “I will serve my Alpha.” He kissed lightly on the top part of my hand and released.

As he stood up, I lightly bowed to him, “Yuri vouched for you, and I trust her judgement with my life.” I looked over to her and she lightly nodded.

"I'm glad to hear that, Yuri and I go way back," Rage gave a quick look to Yuri and smiled.

"Child hood friends." Yuri's cheeks went flush as she smiled back.

"I'll accept you into my pack Rage, maybe one day soon we can all get acquainted more." I peered over to Yuri still smiling at Rage.

“Yes Alpha, now, I better get back to setting up, show is about to start." Rage looked back at the booth that was still partially set up.

“Proceed,” I nodded.

“Thank you, Alpha,” He bowed lightly before walking back to the booth.

“I didn’t think he would come,” Yuri whispered in my ear.

“What do you mean?”

“You are the daughter of Kane, just because we are wolves, doesn’t mean we have to join a pack when our Alpha dies. Kai was my brother, and next in line to become Alpha, so when he died, we all had a choice to leave or join your new pack. Technically you are an outsider, maybe to some, an enemy.”

“Then, if I was your enemy, why did he join my pack?”

Yuri let out a small smile, “He sees something in you, just like the rest of us.”

“Your guests have arrived Alpha.” Hashimoto, my personal bodyguard, came behind me and subtly spoke into my ear.

I turned around to face him, “I know, they have been for thirteen minutes now. I can smell them already. Do you have my tea?”

“This is our last batch Alpha,” Hashimoto placed the teacup on a nearby table. It was a plain white mug with the dark steaming liquid. The taste never got better, but it served its purpose.

“This will have to do… Just split it in half, I’ll try to make it last until I find more.” I downed the entire hot cup in one large gulp, almost scalding my throat. Thankfully, I healed quicker than anyone in this building and I could barely feel the pain.

It was another lesson from Hiro that I would never forget.

“Yes Alpha.” Hashimoto bowed and took the empty cup from my hand.

“Seems like this party is going without a hitch.” Suddenly, a deep familiar voice came behind me. I sensed his presence the moment he stepped foot in the building five minutes ago.

I turned around to see Derek standing a few feet away. He was wearing a navy green button-down shirt and black pants. It was the most formal I’ve ever seen him dress, but he looked more of less the same as he always did. He had a clean-shaven face, and he was looking darker than the last time I saw him back in Japan. All those days by the lake drinking sake until sundown must have permanently tanned his skin. His arm sleeves were rolled up, revealing a large black watch, which easily complemented his muscular forearm that I couldn’t get my eyes off of.

“You look – “ His eyes were glue to me, slowly tracing me up and down. It took him a moment to get back to what he was saying. “Amazing,” his face lit up as we both locked eyes.

“So tell me, how does a simple gun shop owner come to own a Tag Chronograph?” I raised my eyebrows at the black watch he was wearing. It was easily worth $20,000.

It was a watch that I would only see an Alpha wear.

“Business is booming, didn’t you hear? There is a new Alpha in town and word on the street is...” He briefly looked down to the watch and stepped towards me. “She’s not to be fucked with.” He reached in, and everyone around me stepped forward, bracing their weapons towards Derek.

“NO,” I growled and looked back to Yuri who swiftly signalled for everyone to back away.

Derek’s arms wrapped around my body, pulling me in for a tight hug. “Security is tight,” he smirked.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and embraced his hug. “Don’t know who to trust these days.”

Suddenly, he planted his lips onto mine quickly, catching me off guard for a brief moment. I didn’t pull away though.

I wanted to taste him.

Memories began pouring into my head. Memories of our time in Japan, and the countless nights we spent together.

His lips were soft to the touch, lightly absorbing mine for a brief moment.

He pulled away and smiled, “You can always trust me.”

“You sure about that?” I teased.

If the timing couldn’t get any better, DJ Rage started to play his set.

The deep base started the moderate tempo, creating a hypnotic atmosphere that made me want to hang off of Derek’s shoulders a little tighter.

“I swear on my life…Alpha Hunter.” Derek pulled me in to his body by latching his hands on my lower back. At the same time, I ran my hand down his arm, feeling the deep ridges of his muscles. The feeling of his body never got old.

It’s been a few weeks since I saw him last. He left Japan for work related reasons, and honestly, I missed him. When I was in his arms, I felt safe even though I was a Lycan. He was a man who cared about others, and a man who had a family and lost it.

He wanted to make this city better, just as I. It was a common goal we both had.

I looked to the opposite wall where there was a floor length mirror. Watching us hold each other was surreal, but just like back in Japan, there was that same feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like an ache, or dull feeling of guilt. I wasn’t sure if it was the beast inside me, but I always tried my best to ignore her. From time to time she would talk to me in my mind, but that was only if I kept my mind open to her. Hiro taught be how to cut her out if I needed to, but from personal experience, traumatic events always caused her to bubble to the surface.

I inhaled Derek’s scent as I continued to hang off his body. It was strange, when we were together a few months ago, I had a small feeling of doubt, but now that I was home in Elysium, the feeling was starting to eat away at me.

Why did I have my doubts? Was it because of the mating pull?

It wouldn’t make sense because I had the tea, and what Derek and I had was a natural connection.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem like yourself today,” he asked.

“I’m fine…” I turned my face away to look at Yuri who was talking to Hashimoto on a nearby couch.

Derek cupped his hand under my chin and pulled my face to his, “I know when you are lying.”

I nodded my head and sighed, “Just a bad feeling is all.”

“Don’t worry, I got your back like always, but remember, you don’t have to do this. You can live your life as an Alpha without those so-called mates of yours.”

When Derek said mate, my heart dropped.

Why was I feeling like this?

My whole body tensed up and my stomach began to turn into knots. I cleared my throat, “Tonight is like any other night. I don’t need the dramatics.”

Derek said he would find a way to get rid of the pull, but there was only one way to get rid of it, and that was for one of us to die. He told me he wouldn’t kill them, but how was he going to stand by as my connection to them increases while I was in the city? My plan was to kill James, and I still couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to do with Xanos and Marcus. I was still grieving my brother’s death, but at the same time, I was worried about the mating pull. I haven’t been in close contact with them for so long, and now my tea was running out.

I always said that I would kill them, but I never meant my words, and in some crazy fucked up way, I never lost my love for them. The tea help subside the urges, but deep in my subconscious, under all the hate for them, there was love, and I hated myself for it. I had to be honest with Derek, and I was from the very beginning. He agreed we were just friends, but sometimes we were both guilty of not acting like friends. He was there for me, physically and emotionally, and it was slowly eating away at me.

He had strong feelings for me since day one, and I made it clear I needed time for myself, and he accepted it, but deep down I knew it killed him knowing that I was mated to Xanos and Marcus.

I tried my best to keep my distance from him since that day he showed up to Hiro’s village, but we ended up spending most nights together.

What we had was natural, and so different to what I had with Marcus and Xanos.

His hand travelled down my back as he whispered in my ear, “So, how much tea do you have left?”

“A few days, but that’s when rationing in half.”

He put his hand on my shoulders and looked me dead in the eye. “Shit, are you serious?”

“Why, don’t trust I can control myself?”

“You are a wolf now… I’m not sure if you would be able to, or even if your beast would be able to back away from them, especially when your dressed like…” His eyes trailed down my body once again.

“Well, that’s the point, I hope they like what they see,” I smirked.

Derek sighed heavily, “Don’t be so…”

I cut him off, “Ignorant?”

“They are unpredictable beasts. All of them.”

“I have more control now. I can do this.”

“I hope so,” he leaned in and softly pecked my forehead.

“Alpha, its starting.” Yuri’s voice came behind me.

“Showtime.” I lightly kissed onto Derek’s cheek one last time before stepping away.

“I’ll watch your back tonight. Filthy dogs...” Derek’s voice went deep as he looked over the balcony at the guests. “Always need backup when dealing with these animals...” He looked to his associates waiting outside the exit on the other side of the balcony, and there was a look in his eyes that I haven’t seen before. It was like he turned into a different person. His body was tense, like something was on his mind, but I didn’t bother to ask. I assumed it was because my so-called mates were in the building, and I had hardly any tea left.

As I took a moment to think about his comment, the more doubt was cast into my mind.

Was I seriously taking offence to his comment?

What he said rubbed me the wrong way in a sense. I was technically a werewolf, and an Alpha. Why shouldn’t I take offense to his comment? I knew he didn’t mean it in a malicious way towards me, but he must not judge all of them.

There were still bad humans, just like bad werewolves, and I realized that over the past year.

“Don’t do anything stupid Derek, this is just the homecoming, I need more allies. Fighting at my first party as Alpha would send the wrong message to everyone.” I looked back to Yuri who then nodded to me. Yuri knew just as well that this night was important. This was to show my power, my influence, and my pack, not to start a war.

“Don’t worry, I won’t fuck up your night with your beasts,” he sarcastically remarked before turning away.

“Are you ok Derek?” As I asked him, he stopped his pace, then slowly looked over his shoulder.

“Just looking out for your best interests,” he muttered.

“I’ll call you later then.” I wasn't sure what else to say. I didn't have time to get into it now, the party was just getting started.

“Sure.” He started walking again towards the exit, not giving me another look. When he got close to the doorway, the two men that accompanied him came into view. They wore all black, almost like a SWAT uniform with no label. It wasn’t unusual to find some of the security detail dressed like this, but besides that fact, I fully trusted Derek. He helped me and my brother so much when he needed it.

Troy would want this.

Derek was right all along about everything, and I never listened to him.

But this time, I will listen, because I trusted Derek with my life.

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