The Domination Game

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Grand Entrance


The vibrations of the music pulsed through the club, like waves crashing into a rickety boat, rocking the unstable structure until it conformed to the deep base of the moderate tempo. The lights pierced through my retinas, causing me to briefly shadow my gaze using my hand. The mixture of white and red lights flickered in various directions, too fast for anyone wishing to follow its path.

Everyone’s eyes were on me. I had this entire balcony for my pack, and the rest of the guests were below us.

As I slowly approached the DJ booth, I quickly glanced around, first to Yuri, who was standing close by, then to everyone else in my pack. They all gave affirmative nods and bows as I passed by, showing their support for me.

All of them moved their entire lives from Japan to Elysium city for me, and I know they would all die for their Alpha, so no matter what, I had to try my best to protect them and rein over this city just as I did in Japan.

“Give it up for our host!” DJ Rage lowered the music and a bright white light focused on the booth. I haven’t seen majority of the crowd, but it sounded like it had grown in the last ten minutes. I wanted the turn out to be large, and I also wanted to see the look of everyone’s faces when I appeared center stage.

I made sure each Alpha had their own personal booth, BENEATH ME.

There was a parlay tonight, which meant no fighting aloud. Breaking the rules would mean pack banishment from the city. I knew there would be no blood tonight, but I wasn’t sure what else could happen.

Another reason I had to trust Derek.

I had him on point to protect me, not to go on a killing rampage. I had to respect the rules to maintain my power, otherwise, the other Alphas wouldn’t take me seriously, especially since they didn’t know I was a woman yet.

I would be the first official female Alpha and I was expecting some push back.

There was a light applause from the crowd as I approached the booth. At first, I was nervous, but then I filled my head with memories.

Memories of my rape.

Memories of Kendra.

Memories of my parents.

My brother.

All dead.

All dead because I wasn’t strong enough, but I wasn’t the same person anymore. I was an Alpha. I was strong, and I was going to get my revenge, no matter how long it took.

Tonight would just be a taste, and an entrance that will shock the entire city once they see who Alpha Hiyori really was. I was going to make those boys bend to their knees tonight and show them what they truly desired.


After an entire year of being away, the mating pull was probably at the maximum force, coursing through their body like a drug addict needing another fix.

I was going to push them over the edge tonight.

I clutched Kendra’s mask tightly in my hand. It was the same mask from the fight one year ago, and also a tribute to her death.

As I approached the DJ booth, I placed the mask over my face.

Tonight I was wearing a show stopping outfit. It wasn't a dress, or anything a typical Elysium woman would wear to an event such as this. It was a tightly fitted jumpsuit, which had silver embellishment lining down the side. The material was a combination of leather and polyester, flexible enough to endure a fight if the occasion called for it.

Like Kai said before he slit my throat the day after Hiro died, “Never let your guard down.”

I will always remember the last words he spoke before he betrayed me and Yuri...And before he betrayed his father’s last wishes. It was a memory that I would have nightmares about every night. It brought me pain that I had to kill Hiro’s son, but I had no choice.

I shook my head to recompose myself. I had to focus on tonight, but at the same time, I was going to enjoy the party, maybe even dance if the occasion arose.

I managed to get the seamstress to make my outfit rather flattering, showing off my new curves and silhouette. I had to look good tonight and I spared no expense getting everything professionally done.

My hair was still the same platinum colour as before, with several braids intertwined in an intrinsic ponytail that waved down to my back. It was elegant and wouldn’t get in the way of my face.

My make up was vastly different to how I used to do it, and tonight, I was sporting a rather smoky look with elongated wing tip eyeliner to finish it off. It was crucial to have my lips stand out, and I wanted to turn the heads of anyone walking past me, so why not with a ruby red lipstick to match my red bottom Louboutin stilettos?

My black heels were a statement altogether, and it was another iconic item on my Wishlist that I never thought I would be able to afford, but now, I was rich enough to buy the entire company if I wanted to.

The old me would never think to wear an outfit like this, or even consider wearing this amount of makeup, but this was the new me and I fucking loved every bit of it. The days of sweat pants and sweaters were long gone and I didn’t miss it one bit.

I thought walking in heels would be a challenge, but I suppose being a Lycan gave me the strength and balance of not falling completely on my face.

I remember the first time I tried on a pair of high heels years ago when I started working at the Rogue. Sam always encouraged the new waitresses to wear them, so I gave it a shot. I didn’t last long that shift before I ended up slipping on a pair of sneakers.

Usually, I couldn’t take five steps without tripping, but tonight, I not only able to walk, but sway my hips just enough to hear the fabric of my outfit compress against my skin.

I was feeling sexy as hell tonight.

Even DJ Rage took notice of my confident walk. I couldn’t see his face under his mask, but he was defiantly looking. His body tensed up when I finally approached him.

He cleared his throat and held the mic to me, “Good luck Alpha.”

“Thanks, I’ll take it from here,” I winked and took the mic from his hand.

He bowed once more and backed away into the corner of the booth, watching me intently as I stood in the spotlight.

I refocused my attention on the crowd below. My heart was beating fast, and my sight was slightly obstructed from the confines of the mask, but soon I would take it off.

The audience continued lightly applauding, and the only ones who sat silently in their booths were all the Alphas, and not my surprise, none of them were clapping. They were just as anxious as I was, and I didn’t blame them for that. I’ve been reclaiming territory and taking new properties from each and everyone of them. There were at least twenty Alphas in the club tonight, but I was only focused on seeing the three Amigos.



And James…

I inched closer to the glass railing so everyone could see in full view.

I could already hear the whispering from my appearance. They were shocked I was a woman. All of the Alphas stood from their booths as soon as they made the realization.

I peered all around the crowd, going from booth to booth to find them.

My heart was beating fast as I got closer to the center of the large, almost stadium sized room. It was dark, but my vision was laser focused, another perk of being a Lycan. The club was modern, scattered with mirrors, neon back lights and a large dance floor where mirrors covered each angle, directing light in thousands of directions. The booths were large, lined with modern cream colour couches. The servers were comprised of mostly men, all werewolves of course. This was my extra added layer of security, which made all the difference in the world since I had my personal office on the upper floor of this place.

As my eyes trailed the booths, I started to make out a few familiar faces of some the personal bodyguards for Marcus and Xanos.

I was getting close.

Just a few more paces to the right, then I spotted them.

They were sitting in booths next to each other with tons of bodyguards surrounding them. They all looked more or less the same, but one thing stuck out.

Their expressions.

It was too far to make out the details, but I could see the stress, I could smell the urge, and I could sense their anxiety. The pull was still affecting them. After all this time, it never left them, and to make things more interesting, they wanted to kill me.

They still had no idea who Alpha Hiyori was.

This was too perfect.

“Thank you, Rage.” I smiled into the spotlight, the entire club was silent, listening to me speak. I wasn’t nervous anymore, hell, I was looking forward to this.

“Thank you for attending Alphas…Parlay,” I stated.

I waited to hear their responses. I wasn’t sure if the three of them clued in from my voice, but they remained still as they watched me closely.

I heard a few Alphas shout it out from their booths, and a few just nodded their head in an agreeance as they sat back down in their seats.

I caught view of James in the booth next to Xanos. I strategically placed them together, and surprisingly, I saw James nod his head calmly to the parley.

For such a hot-headed asshole, he was calm tonight. Maybe all the turmoil I was causing him and his pack was making him tired.

“As most of you are aware, I’m Alpha Hiyori, but first, I want to thank Mayor Ramirez for the warm welcome.” I looked over to see the mayor near the exit door, probably wanting to leave, but she had no choice to but to attend tonight. I had her in my back pocket and it didn’t take much to bribe her into it.

The only way to wash the money coming in was to acquire as many businesses as I could, and having the mayor on our side was an added bonus.

Filthy politicians would flip to the dark side for their own greed, but I suppose we were no better by bribing them. She already signed off on a ton of city contracts that were suppose to go to Xanos, but thankfully, Yuri was a great negotiator. I heard Xanos had quite the outburst once he found out I took the very contracts that he had for several years running.

There was a light applause as the spot light briefly went onto the mayor. She was a short curvy Hispanic woman. She was wearing an all white blazer and pencil skirt that did nothing for her figure, and her hair was tightly placed into a bun.

She was surrounded by men in black suits, which I could only assume were her personal body guards. She probably needed the protection since she had a ton of enemies in the city. None of them werewolves of course, but the human citizens of Elysium that she betrayed on a daily basis.

She waved for a few seconds, then the spot light came back onto me.

"I know we all have our differences, and of course, resentments..." I smiled under my mask as soon as I saw Xanos stand up. He knew who I was. He was the first one to realize it.

I continued, "Alpha Hiyori is merely a Japanese name given by my former Alpha. And tonight I give tribute to him. Alpha Hiro was a great man and he will never be forgotten." I looked back to Yuri who was standing nearby. She gave a small smile and nodded her head.

"So tonight, I will make myself known by my birth name. The name my father gave me." I latched onto the side of my mask and continued, "the name Alpha Kane gave me when I was born in this city...”

I held my breath and took the mask off.

My heart was racing fast, and my hands were sweating, but I kept a straight face as looked down to all of them with clear vision.

I wasn’t sure what sort of reaction I was supposed to get from everyone, but I did initially hear loud gasps and whispers.

"You can call me Alpha Hunter." I narrowed my eyes on Xanos and Marcus who were stepping forward from their booths.

There was a brief pause from the crowd, but then suddenly, there was a burst of applause. It was loud, and many of the Alphas were now standing from their seats and clapping.

It was nice to see their welcome, but I was solely focused on Xanos, Marcus and James.

The tea was working for me, but I was beginning to smell their scents. The whites of their eyes were the first thing I noticed. I was far from where they were standing, but I could tell they were in shock. Marcus started walking towards Xanos's booth, and I could see James, FROZEN, staring at me with blackened eyes.

This was the most satisfying moment of my life, and I was just getting started. I also wondered what was going through their minds as they looked to me.

I was the human they thought they could manipulate and fight over like some used toy. I was their equal now, and everything was fair game. I held more power than I could ever imagine, and I was only starting to commence the insanity with this ridiculous over the top party while wearing this outfit that didn't leave much to the imagination.

I was going to screw with their heads tonight, then I was going to take everything away from them.

I was going to make them suffer for what they did.

I was surprised Xanos, and Marcus didn’t beat me to killing James, but word on the street was that James had of almost equal power to Xanos and Marcus. They were at a constant war, and no one was safe anymore.

I took a quick glance to James, then to Xanos and Marcus, and let out a big smile, “Thank you for coming, and enjoy the safety of the parley tonight... Because by tomorrow, ITS ANYONES GAME.”

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