The Domination Game

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Cock Tease


I stood over the balcony, watching the Alphas closely as the music blared throughout the club. The crowd was going wild for DJ Rage, dancing to their hearts desire. The heat emanating from the gridlock of humans and werewolves created an odd essence of scent that filled my nostrils. This is exactly what any Alpha would want to see in their club, a packed tight crowd filled with intoxication. Many of them just wanted to escape their daily mundane lives, just to explore a stranger’s body on the dance floor. Some may think it was crazy to let yourself go like that, but I understood the desire to want something more.

I understood the hunger, the longing to do something more then just sitting in the shadow of a power-hungry Alpha. I knew there was more out there for me, and it took dying to figure that out. Many people would never get the opportunity for a second chance, and I promised myself I was never going to stop until I was on top.

Until I ruled this fucking city.

The light show went sporadic, pulsing white and multi-coloured strobes all over the club. I deeply breathed in as I watched everyone, wondering how I was able to pull it off.

This was my club. My money, my pack, my party, and I could make my own decisions because I was an Alpha now.

My attention turned to the three amigos still sitting quietly in their booths. I wanted them to sweat tonight, maybe even get them riled up as the party went on. I could tell by the way Marcus and Xanos were looking that they wanted me to come down to talk, but I was going to take my time. I was going to do whatever the hell I wanted to tonight, and they would have to wait for as long as it took, because tonight was going to be a very long night for the three of them.

“What are you going to do now?” Yuri stood beside me casually swaying to the music.

“Have some fun. Speaking of which, you should too.” I took my drink and held it up to her. It was sake, specially imported from Japan. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mind. It was so damn good, and it reminded me of my new home I made back in Japan. In ways I missed it, but at the same time, this was my true home. This dirty, dark, evil city is what I called home.

“Kanpai,” Yuri held her glass to mine.

“Kanpai…Cheers.” I clunked my glass to her, and we both simultaneously downed the entire shot of rice wine. It was smooth, slightly bitter, with a touch of sweetness.

“Before you let loose, just grab me a bottle of Johnnie Walker if you don’t mind.” I peered over to Marcus who was staring directly at us and smiled, “Make sure it’s black label too.”

“Yes Alpha.” Yuri lightly bowed and disappeared into the darkness of the balcony.

As I waited, I leaned against the railing overlooking the dance floor. My arms fully extended, allowing gravity to take my breasts slightly beyond the seams of my outfit. My jumpsuit held the girls in well, but there was a good amount of cleavage to turn anyone’s head.

Xanos and Marcus were speaking to one another, but I could see them clearly putting their attention on me as I watched the crowd. Additionally, James was locked onto me, and he not surprisingly showed up with a date. It was the same blonde woman from the fight, and she was wearing a tight fitted red dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I looked over to DJ Rage who was busy with his equipment, turning knobs, adjusting buttons on his amplifier, and controlling the songs with his laptop. He swayed to the music and kept the audience engaged with his electronic beat. I now was beginning to understand why Kendra was so obsessed with him. For a man wearing a mere helmet and civilian clothes, he looked damn good, and his music sounded amazing.

He didn’t need to wear much to show off his defined muscular body. His sweater sleeves were now rolled up, revealing his tattooed forearm that I couldn’t get my eyes off of.

I was going to enjoy this.

I casually walked up to the booth as he continued his focus on his laptop, swaying my hips in the same tempo as the music. Just as I was a couple feet away from him, he caught view of me. He slowed down his movements and watched me closely.

I locked my view on Rage and flirtatiously smiled at him, then looked back down to the crowd. I wanted to show all of them that I was going to dance and fuck who ever I wanted to.

I swayed my hips back and forth to the point where I could hear the leather cinching my skin. My ass was about to explode through the seams, but the designer ensured there would be no wardrobe malfunctions tonight, so I was trusting that she was telling me the truth.

I had my hands on the railing as I faced the crowd in front of Rage. He was playing the music, but I could sense him watching me. He only saw my ass at the moment, and luckily the entire crowd could see me through the glass railing. I was dancing, and briefly peeking my eyes to ensure the three amigos were watching, and boy, I HAD THEIR FULL ATTENTION.

I added my entire body to the rhythmic movement, not moving too fast, but slow enough in a precarious fashion. My muscles were loose, and my hips were able to sway enough to show off my flexibility.

Suddenly, the lights changed to a dark blue shade. This was the perfect moment to push them over the edge. I turned my head around to Rage and used my finger to signal him to come.

His body tensed for a moment, then he pressed a key on his laptop and came forward slowly. As he approached me, he placed his hands onto his helmet, but I stopped him.

“No,” I held onto his forearms.

He kept quiet and stood still. I was his Alpha, but I could tell when a man was checking me out.

“Just dance with me.” I placed my hand around his body and pulled him in.

I could practically hear his heart beating outside his chest, then not a second later, his hands gently slid behind my back. I could feel the warmth coming from his skin through my outfit.

DJ Rage was much taller in size, so it was easy for him to trace every inch of my body. I enjoyed the moment, feeling his warmth against mine as I watched his robotic helmet reflect in the light show. The song currently playing was slower, and a perfect beat to grind to. I guided his hand on my thigh, then worked him upwards, signaling it was ok to continue.

His touch was gentle and hesitant, because I’m sure he’s never been in the position where he was grinding onto his Alpha.

The song was slow but was picking up pace. The crowd was loud, like there was a build up of energy coming from everybody in the building. DJ Rage was a good dancer, but I was doing most of the work as he watched my every move.

Just as the song got to its tipping point, I turned myself around and pushed my ass into his body, almost causing him to step back. He quickly regained his balance and started exploring every inch of my thigh. There were no sparks, but it felt nice to be touched by him. There was something exciting about touching a man that I barely knew, and tonight I was going to embrace the feeling.

His hands travelled up my abdomen, then onto my lower back as I pushed myself harder into his body. I was warm between my legs, and the more I grinded onto Rage, the more I tightened myself to him. My hands ran up his thighs as the song sped up. I glanced over to the three amigos.

It was perfect.

I wanted to take a literal picture of their faces, print it out, then fucking pin it to my fridge. I would smile at this picture every day for the rest of my life, and I would never get sick of it.

They were standing in their booths watching, to the point where I could see the whites of their eyes.

They weren’t hiding their curiosity now.

“Is this going to get me killed Alpha?” Rage continued to grind onto me, then tightened his hands onto my hips.

He was mocking them as he asked the question.

I turned around and wrapped my arm around his neck.

“Would it be worth it?” I smiled and pushed off his helmet.

His eyes were blackened, but he was smiling back to me with his canines fully extended.

“Of course it would be,” he replied.

I pulled him in and planted my lips on his, allowing our tongues to briefly lock onto each other. Again, I didn’t feel the same sparks as I did with the Alpha brothers, but he tasted good, and I wanted more. The old reserved me would never think of dancing on display for the whole club to see, but I wasn’t’ going to be that timid shy girl anymore.

I released him from my grip, leaving him in the same darkened state. He wanted more, but he was holding back because I was his Alpha.

“Well,” I wrapped my arm tightly around his neck and lightly kissed the side of his cheek, “there’s always the afterparty,” I whispered into his ear, and while I was doing so, I slightly turned my head in the direction of Marcus, Xanos, and James, who were now standing from their seats.

If this wasn’t satisfaction, I don’t know what was.

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