The Domination Game

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Heat of the Night: Part 1


It was just the starting of a long intoxicating night for many in the club, and I was already working on ordering another drink from the bar before heading to the dance floor.

Wherever I walked, people steered clear, especially if they were a werewolf, but the daring ones, particularly the men that liked the thrill of setting eyes on me hovered close by, however, there was one that set out from all the others.

She was standing next to me, ordering a drink for herself.

“Tequila, on the rocks, two limes please,” She asked the young bartender that quickly set his attention on me.

The bartender’s eyes shot open when he realized who I was, then quickly snapped his head back to her. “You will need to wait your turn miss,” he hastily replied.

I smirked at her for a moment and turned my attention to the bartender, “Get her what she wants, and I’ll get what she’s having. Put it on my tab.”

The bartender gave a small nod and replied, “Yes Alpha,” before turning his attention to the bar to prepare the drinks.

I never looked at women like this before, and I was surprised my heart was beating as fast as it was. There was something about her that was familiar.

Blonde hair.

Red dress.

Slender body.

I gasped at the revelation.

It was James’s date. She was human, and by the looks of it, she knew exactly who I was.

She was young, maybe similarly aged to me or even younger. Her red dress complimented her honey blonde hair that waved down to her shoulders. She was lean but had a round plump ass that would catch anyone’s attention. Her breasts were on the larger size and popped out just enough at the seams edge of her dress.

She nervously looked around and fidgeted her hands on the bar, “Um, are you sure? I don’t even know you…”

I stepped in closer in her direction, “No need to lie. You knew who I was the moment you set eyes on me.” I placed my hand on the bar top inches away from hers.

I could hear her pounding heart speed up when I hovered in closely, and much to my surprise, she lightly bit her lower lip. “So, Alpha Hiyori, or would you like to be called Alpha Hunter?” She replied.

I smiled as I watched her nervousness slowly evaporate, “You can call me which ever you prefer.” I smiled back.

She raised her eyebrows and looked away for a moment. “Is an Alpha really giving me an option? A choice?”

“Doesn’t your Alpha loosen your leash from time to time?” I leaned over the bar to get a better view of her and our surroundings. I was looking for James, but honestly, in this moment, I actually wanted to get to know this woman. She intrigued me in ways that I couldn’t explain.

She scoffed and pulled a piece of hair behind her ear, “I suppose you could say that…”

“So, all I know about you is that you are the great Alpha James’s date, but the question is, who are you?” Just as I finished speaking, the bartender placed the drinks on the counter in front of me. “Thanks,” I reached for the drinks and looked up to the young man who was anxiously awaiting my approval.

“Of course Alpha.” He gave a small affirmative nod and walked towards a group of customers on the opposite end of the bar.

I pushed one of the drinks across the bar top in the woman’s direction. She grabbed the drink and held it up to her face, watching the gold liquid swimming in the small pool of ice. “To tell you the truth Alpha, I’m a no-body,” she sighed heavily as she inhaled the aromas of the tequila.

“Is that why your date left you?”

“Oh…” She looked over her shoulder into the crowd, “Well, not exactly…”

The scent of her anxiety and fear started to perspire through her skin. I was curious who she was to James, but then again, I understood the fear she must have felt.

I placed my hand on hers, “You know, you don’t have to be scared. Your safe with me.”

“No…” She pulled her hand away nervously, “you don’t understand… He said he will be back, but that was an hour ago.”

I chuckled lightly and sipped on my drink, allowing my lips to soak in the coldness.

“He and I are close business partners, I’m sure he won’t mind sharing.” I traced my finger along her forearm and smiled, “Besides, I was hoping to run into him sooner then later. We have some unfinished business we need to discuss.”

She nervously fidgeted her body and took a large swig of her drink. “Are you sure? I don’t want to cause an issue.”

“I’ll tell you a secret…” I leaned close enough so no one could overhear my voice, “I used to be scared of him.”

Just as I started to down my drink, I caught her expression from the corner of my eye.

It was like she was looking into darkness, curious, or perhaps surprised I admitted that to a complete stranger, but I was willing to take the chance with her.

She started to down her entire drink, then slammed the glass hard onto the bar. “I’m Katrina.”

“Beautiful name,” I smiled back, “So Katrina, I have no one to dance with, care to join me?”

Her face lit up as I asked the question, “Sure, sounds like fun.”

I touched her hand again and lightly squeezed. “I got you, don’t worry.”

She nodded her head and we both headed to the dance floor.

At first, I thought she could be an accomplice to James, but now I was thinking other wise. The fear, the anxieties were all too familiar, and I couldn’t imagine her being part of it. I wasn’t sure how she got so wrapped up being with James, but that’s what worried me the most.

I wondered what horrific things she has seen being with him.

We maneovered through the sea of poeple to the center of the dance floor. I looked up to see DJ Rage who was looking down at the crowd, and just as I was about to turn my attention back to Katrina, he let out a small wave. I was surprised he spotted me out among the sea of people, but hell, I really did stand out among everyone else.

“You really have it all.” Katrina started to dance as we positioned ourselves in a good spot with enough space between us and everyone else.

“It’s really nothing…” I was slightly taller than her, and she was fairly petite, so when I came close, my hands were in just the right position to settle on her waist as she moved. “So tell me Katrina, what is a human girl such as yourself doing with an Alpha like James?”

“Um, no, it’s not like that at all….” She looked around again, with her eyes timidly looking into the crowd.

I placed my hand on her arm and squeezed, “It’s ok, we don’t need to talk about it here, I was just curious.”

“Everyone always assumes I’m just as bad as him,” her hands travelled to my lower back as she leaned in close to my ear, “But I’m just along for the ride. I need the money for my sick brother.”

“Sick brother?”

Her face dropped for a moment, but I couldn’t help but to ask. I was having flashbacks of Troy in his days of going through withdrawal.

“Look – I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry."

“It’s just him and me…” she sighed heavily, “We take care of each other, there’s no one else.”

Just listening to her talk about her brother brought back so many memories. I barely knew her, but I couldn’t help to see a little part of me inside her. We were so similar, but we were also so different in many ways.

“So how is he now?”

“Barely living, getting treated with expensive meds that cost a fortune. A cost that I would never be able to afford on a waitress wage, shit, I don’t even think a high roller prostitute could afford it. Maybe just an Alp – “

“An Alpha?” I interrupted.

She looked around the dance floor again.

I pulled her chin towards me and looked her dead in the eye, “You’re that scared of him, aren’t you?”

She looked away for a moment, “No… I’m not…”

“Well, if you’re not scared…” I squeezed her ass, and she let out a small whelp. “How jealous do you think we can make him?”

She playfully smirked, “He would probably enjoy watching considering its you.”

“Oh is that so?” I grinned.

“He’s obsessed with you.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” I whispered in her ear and lightly kissed the side of her neck. She moaned and gripped onto my body a little tighter. “You don’t need a man to take care of you.”

I repositioned us so I could be in view of Marcus and Xanos’s booth, but they were no where to be seen. All three of their scents were growing stronger as more time went on, and I was sure they were lurking close by.

“I wish I didn’t have to rely on anyone, but you don’t know how expensive medical bills can be for me...”

“You have no idea.” I began moving my hips a little harder into her, and she mimicked the same movement.

Her hands trailed down my arm lightly as her eyes slowly refocused on me, “I can leave it to chance, or I can be friends with the devil.”

I brought my lips to the outer edge of her ear and whispered, “I can be your devil for tonight.”

“Would the devil mind if I took the edge off?” She whispered back and pulled out something from her small black purse dangling over her shoulder.

It was familiar packet that I instantly recognized.

I quickly latched my hand onto her arm as she attempted to place a small pink tablet on her tongue. “Sick brother or drug habit? Which one is it?”

Her eyes narrowed to me, “Why does it matter?”

I took a second and looked to the pill. It was volt. A lighter version compared to the shit Troy use to inject himself with, but still powerful. I knew every detail of what went into making it because I was the Alpha that manufactured it from Japan.

“What would Alpha James think of you using my product?” I asked.

“He doesn’t pay enough attention to even care, but I’m sure he would be pissed.”

“You like to live dangerously Katrina.” I pulled her hand to my lips, “It’s our little secret then, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Katrina looked to me for a moment and gave a playful smile, “Deal.”

That’s when I decided to do the unexpected, assuming all three Alpha’s were watching me.

I pulled her fingers holding the pill into my mouth as I kept eye contact. Her eyes lit up as I slowly devoured her fingertips. She released the small tablet after a few seconds, then I pulled her hand away. I held the tablet on my tongue as brought my lips to hers.

Once our mouths locked on, my adrenaline kicked in. It was thrilling, unexpected, different, and I was enjoying every minute of it. At first, Katrina’s mouth was tense, but eventually loosened to my touch.

The kiss turned into something more, and eventually, my tongue was swirling inside her mouth.

I released the pill that I had wrapped up on my tongue.

She pulled away gently and swallowed hard. Her cheeks were flushed, she was smiling, and her eyes glistened a little more into the lights.

“Your turn.” She began pulling out another pill, then I caught view of someone that I was hoping to see.


He has been watching from a distant since the moment I met Katrina at the bar. He knew as well as anyone that he couldn’t do anything tonight with the parley, especially when he’s built up his pack so much over the past year.

She placed the pill in her mouth, and I immediately latched myself onto her lips catching her off guard.

Our kiss was stronger than before, and our tongues danced more aggressively.

This was a show that I wanted that asshole to see.

I’ve already received the pill and swallowed it, but we continued to lock onto each other. The atmosphere surrounding our kiss was perfect.

The lights.

The pounding music.

The crowd.

The freedom.

Just as our bodies weren’t intertwined enough, a large hand came onto Katrina’s shoulder. I recognized the rough hand like I was seeing it in picture clear vision.

It was James, and he was hovering close by. I wondered what his reaction would be if I wasn’t an Alpha. Would he just pull Katrina away against her will? Would he push her away and take me like a hungry beast? I would never know because this man was unpredictable, a wild card, but now I wasn’t scared of him. I was going to stay calm because he wanted me to be scared. He was addicted to fear, and I wasn’t going to give him any of it. I couldn’t say the same about Katrina because her body tensed up in a matter of seconds.

“Leaving a date on a night out is a punishable offence little one.” James stark voice came over Katrina’s shoulder.

“I – I - wanted to dance.” Her voice changed to monotone, almost on the brink of trembling. It was like she changed into a completely different person when he showed up.

“Oh did you now?” James tilted his head closer and smiled deviously, focusing his attention solely on her.

Tonight James was looking casual just as all the other Alphas, wearing dark denim jeans, black Italian leather shoes, and black dress shirt, accompanied by an expensive looking gold watch, but I could see through it all.

He could dress up the best he could, but he would always be a demon in my eyes.

I kept my body moving slowly to the beat of the music.

“You better not let this one slip away like the mayor James. My bed is going to be full tonight with your lost belongings.”

“Hm.” James stepped forward, and Katrina quickly backed away from us. She was like a deer in headlights and was gone faster then I could say goodbye.

“She’s quite the catch, better watch it, someone else might swoop her up.” I smirked and continued dancing in front of him.

“You little miss…” James breathed in heavily as his darkened eyes trailed my body up and down, “have been quite the pain in my ass.”

“Pain in the ass. Haven’t tried that position yet, maybe Katrina can walk me through it?”

His face dropped, but his eyes kept trailing me, “Easy does it now doll. How about I get another piece of your body to carve into huh? Great Alpha, marked like a tamed little bitch,” he snapped back.

“I suppose a whole year of me being away had made you rusty of your insults,” I scoffed.

His breathing got heavy as he took another step closer, “Did I tell you how turned on I am then? Your new bitch attitude is making me stiff.”

“Filthy pig. A feral dog as more manners than you.” I wanted to rile him up, but with James, it could be quite difficult. Sometimes I didn’t know how well my insults were getting through to him, but I knew one thing that would drive him completely insane.


His eyes continue to trail me up and down as I moved in closer. I hated how I was pulled to him, but it was easy to think of all that he’s done in the past. The anger, the despair, all overpowered the pull.

He stood there, watching me very closely as I continued to sway my body to the music.

“Little lost –“ His hand came up like he wanted to touch me, but it hung there midair, unable to come any closer.

He was speechless.

Everyone around us was dancing, all oblivious to the spectacle.

I leaned in towards him, “Dingo?” I whispered in his ear.

His hand came onto my hip, but I immediately pushed it away. I continued moving to the music, making sure that my hips moved provocatively to the beat. I was as close as possible to him without actually touching his body.

“You’re in my territory now.” I softly spoke in his ear again, but he made a sudden move that caught me off guard.

His arm latched around my body and pulled me in tightly to his, “You think you can tease me like a confident little whore?” He muttered into my ear.

I wasn’t scared of his tactics because I knew it was inevitable that he was going to try to intimidate me.

I brought my head back to look him dead in the eye, “Why do you ask James? Worried you can’t control yourself?”

His eyes widened at my response.

I brought my knee up and pushed my arms away from his body to detach from his grip, but I didn’t run away, I stood a mere foot away, dancing to the music like nothing happened.

I wanted to show him that nothing he did was going to scare me.

James grinned through the darkness, “You won’t be able to walk for weeks after I’m done with you. To be honest, I’m looking forward to it. Its going to be fun trying to tame my little whore. ”

He hovered his hands to my hips, but I quickly whipped them to the side. “Hands to yourself dog.”

He leaned in towards my face, “UNTAMED BITCH,” he spat.

I whipped my hand fast below his belt, and before he realized what was happening it was too late. I had his crotch in my hand, tightly squeezing his dick in full force.

His mouth widened as he lost his balance. “Fucking bitch…” He grunted loudly and stumbled forward.

I leaned in, “Don’t fucking call me that,” I pushed him away, “Its Alpha Hunter.”

After seeing his face I knew that was a first for him. It took him a few more seconds to come back to reality, and by the time he caught eyes with me again, he was adjusting his pants and his aching cock.

He stood over me, his fists were clenched tightly, and his deep growl vibrated my ear drums. His eyes were blackened, and his body tensed up, practically growing in size before my very eyes. He quickly latched onto me again and pulled me in with so much force I almost lost balance. That’s when I saw the shiny switch blade knife trailing discreetly down his leg.

“How about I place this silver right between your legs?” He grinded his body onto me as he taunted me with the silver knife, but I remained emotionless as he tried his best to intimidate me.

“Try me mother fucker,” I took his knife from his hand before he had the opportunity to pull away. My reflexes now were much faster after a year of training back in Japan.

Before he could react, I stuck my tongue out, tracing it along the flat part of the blade as he watched me in disbelief.

“FUCK.” He moaned loudly as his eyes trailed my mouth sliding across the cold silver blade. He was glued to me, studying my every move. “So it’s true. You are special, aren’t you?” His hand went on my hip to pull me into his body a little more.

All while this is happening, the scent of Marcus and Xanos was as close as it could ever get. Their heat emerged behind me the moment I latched onto James’s crotch.

I looked back quickly to see Marcus and Xanos, hovering close behind us.

My heart sped up seeing their darkened eyes at the sight of me dancing with James. I was surprised they haven’t snapped by now, but they were smart enough to guess I was just putting on a show.

“Looks like we have company. Why don’t we call it a night love and continue this else where?” James whispered in my ear. His eyes were glue to them as he watched both brothers close in on us.

I’m sure this was killing them watching me dance with James.

I was surprised of the tone James was using in this moment. He used the softest voice he could muster and actually asked permission for something.

Was he going insane or was he that desperate?

This was perfect, and I could see through all of his bullshit. He was a fake piece of shit, and I was going to string him along a little while longer.

I still had the knife in my hand and decided to push my luck to the limit to make this one memorable night James would never forget.

I leaned into his ear and push the switch blade to his crotch. “The question is…” I rubbed the blade ever so gently, then started to push through the fabric of his pants, “What will you do for me?”

Not surprisingly, he already had a roaring erection. The temptation to cut off his dick was surging through me, and I wanted to so fucking bad, but now wasn’t the time, because tonight was just a show.

His hand came on my lower back, abruptly pulling me in. He was too quick for my other hand and we both were tightly locked in together.

“Just because you’re an Alpha, doesn't change who are you are. You’re still… MINE.” His warm tongue came onto my cheek, and I immediately pulled my face to the side.

“Too much tongue then?” He chuckled as he forcefully squeezed my ass.

“I would rather die,” I put my knee into his abdomen and pushed him off with so much force he stumbled back a few steps.

He quickly regained his balance and narrowed his eyes to me, “Come back to me, I want another taste.” He waved his hand to me in a taunting way as he slowly licked his lips.

That’s when I felt a strong hand come onto my shoulder.

His deep husky voice whispered in my ear, “So tell me Alpha Hunter, what does James have that I don't? Looks like everyone is getting a dance but me.”

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