The Domination Game

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Le Galat #4


“What the hell are you doing Derek?” I stepped towards him to pull his attention to me, but his eyes remained laser focused on Marcus and Xanos.

“This should have happened long ago. These pieces of shits are liars and all they want is to use you,” Derek’s voice dropped, almost to the point where I didn’t recognize it.

Marcus chuckled lightly, “Your one to talk…”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean!?” Derek went wide eyed and pointed the gun towards Marcus, but neither brother stepped back.

Marcus smiled and looked to Xanos, “Oh, he didn’t tell her yet.”

“Tell me what?” I turned around with my arms crossed against my chest. I was sick of liars, and if this was a game they were playing I was having none of it.

They paused as they looked to me, then slowly their eyes went to Derek.

“They don’t know what the hell they are talking about!” Derek’s face turned red. I’ve never seen him act this way, and if I didn’t know any better, he was acting suspicious.

I stepped towards Derek with my hand blocking his gun. “What are they talking about?”

“Don’t believe them, they’re fucking liars!” He placed his trembling finger on the trigger.

“STAND DOWN,” Xanos growled menacingly at Derek. I’ve never seen him burst out with so much emotion until tonight.

“Why are you doing this now?! There is a parley! Are you insane!” I urged him, trying my best to keep my voice to a minimum, but he was leaving me no choice.

“They don’t deserve you…. They will never fucking DESERVE YOU!” He shoved my hand out of the way so he could get a clear shot on Xanos and Marcus.

I immediately latched onto his arm and pushed it down, “Not like this Derek, put the gun down.”

From the corner of my eye I could see Marcus charging forward towards us, but Xanos immediately held him back, “Let her deal with this… She can do this.”

I looked back to Xanos quickly and he gave an affirmative nod. I couldn’t let this escalate, and he knew exactly what was at stake. I was Alpha, this was my territory, and it was my duty to de-escalate if things like this arose. How would my pack think if I had Xanos and Marcus interfering with Derek? Derek was human, but he was working for me in my own club. I had to personally handle this situation no matter what.

“YOUR SKELETONS ARE PRACTICALLY CRAWLING OUT OF YOUR CLOSET BOY,” Marcus looked to Derek and let out a deep growl before backing away.

“Yeah, fucking leave you dog.” Derek snapped back.

Xanos turned his attention to Derek one last time. He let out a deep sigh and nodded his head in displeasure. “I hope he’s worth everything you worked for Alpha Hunter.”

My heart sank when I heard him say the words. I was torn and I wasn’t sure why. My whole intention for tonight was showcasing the new me, but now, reality was setting in and I was being pulled in different directions.

Seconds passed like hours as I watched them leave. I couldn’t help to sigh with relief when they were finally gone, but deep down, did I really want them to leave? Was I really feeling disappointed they were going?

The answer was yes, but I would never admit it, hell, I was in denial.

Their strong scents were mere wafts at this point, and my once raging fire, turned to smoke and ash. I was sad it had to end this way, but I suppose it was always going to end messy one way or another, I just never thought it would happen like this.

Derek was spiraling out of control. I could see it in his face, the way he held the gun, his trembling body, and his darkened eyes, full of pure rage. It was as if he was being affected by the pull, but I knew that he wasn’t, he was just being impulsive and jealous. I was beginning to regret how close I got to him over this past year. I told him it was never going to work, but emotions got the best of both of us, and now, he was never going to let me go.

I felt like an idiot for trusting that we could just be friends, but the thing was, he kept telling me it was ok, and that it was for the best – us just being friends. I never second guessed my desision based on his insistence.

I let it get too far and now I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

“We’ll talk tomorrow once you cool off Derek, I think we all need time for ourselves.”

I was hoping that he would have calmed down by the time Marcus and Xanos left, but he was still breathing heavily as he watched the empty space where they were once standing, “I’m not sure if I’ll cool off after tonight.”

“So what did they mean then? Are you not telling me something? If I don’t know now, I will find out.”

His eyes narrowed to me, and for a moment, I thought I was looking into the eyes of a complete stranger. “After everything we went through this past year, you’re going to second guess our friendship?”

“Why are you avoiding the question?”

He paused and looked down to the gun in his hand. “I have nothing to hide. I think you should be re-thinking your alliances though.”

My fists clenched tightly at his comment. I had no words to the anger I felt. How could he question my intentions and leadership as Alpha? We were honest with each other, but to question me while my pack was still present in the club was crossing a line.

Suddenly, I saw Yuri, coming in towards us through the shadows of the club, then, like a crack of a whip, she snatched the gun right from Derek’s hand.

He angrily balled his hands into fists.“What the hell Yuri?!”

“Your out of control.” She handed the gun back to one of my men who followed her close by.


I let out a deep growl and stepped towards him. I felt like my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, it was so hard to keep myself contained… I was about to snap…

“DON’T CALL HER THAT EVER AGAIN…. NOW LEAVE!” I pointed my shaking hand to the exit.

There was an awkward silence, and Derek’s eyes were still hovering Yuri.

“LEAVE!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Derek grunted and looked to me like I was his worst enemy. As he walked past me he nudged my shoulder without taking another look.

“We’ll talk tomorrow...” I was so pissed off that the words could barely escape my mouth. I wanted to confront him about these so called lies, but it would have to wait. I was too high and exhausted of tonight’s dramatics.

Just before Yuri could saying else to me, I was already walking away. I had no more words about tonight.

Derek made a mockery of me, and I couln’t do a fucking thing about it.



It only took me a second to realize there was someone waiting for me in the back exit of the building. Most club staff had left already, and the only ones remaining were some of my pack on security.

The end of the night was a bust, but I was still feeling good, the drugs were swimming through my body endlessly and I wasn’t sure what the hell I was going to do the rest of the night.

Contacting Marcus and Xanos was out of the question. I was still pissed off and too emotional to confront them. My mind was spinning when they told me about Troy. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but it would all have to wait. I had to calm myself down before I could speak to them, especially when I was on the brink of losing control.

I turned to the direction of a large man. Smoke evaporated through his black hoody as he spoke, “Alpha, I was hoping I would see you again.” I realized it was DJ Rage, and he was smoking a cigarette as he casually leaned against the brick wall.

“You were done your gig at least an hour ago, didn’t Yuri pay you already?”

“Yes, she did…. But I was hoping I would catch you before you left.”

“You and someone else it seems.” A small sized woman was standing next to him, smoking in a similar fashion. At first I didn’t recognize her, then I saw the red dress peeking out of her leather jacket. "Katrina?"

He briefly smiled to her, then looked to me, “She was having a bad night, thought I could cheer her up.”

I reached for the cigarette hanging out of his mouth and took it in my hand, “You mind?”

“Not at all.” He swallowed hard as he watched me place the cigarette in my mouth.

“I thought you would have run to Sera City by now.” I blew the smoke to the side and to get a better look her and realized her makeup with more drawn out, like she was crying.

“You lied. I thought you two were close business partners,” Her arm trembled as she took in another smoke from her cigarette, “You two are far from it.” She was scared but didn’t want to show it. She was just like me, stubborn as a mule.

I chuckled lightly, “There’s no such thing as business partners in this city, everyone is out for their own gain.”

“So you think putting me in the middle of your drama helped your cause?”

“James or not…. You caught my attention, but I suppose in a way your right.” I sighed and inhaled my cigarette, “I didn’t mean to drag you into it like that…Its just… complicated.”

She exhaled heavily, “Everything with James is complicated.”

Rage pulled a fresh carton from his pocket, but I put my hand out to stop him, “Here,” I placed the same cigarette from my mouth into his, but instead of pulling away, I kept my hand on the side of his face. He was warm like a furnace, and it reminded me of Xanos and Marcus so much to the point I didn’t want to pull away.

“Is that cherry I taste?” He lightly licked his lips as he analyzed the end of the cigarette filter.

I fidgeted the gloss from my coat pocket and pulled it out.

“I never forget my lip gloss.” I lightly grazed my bottom lip with my index finger, “Keeps me moist.”

Rage exhaled heavily as he watched me closely. I could tell he was holding himself back because of who I was to him.

“Is the brand Le Galat #4?” Katrina peeked over at the gold tube of gloss I fidgeted in my hand.

“How did you know? It’s my favourite brand.”

“James makes me wear it when we go out, as he would say, the smell is intoxicating,” She used her best Australian accent and lightly giggled, unaware of the significance of her comment.

I had a flashback of when James was in my room that night. I had that very flavour…that very brand sitting on my desk. It went missing the next day and I brushed it off thinking it was just lost, but now I knew. He took it and was making Katrina wear it like a fucking pervert.

Katrina was right. He was obsessed with me, but it was from the very beginning.

“Are you aware that you are dating a rapist?” I blurted out.

I couldn’t help myself with asking. Was Katrina as naïve as I thought? Did she realize the full extent of James and his perversions?

“I…” She paused and dropped her eyes to the ground.

I clenched my fists tightly together. Too many memories were flooding my head now and there was no turning back.

I made a quick move and rammed myself against her body, trapping her between me and the wall.

“What the hell is your problem?!” She shouted.

I held my arms up against the wall on each side of her body and leaned in close, “So did you like to watch? Or did you just turn a blind eye?”

She kept silent and her eyes dropped to the floor.

I cupped her chin up with my hand and pulled her face to mine, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE TOUCHED WITHOUT A GOD DAMN CHOICE?!”

I don’t know what came over me. The suspicion, the drugs, and all the emotions from today were all wrapped up in my mind, and it was causing me to pour myself out to her without a second thought.

My original thinking of Katrina was that she was a victim that was caught up in the wrong crowd, but how could I be so stupid to blindly assume that? She was going out on dates with Alpha James afterall! Sick brother or not, I wasn’t sure what to think anymore, and now I wasn’t sure who I could trust in the city after tonight.

Rage continued smoking his cigarette as he watched us closely in the background.

Tears started to push through her eyes as she coldy smiled, “You think James makes me put this gloss on just for him?” Suddenly, she pushed me forward to knock my arms out of place, but she had little impact on me.

I tried my best not to hurt her, and instead, put resistance to her push by pinning her harder against the wall.

When she finally stopped resisting, I loosened one of my arms and wiped the tears falling down her face. “I just needed to know...”

“Well,” she sighed and wiped a rogue tear falling from her cheek, “now you know.”

She continued looking at me with her tantalizingly blue eyes that kept pushing through fresh tears. I still had my guard up because of her connection to James, but something in the back mind was telling me that I could trust her.

“I like you Katrina, but I’ll tell you this once…” I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Don’t ever lie to me.”

Rage stepped in closer to shelter us from the heavier fall of rain now soaking through our clothes.

She quickly glanced at him, then back to me. “Why would I find myself in a back ally after hours? These are dangerous parts for a human Alpha Hunter.”

Hearing her call me Alpha sparked a hunger within me that I thought was never there. Her smell, her warm breath evaporating in the night air tasted so foreign it left me wanting more.

“I’ll give you a choice then… You can leave, go back to James, live your life in his shadow and fear…or….” I ran my hand down her thigh, feeling her wind chilled legs. She was still trembling from the cold, and the goosebumps quickly swarmed her skin to my touch.

“Kill him…” she moaned.

“Kill him?”


I smiled and looked over to Rage, “Are you asking me to kill another Alpha?” He was leaning in closer to us, smiling just as I was.

She gasped, “Yes.” Her legs were tightly closed, but as my hand travelled further up her thigh, the looser they became.

“What about your sick brother?”

“I took enough to hold us over.”

“Stealing too?” I raised my eyebrows and pulled her face in towards mine, “Don’t fly too close to the sun Katrina, I’ve been there, and its not nice.”

“I can’t leave if he is still alive. He will find me no matter where I go.”

“What makes you think I’ll help you?” She had no idea what my true plans were for James, but I was curious how she was going to answer the question.

“Your still human.”

I leaned into her lips and lightly spoke, “I was never human.”

“You’re the most human Alpha in the city.”

“No need for pleasantries, you already caught my attention.”

“You’re not just Alpha for your pack, your Alpha for humans.”

Rage chuckled lightly, “Alpha of the humans?”

“You don’t know what it’s like to be on the streets,” she replied.

“I was in your shoes not too long ago, but you know what I did?” I squeezed her leg tightly, causing her to moan louder then before.

“What did you do?...” She gasped.

I placed my lips softly on hers, “I fought back.”

I pulled her hair back and continued to kiss her, then as if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, Rage hovered over us, almost engulfing our entire bodies with his massive size. He resembled a building giving us shelter outside in the cold, watching closely as I locked lips with Katrina.

The warmth emanating from him was dramatically increasing as Katrina and I kissed, almost to the point where I was breaking a sweat.

I released myself from her, but kept close to her face, “I’ll keep you safe from him.”

“Thanks...” She moaned a little louder as Rage pushed his groin against my ass, compressing us all tightly together. His hand leveraged his body against the wall as his warm breath came down on us.

Katrina innocently locked eyes with me, “So what do we do now?”

I devilishly smiled and looked up to Rage who exchanged the same look,

“Well, the afterparty of course.”

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