The Domination Game

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"She's all yours boys"


“I know. I can practically smell you from here little dingo.” The alpha kneeled down to my level so we were at eye level. I wanted to turn away, but I decided to face him. I wouldn’t show fear.

“Tell you what Hunter, I’ll make you a deal. Give yourself to me and I won’t let my boys touch you.” He whispered.

What the hell kind of deal was this? I’m literally screwed either way, but Troy's life was on the line.

“Deal-” I muttered under my breath. “Now tell them to step away from him.”

I looked over to see Troy still laying down in the middle of the room. I heard him groaning so I was relieved to know that he was still alive.

“You heard her boys. Back away then!” The Alpha barked.

He stood back up, signaling to them away from Troy, and without hesitation both of them sat on the couch. Obeying their Alpha, just like a dog would answer to their owner. Pathetic.

I got to my knees and attempted to stand up, inch by inch my body moved and the pain intensified. I tried to contain my groans of agony, but it was too hard to not make a sound. My whole torso was on fire and it hurt just to breathe. My ribs were defiantly broken.

“Come.” I saw a hand poke in front of me, but I swatted it away. “Suit yourself little lady.” The Alpha stood over me with his arms crossed, enjoying the sight of me struggle. “I could carry you instead you hurt little Dingo.”

I growled in response and continued my climb to stand up.

“My room is there,” I pointed to the door down the hallway and started walking cautiously. I was going at a snails pace, but it was better then being carried by this goon.

“Have it you’re way missy.” The Alpha replied.

Suddenly, I felt my right foot starting to twist sideways. I began stumbling forward and lost complete balance, but before I crashed down to the floor I was caught by someone. I looked up to see who caught me, but it wasn’t the Alpha, it was one of his men.

I could see the outline of the hooded man’s face; stubbled chin, dark eyes and thick jet black hair that fell from the top of his forehead. Even know it was dark I could see a large scar on his left cheek bone, it was memorable and something I would never forget. I could hear his nostrils flail as he sniffed the air in front of me. I froze, unsure what to do.

“Don’t touch her mate, she’s MINE.” The Alpha growled loudly and barged over to us.

The man released his grip almost immediately causing me to fall hard onto the ground. The pain pulsed through my body like a tornado and I moaned loudly as I clutched my side.

“He caught me that’s all. I’m no one’s property.” I hissed.

“You have no idea of what a werewolf is, do you little Dingo?" Suddenly I felt the Alpha's massive arms scoop me up and we began heading down the hall.

"There's nothing to know about werewolves, he caught me from falling." I gritted through my teeth.

I could hear him laughing, was this all a joke to him?

"Oh little Dingo! You crack me up!" the Alpha roared. "You know what? We are all the same, we all smell the same too eh? --And YOU my dear little dingo--- smell delicious."

“I promise darlin’ I won’t bite-- hard.” The Alpha sat on my bed waiting for me to undress. He looked me up and down with a devious smile while I contemplated what to do.

I was ready to take my sweater off, but to be honest I was scared as hell. I looked down at my feet and there was a moment of hesitation, but I knew this is what I had to do. I had to save my brother.

“Well, do you need help little lost dingo?” He smiled, waiting patiently for me to make the first move. “I told you I’ll take it slow.”

I held my breathe and proceeded to take my sweater off, revealing my black bra underneath. I threw the clothes in the corner of the room hoping he wouldn't notice my work shirt I had on underneath. The last thing I needed was this asshole knowing where I worked.

I crossed my arms to cover my chest while the Alpha proceeded to unzip his hoody revealing his bare chest that was riddled with large tattoos. His pants came next, and as they fell to the floor I could see more tattoos covering his burly legs. For such an asshole he did have a chiseled figure, but I knew it was just his genetics. Did all werewolves have six-packs?

“Very nice little Dingo. Continue.” He leaned back on the bed propping himself up with his hands while he watched my every move.

My adrenaline was pumping so ferociously that I barely noticed the pain from my ribs. I exhaled and took off my sweatpants quickly, revealing my almost naked body. The only thing between me and being completely nude was my bra and underwear.

“Come.” He commanded.

I slowly approached him until I felt his warmth breathe against my skin. I looked up at him and met his gaze, his black eyes looked through me like glass.

I shuddered in anticipation, I felt like my heart was beating outside my chest. His hand was on my shoulder trailing down towards my bra straps.

“How did you go so long untouched? Hm?” He asked as he played with my bra straps.

“Too busy to worry about that.” I lied to keep him entertained. I had my urges, but it was defiantly none of his business.

“That’s funny.” He pulled hard and broke one of the straps followed by the other one. “I find that impossible.”

Suddenly his face lunged into my breasts, biting and nibbling at my nipples.

“Ow! You said you would be gentle, what the hell?!” I pulled his face off my chest and his eyes were black as night.

“Sorry love, my wolf likes to come out to enjoy himself too.” His large canines poked through his smile and I knew something was seriously wrong. What did I get myself into?

“What-?” I got cut off and was thrown hard onto my bed. I scrambled to the edge trying to give myself space, but he was too fast. Before I knew it his massive body was pinned on top of me.

He held my arms tightly above my head leaving me exposed. I held back tears but I could feel them starting to come through. My rib cage ached all over and the weight of his body made the pain unbearable.

“Please, not like this.” I pleaded, but I knew there was no persuading this beast.

He held both of my arms with one hand while the other hand covered my mouth.

“Shhhh, don’t worry little dingo, once it’s in you will enjoy it.” He licked my cheek as his hand lowered to my underwear, tearing the cotton garment with ease and tossing it to the side.

“Now now, don’t cry. Shhhh. I’ll be gentle at first. Don’t worry. I’m going to let go of your arms now, don’t move or I’ll make this unpleasant. You understand?” He whispered while he licked my skin.

I frantically nodded, I just wanted to get this over with.

“Good girl.” He released my arms and I kept them above my head, to scared to move them out of place.

“You’re body is beautiful little Dingo. Why do you hide it under you’re baggy clothes?” He kissed my neck as he squeezed my breasts aggressively, I moaned from the intensity.

I kept quiet as he continued feeling every inch of me with his hands, taking his time while he worked his way down closer and closer to my sex.

“Please just get this over with.” I whispered.

“Oh you want it now then huh Dingo?” I felt his movements stop and the anxiety in me spiked. Why did he stop?

“I’ll show you how a werewolf does it sweet heart.” He growled.

Suddenly I was being flipped over onto my knees with my back facing him. I remained motionless allowing him to contort my body. I didn’t want to upset him anymore in fear that he would be more violent.

“You know, I just love fucking humans. I love how the wounds don’t heal. It’s like a permanent signature.” Without warning I felt a sharp object cutting into my back like someone was dragging a knife through my skin. I screamed from the pain.

“What are you doing?!” I arched my back up, but his hand was anchored to my head while he continued dragging his claw against my skin.

“Please -- STOP!” I yelled, but he wasn’t slowing down. His claw dug deeper and deeper into my skin until it felt like he was piercing into my organs.

My screams got louder as more time passed and I could feel the sheets underneath me begin to swell with pools of water as tears flooded down my face.

“Almost done my love.” He whispered.

Did this really turn him on? Did he do this to everyone he slept with?

“There, there, all finished.” His warm tongue licked were he left his mark. “Mmm you’re skin tastes so good. I’ve never tasted a human like you before... It makes me more excited little Dingo. I WANT YOU SO BAD.”

I kept my eyes closed and gripped the sheets like I was hanging off a cliff. I could already feel his manhood rubbing against my sex, it was an strange sensation to have someone touch me there, but I already expected it to be.

“Fuck you are wet, you’re a horny little dingo.” He said.

I kept my face in the bed while my ass was perched up. His hands gripped onto me as he guided his shaft against my entrance, and little by little he went further inside.

“You ready Dingo?” He asked.

I kept silent and my eyes were shut tightly, waiting in anticipation.

"I'll take that as a YES." He moaned.

When he finally penetrated me I instantly felt a rush of adrenaline. I yelled out as he perched my ass up even more.

“Holy SHIT- AH - your so tight!”

His thrusted deep into me, keeping his pace steady. It hurt at first, but not as much as I thought it would.

His moans were getting louder as my body swayed more violently against the bed. I screamed in pain but I kept my eyes closed and tried visualizing my deepest desires.

“OH -- FUCK.” He yelled.

As his rampage continued the more I fantasized.

I was planning how to end him. Somehow, I was going to kill him.

I will make it painful to his very last breathe.

“Keep it this length, it suits you.” The Alpha's hand ran his hand through my hair as I laid facedown in my bed, not wanting to move.

“Just go, PLEASE.” I flipped over to my back and kept my arm covering my face to avoid eye contact.

“It’s a shame your not a werewolf little Dingo. We could have lots of fun.” He joked.

I couldn’t help to smirk, I would kill him right now if I was a were-wolf.

“Anyways. I’m off love. How about a kiss before I leave?” His comment was left unanswered as I kept my arm over my face. He continued laughing in response.

“Fuck you.” I groaned.

The Alpha continued chuckling, “Have it you way then beautiful.”

I sighed in relief as the door closed behind him, knowing that the nightmare was finally over.

I heard the Alpha speak to his men in the other room assuming they were about to leave, but my sense of relief was soon shut down as his next words brought me into a complete state of panic.

“She’s all yours boys!”

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