The Domination Game

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The Afterparty

**Warning: Contains sexual scenes woman x woman, if uncomfortable with this please move on to next chapter***


Katrina stepped through my front door and dropped her purse in the front foyer, walking around like a kid in a candy store. “Wow, your place is….”

“Fitting for an Alpha such as yourself.” Rage smirked and walked towards the living room, like this was nothing new for him.

My penthouse was modern and minimalist. I kept the Japanese flair just as Alpha Hiro would decorate. In ways I missed Japan and decorating like I was still there made it feel more like home. I had some ancient artifacts, Katanas, samurai armour scattered around walls and various corners of the penthouse.

That’s what I loved so much about Alpha Hiro, he wasn’t materialistic, and yes he had a large amount of money, but he spent majority of it on things other then himself. If he ever acquired an artifact or piece of art, he wouldn’t hold onto it too long, and instead, would end up donating it to a museum for the public to appreciate. He was considered an art collector, but pieces came and went out of his home on a monthly basis.

And just like Marcus’s penthouse, mine had floor to window ceilings all around. There was more glass then walls in my home, but privacy didn’t matter here. I was in the tallest penthouse in the city, and no one could view me from above.

I was always the one looking down at them.

Katrina walked through the living room, following Rage around the brown leather sofa. “Wow, what’s that?”

She was looking at a piece of art that I had recently put in days before I arrived in the city.

“Miku.” Rage whispered to himself as he stared at the large canvas hanging on the wall.

It was the very piece that Kendra was going to show case at the art installment for her birthday, she revealed it to me the night I stole from Sam. Thankfully Hiro was able to salvage what was left in her old apartment before we left for Japan.

“It’s the only piece I won’t release to the gallery.” I headed over to the mini bar in the corner of the living room. All the bottles were fresh and unopened. I reached immediately for the tequila sitting among the various whiskey bottles.

“This was her favourite.” I started pouring three drinks in crystal glasses, filling them halfway of the gold liquid. “No ice needed. Smooth as hell.”

“I’m sorry,” Katrina’s hand came on my shoulder.

I stopped pouring and breathed in heavily, “James killed her, and I stood by and did nothing.”

“I had no idea…”

“There’s no way you would have known. It’s fine.” I handed her the drink and headed towards Rage still watching the piece of art.

“Thanks.” He took the drink and swirled the liquid in his glass, analyzing the legs, and inhaling the sweet aromas of the tequila just before taking a small sip. “Its crazy to think I was playing gigs at the very bar she worked at…. Hiro always spoke so highly of her…”

“She never wanted the money, the fame, or the spotlight of her father. That’s what made her so special.” I took another swig, allowing the sweet flavour soak in my mouth.

I was having flashbacks of Kendra and I, not too long ago, sharing a bottle of tequila in her apartment, talking about my guy troubles and her future as an artist.

“I’m assuming you’re the one who bought the Gallery on 7th avenue then? I see they are having an installment with her art,” Rage asked.

“Yes, opens next week.”

“Alpha Hiro would be proud.”

“I’m not doing it for him…” I brought my focus back onto the liquid swimming in my glass. The guilt of Kendra consumed my mind daily. I wasn’t sure what else I could do to keep my sanity. The art gallery was nothing more then a band aid to soak in a rotten wound.

Having her art on display was the only thing she ever wanted, and now that I had the ability to give that to her, she was gone.

All because of me.

Rage lightly placed his hand on my shoulder, “They’re watching from above.”

My throat was tightening up, but I pushed back my emotions as best I could, “No matter what I do… It will never be enough.”

“You’re not like any Alpha I’ve ever met…” Katrina gave me an encouraging smile, but I immediately looked back down onto my drink and took a large swig.

“I’m not who you think I am.”

Rage took the glass from my hand, “Want another?”

“No, thanks.” Just as he was about to head to the bar, I latched onto his forearm. “Wait…” I hesitantly sighed, “Bring me the whiskey…”

“Of course Alpha.” He lightly bowed and headed towards the bar.

“What’s is like then?” Katrina stood a little closer to me as we both watched the abstract canvas.

“Like what? Being an Alpha?”

“Being nothing, then, being someone… Maybe something that you never thought you could be…”

My eyes trailed her for a moment, then to Miku’s signature at the bottom corner of the canvas.

“It’s great, but I lost a lot in the process…. No amount of money and power will ever replace family.”

Her eyes dropped to the floor. I’m sure she was thinking about her brother right now, and it was another feeling I knew all too well.

“Hey..” I jerked her hand lightly which prompted her eyes back to me, “Want to see the best view in the city?”

Her face immediately lit up, “If there isn’t already a good view here…Of course.”

The three of us headed into my bedroom.

Again, there was minimalist furniture and décor, but the panoramic views were the focal point. Floor to ceiling walls covered three quarters of the entire room, with a low raise bed in the center.

My bedroom was facing east west of Elysium, so the entire upper west side was in my view. It was strange getting a view of Marcus’s building a few blocks down, but he had no idea where I lived.

Rage carried the bottle of whiskey with three crystal glasses. We each took one and he began pouring, his eyes hovering both Katrina and I as we watched the cityscape from the window.

Katrina inhaled the dark bitter liquid in her glass, “What are we going to cheers to?”

“I don’t know, Rage, any ideas?”

“I don’t think we need to cheers to anything…” He brought his glass to ours and came in close, hovering directly over us like a wall.

“Not to power.” He took a large sip and we both followed suit, smiling in between the bitter tastes.

“Not to money.” He took another large sip and we followed again.

“Not to love.” We were nearly finished our drinks, and the more we sipped, the greater the anticipation. My heart was fluttering at full speed every time I locked eyes with either of them.

“I will only cheers for tonight, living in the moment, not caring about the past, and not worrying about tomorrow. Only the present.” He leaned in closer, “I’ll only cheers to us, and doing whatever the fuck we want tonight… no matter the consequences.”

“To consequences,” Katrina held up her glass to mine.

“To consequences,” I brought my glass up, ready to drink, but I felt Rage’s hand come onto mine, pushing it back down. We both locked eyes, then he brought his glass to my lips, lightly tipping it forward.

My lips softly caressed the crystal edge of the glass as he began pouring his drink in my mouth. The whiskey went down smooth, and just as I was finished, he lightly kissed me.

He then turned his attention to Katrina, placing his glass on her lips, and lightly pouring the rest of his drink in her mouth.

He whispered, “To consequences,” and softly kissed her.

I smiled as I watched them kiss, and eventually, I pulled Katrina’s arm, pinning myself between her and the glass window.

We were both breathing heavily, and not a moment later, my lips were on hers. She was warm to my touch, and her hands quickly came onto my lower back, pulling me in tighter to her body.

She had a timid exterior, but I knew deep down she was aggressive.

Our kiss was electric, just like when we were on the dance floor. I wasn’t sure if it was the drugs creating the hypnotic touch, but it was fucking euphoric. Each fingertip that touched my skin was like a ripple in still water.

Rage came behind me, leaning into my ass with his hard erection. He pulled my dress straps off carefully, not to be burned by the silver chains still dangling freely off my body.

I kept my lips on Katrina while my dress fell to the floor.

Katrina and Rage froze as they stared at my naked body. I wasn’t that shy girl anymore, and instead of covering up myself with my arms, they remained by my side.

“Beautiful,” Rage’s rough hand ran across my back. “Ooakami…Whitewolf…”

It was true, I didn’t reveal this to anyone but Derek up until this point. I had my hideous mark covered by a tattoo, but it was not only to hide the mark left by James. It had a spiritual meaning to it. It took me an entire year to realize the potential I had, and now, as Hiro would say, ‘I was the embodiment of the white wolf’. He picked out the design personally before he passed away, and I never had a doubt that I wanted it.

“Do you mind?” I looked down to my black G-String and smirked to Rage.

“Of course not…” He breathed in heavily as his fingers slowly slid in between the thin fabric, pulling it down softly to my thigh. Once my underwear got down mid leg, gravity took over and it fell in the same spot as my dress.

Rage’s hands hovered over my hips as his eyes continued to trail me up and down.

I looked over to my bed then back to him, and without a second thought, he picked me up and carried me over to it.

He softly placed me down on the white linen sheets where I repositioned myself at the head of the bed. I was in perfect view of Rage and Katrina by the window.

Rage stood over Katrina like a tower. She turned around, giving him access to the back of her dress. He reached for the zipper, and slowly pulled the metal clip down, prompting the light slinky fabric to fall to the ground.

My heart was beating fast as I caught view of her naked body. The lights were out, but the moon was reflecting enough to see everything. Her perfect C-Cup breasts, her slender hips, and athletic legs, and not too much surprise, she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Take your clothes off.” I looked to Rage, still fully dressed in a cotton t-shirt and dark wash denim jeans.

“Yes Alpha,” He replied in a low grizzly tone.

I bit my bottom lip and tilted my head, “Slowly…”

He nodded and looked back to Katrina who was just as intrigued as I was.

His hands crossed to his waist, latching onto his cotton shirt, then slowly, his black tattoos unveiled themselves.

I took a deep breath in as I witnessed his washboard abs devoured in tats. It wasn’t the typical tattoo art you would see in the city, it was Japanese, and the more decorated your body, the more you have done to prove yourself to your pack and your Alpha.

He had quite the intricate artwork on display, and I was in awe. His body was perfectly sculpted, broad thick shoulders, defined chiseled abs, lean but toned arms, and the best part about him was that he wasn’t cocky, hell, you would never tell he had that body hiding under his loose clothes.

He turned himself around, so we were in view of his back. He pulled the shirt over his head, revealing a large dragon with a snake in one of its claws.

My breathing picked up fast as I watched the moon reflect off his sun kissed skin.

He turned back around and stepped forward, but I quickly raised my hand prompting him to stop.

“Her first,” I looked over to Katrina who face was already flushed red.

Rage turned to her, she slightly trembled, but I think it was from the excitement.

I sat up straight, opening my legs for both of them to see, “Don’t be shy…” I smiled to Katrina whose eyes lit up to Rage.

As soon as they touched one another I shimmied a little closer down the bed.

I was envisioning Katrina as myself, and Rage, as both Marcus and Xanos depending on the position I tilted my head.

I was fantasizing in real life, and I was loving every minute of it.

Rage leaned in towards Katrina, pulling her hair behind her ear and reaching his hand on the back of her neck. She was hesitant at first, but when his lips finally went on hers, she matched his energy.

Watching them kiss, even though I wasn’t involved, was stirring up something in my subconscious, hidden away among the hate filled revenge. I never thought I would want to watch, and maybe deep down I wanted to because I was thinking about my Alpha brothers.

I slowly trailed my hand down my bare legs, squeezing my inner thighs in the palm of my hand.

Rage peeked over during their kiss, taking in the sight of me touching myself.

“So Rage, are we the only ones that will be naked tonight?” My hand trailed towards my crevice, teasing his eyes for more.

He nodded, but as he started unlatching his pants I put my hand up, “Why do it yourself when Katrina is right there?”

He looked down to her, staring at her hungry eyes. “Can the human handle it?”

Katrina smirked and anxiously got to her knees, like she was just challenged to difficult task. She began unlatching his belt buckle, then carefully unbuttoned the top of his pants.

My heart started to pound through my chest as I watched his pants fall to the floor. If I thought his tent was moderately sized, boy was I wrong. His large roaring cock was strung up in his grey boxer briefs making my assumption way off.

He was big, but the thickness was yet to be determined.

He continued to watch me hover my fingertips near my pussy, but I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted right away.

Katrina wedged her hand between his boxer briefs, and he immediately let out a deep groan.

“Fuck…” His hands ran through her blonde hair as she pulled down the cotton briefs to his ankles.

I let out a small gasp.

The sight of his thick cock sent waves of nerves to pulse between my legs. I was pouring out with juice and haven’t even touched myself yet. His thickness, and length, intimidating to say the least, but I saw it more as a challenge then something to be scared of.

“What do you think?” I looked to Katrina, and her eyes were beaming as she stared at his cock.

“Large,” She latched her hand on his member causing Rage to let out another loud moan. “Thick,” she put her tongue out and licked the side of his shaft, causing him to let out a much louder moan.

I was beginning to see the muscles and veins pulsing through his entire body.

Katrina turned her head slowly to me and smiled, “Just enough for us Alpha.”

When I turned my attention back to Rage, I wasn’t seeing his face, but instead, it was Xanos. It didn’t feel like a fantasy anymore.

It felt so damn real that I started to lean in closer for a better look.

I gasped and touched the outer lips of my pussy, “Xanos?”

I shook my head, and Xanos’s face soon disappeared. No matter what I was experiencing, hallucinations or not, it was turning my gears in a direction of no return.

I continued touching myself as I watched Rage run his hand slowly through Katrina’s hair, contorting her head like a doll near his cock. She kept her eyes on him the entire time.

I let out a loud moan, which immediately brought Rage’s attention back to me. He tensed up and stopped what he was doing, then took a step towards the bed.

“Where do you think your going?”

He let out a low growl, “YOU.”

I smiled playfully as I inserted my index finger in my entrance, taking my time to answer him back. “Don’t you think Katrina deserves a better taste?”

He paused as he watched me closer. His eyes were so dark at this point I could barely make out his pupils.

“Well?” I continued playing with myself as I waited for his answer.

“Yes Alpha.”

“Good boy,” I spread my legs wider on the bed to allow him a closer view.

I gave Katrina a small nod, signalling her to do what her heart desired. She braced his shaft firmly in her hand, and slowly brought her lips onto his cock.

His teeth gritted together as she paused for a moment to adjust to his size, “Don’t stop...”

She pushed her mouth hard onto his cock, almost making it halfway down his long shaft.

“Just like that,” He sighed heavily and ran his hand through her hair.

The way his body pulsed to Katrina’s mouth was a sight for sore eyes. She moved her head rhythmically on his cock as his body trembled in pure euphoria. It was ironic how a small human like Katrina could bring a powerful werewolf to tremble to his knees.

I sped up my fingers rotating on my drenched pussy and let out another moan.

Rage placed his hand on Katrina’s head, forcing her skull to the speed and depth he wanted, and at one point, his hand pushed her too hard, and she choked.

She pulled away for a moment to catch her breath. “Is that all you got?” She teased Rage by licking the remaining saliva off her lips.

He cupped his hand under her chin, “You have no idea...”

Just as Katrina was about to latch onto his cock again, he turned his attention to me,“Will you only watch? Your scent is driving me insane…”

I looked to Katrina and nodded my head, prompting her to climb onto the bed. “Soon enough…”

“I can only wait for so long, Alpha...” Rage stepped forward, stoking his member as he narrowed his eyes to us.

Katrina closely hovered in between my legs, then lightly placed her hands on my inner thighs. Her touch was soft, unlike a man’s, tingling my skin with new sensations.

I was having flashbacks, to when I was sixteen, when I had this particular fantasy that confused me, and of course, had no one to talk to about it.

It was a fantasy about a woman, and it wasn’t one in particular, just a no faced women and a sexual encounter. It was a pleasurable experience that I would always remember, because if I knew one thing, a man only knows so much about the female anatomy, but a woman on the other hand…. Is well versed on how to touch and manipulate a pussy.

I was moaning at the top of my lungs the moment her tongue found its way on my inner thigh. She didn’t go all the way in, and instead, teased me with her warmth, lightly dabbing my skin to different pressures, giving me a different sensation every time she made contact with my skin.

She knew exactly how to weave in and out of my outer regions, but aggressively working her way inwards until she dapped her tongue in my entrance. My legs were tensing up, my muscles were about to fucking explode.

I wanted to squeeze my legs, but I soon felt two large hands holding my thighs wide open.

Rage was hovering over us, holding my legs steady. His eyes were black, his breathing courser then before, and his arms pulsating with adrenaline.

“She’s right there for you…” I moaned loudly.

Rage knew exactly what I meant. He positioned himself behind Katrina while she was on all fours.

Katrina gasped as she felt Rage mounting himself behind her ass. He lathered his cock with his own spit, stroking it before he was ready to enter her.

Katrina knew it was coming but continued to stroke my pussy with her tongue.

“Consequences Katrina…” He grunted and thrusted himself into her with so much force that it almost threw her off balance.

“Fuck!” Her body tensed up and her eyes widened.

Rage slowed down his thrusts and ran his hand down her back, “You ok?”

She was breathing heavily, like she was in pain, but soon enough she gave a small nod and got back to her rhythm between my legs.

“Good...” Rage started slow, but he sped up after a few seconds, and his thrusts continued to build up to a hard aggressive tempo.

He kept eye contact with me the entire time he fucked her.

Katrina moaned loudly as his hands gripped tightly onto her ass, tilting her upwards to a better angle for penetration.

Her tongue was speeding up, and my nerves were tingling like I was near my climax.

“I’m almost there…” I sighed.

Katrina’s speed was steady, slightly changing directions at perfect moments, but once I told her I was close, her finger penetrated me.

I gripped the sheets tightly and tilted my head back as her tongue and finger patterned between the crevices of my pussy.

I trembled like I was suffering from hypothermia. My legs tensed up around her face, but she was still picking up speed, and this was all happening while she was getting fucked from behind.

I could tell from her moaning and scent she was close to her end too, and it was obvious Rage knew as well, because he was picking up his speed.

He went in deeper.


Stronger, to the point I could feel the pounding thrusts through Katrina’s body.

“I’M…THERE…” I moaned loudly and tightened my legs around Katrina face.

“I’m so …. I’m so….” She whelped for a moment when Rage thrusted hard into her, then, he went back to his fast pace.

My eyes closed, and my back arched up like I was releasing my soul into the space above us.

It felt so damn good, and all while this is happening, Katrina was screaming. My inner walls tightened, my vision briefly went blurred, but in a matter of seconds it was over, and as my body relaxed, I watched Katrina in front of me.

Her tits bounce back and forth, and her eyes tightly squeezed shut from the intense sensations of Rage’s large cock.

“I’M COMING!” She yelled and tightened her hands onto the bed sheets.

I pulled her hair back out of her face as she braced her orgasm.

Rage moaned loudly and latched onto her ass so tightly I was beginning to see red marks.

Her orgasm lasted a few seconds, then, just as fast as it came, her body relaxed. Her tense breathing, slowly coming down from her high.

Rage released her and she slowly crawled up beside me.

We laid beside each other, and as our eyes met, she playfully smiled to me. “I’ve never….”

“Come so fast?” I pulled a strand of hair from her face behind her ear.

“Yea…” She was still catching her breath like she was just running a marathon, but I knew good as anyone, this was far from over.

Rage hovered over me, still breathing heavily like he was ready for more. I looked up at him, his eyes were now pure black, his teeth, fully barred with his wolf canines. His body shimmered in the moon light from the sweat, reflecting his defined muscular aesthetic.

“If you think I was going hard on her... Think again,” His hands came down by my sides as he lowered himself onto me.

His mouth first came onto my breast, and his tongue lathered itself around my nipple. He then worked his way up to my neck, trailing his tongue and teeth around my mark. “So the rumors are true.”

I squeezed the bed sheets tightly and braced the sharp sensations of his canines rubbing against my skin, “Rumors?”

“So which brother is it?” He kissed the other side of my neck and worked his way towards my face.

I placed my hand behind the nape of his neck and locked eyes with him, “Why does it matter?”

“I want to know who will kill me after tonight.” Without giving me a chance to answer back, his lips collided with mine.

Rage’s hard shaft swam in my wetness, lathering himself up while he teasingly hovered my entrance. I tightened my legs around his waist, but he kept repeating the same motion to the point I was pulling him in closer for more.

Our tongues danced in our mouths, then, he pulled his face away, and it wasn’t because he didn’t want to continue our kiss, it was because Katrina was right there, her lips, hovering close to mine like she wanted a taste.

Just as Katrina pulled my face into hers, his cock pierced through my entrance.

He wasn’t too fast, but his thrusts were strong and unexpected. He was forceful and contorted my body to the way he wanted it to. It was obvious he was holding back with Katrina, because the way he was moving now was with aggression I haven’t seen from him up until this point.

He got to his knees while still inside me and pulled my legs to rest parallel on his chest.

If it could get any more intense, the positioning of my body made his thrusts hit my soft spot in a way I never thought possible.

It was got so intense I had to push Katrina away to concentrate.

I was close to coming again, but this wasn’t the position I wanted to finish in.

His hand squeezed my thighs so tight that it felt like I was restrained, and I was beginning to suspect this is what most werewolves liked.

Resistance, and of course, dominance.

“Come here,” I bit my bottom lip to entice him, then, as he unlatched my leg and came towards my face for a kiss, I made my move.

I wrapped my legs around him tightly and twisted his body hard onto the bed.

He was caught off guard and quickly lost balance. I adjusted myself on top of his waist and pushed myself back slowly onto his throbbing cock.

“That was unexpected...” His eyes widened as his hands grazed up my waist then to my breasts, like he was discovering something new for the first time. “I’ve never felt strength like yours before.”

“I’m not like anyone you’ve ever met.” I playfully smiled as I guided his hands over my chest, then to my neck, encouraging him to squeeze.

He kept his hand on my neck as I thrusted hard onto him, controlling the tempo and direction with my hips.

I moved my body in circles on his large cock, allowing him to penetrate me in every direction possible. His grunts got louder as I thrusted onto him more aggressively.

I looked over to Katrina who still watching intently at us from the side, then before she realized it, Rage snatched onto her legs.

“Let me taste.” He aggressively pulled her legs over his face while she faced me parallel.

Her eyes lit up as he devoured his face into her pussy.

We both locked eyes as Rage fucked us on each end, Katrina over his face, and me, riding his cock below.

I leaned forward and she mimicked the same movement. “Consequences?”

“Consequences,” she smiled back.

Feeling her course breath hit my face wanted me to ride Rage harder, and it made me want to taste her again.

I latched onto her mouth, swirling my tongue into hers like it was our last day on earth. She moaned in between our kisses, causing me to tighten up around Rage’s cock more.

I was close, and I could tell she was close, then I realized Rage’s body was tensing up.

I released Katrina from my mouth so I could lean all the way back to ride Rage’s cock at a different angle.

I closed my eyes, and instead of thinking about the current threesome I was apart of, I was thinking of them, Xanos and Marcus.

Of course I was...

I always thought of them, no matter what time of the day it was. They consumed my mind like a drug, and it was only getting worse. All I was imagining now was Xanos and Marcus, taking turns fucking me like Rage was.

When I was about near my climax, Katrina started to scream, her body twitching and pulsating to Rage’s mouth and tongue engorged in her pussy.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as she circled her hips onto his face. She trembled so much to the point where he had to grip his forearms around her thighs to keep her balanced.

And after a few seconds, her once tense body relaxed, and her screams turned into light panting. She climbed off Rage and crawled behind me.

I was still riding his cock when I felt her soft lips kissing the side of my neck. I reached behind me and lightly grazed her face.

“Let yourself go,” she whispered in my ear.

My eyes shut tightly again, and Rage pulled his body upright, so he was in a sitting position with me still on top of him.

I leaned back further, using my hand for leverage.

I gasped loudly as I felt his rough hand trail down my chest. His hard muscular legs moved to my tempo as I clung back a little further, creating a more intense sensation.

I was ready to climax.

Katrina’s soft hands came behind me, tightly squeezing my breasts as I continued to fuck Rage.

I went hard, and when it could get hard enough, I tried harder then before.

My inner walls tightened around his shaft, and I screamed.

Rage bit down on my breast just enough to spark my nerves into overdrive. It was as if I was floating in the air, then after a few seconds, I was slowly descending back into reality.

My once speeding heart was slowing down. My tense limbs were now fully relaxed as I collapsed on top of Rage.

I rolled over to the side and looked over to Katrina who was crawling her way in between us.

“That was new….” Her hand came onto my stomach, lightly caressing my sweat drenched skin.

I turned over with my back to Rage, “Katrina, about before… I hope you know what your doing…I’ll try my best to help you.” I grazed my fingertips across her arm, and we locked eyes.

While this was happening, Rage’s arm latched around me, spooning me against his body and lightly tracing circles with his hand and mouth on my back.

“Ooakami…” He whispered in between kisses.

“I’ll be fine; besides, I got more friends than you think.” She gave a small smile, and my heart immediately dropped. Was I anxious for her safety? A woman that dates Alpha James AND who I just met last night?

“You better know what you’re doing then.” I smiled and grazed the side of her cheek with my hand.

She leaned in a pecked me on the cheek, “I’ve always had to fight to live, this is no different.”

“It only takes one loss for it to be over.”

“I think I will be the last one you should be worried about. Once the parley is done, you’ll have more then James to worry about. You know, you were saying their names while you were….”

I cut her off, “What? No I wasn’t.”

She chuckled lightly, “She was, wasn’t she Rage?”

“Yes you did Alpha.”

Katrina smirked, “See? Sometimes you can hate someone so much, but your feelings will never change.”

“Well, maybe I should have made this parley a few days longer then.”

Rage moaned, like he was ready for more. I couldn’t believe the stamina of this man. “I’m going to dread leaving this bed,” he sighed heavily.

I smiled and turned my head over to him, “Who said you were leaving just yet?”

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