The Domination Game

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It was dusk, the sun was rising, but it was still dark out. Most of the buildings were still black, with a few lights turning from the early morning risers most likely getting ready to go to work.

I pulled a drag from my smoke and exhaled in the crisp morning air. The weather was freezing, but I kept my clothes off. No matter what the temperature was outside, I was always hot.

I always enjoyed the early mornings when the rest of the world was asleep. It gave me time to think to myself and enjoy the quiet solitude before the hectic day ahead. Last night was fun, different, exciting, but reality was setting in and the anxiety was slowly steeping in my mind.

My anxiousness was so bad I could hear the complaints of my inner Lycan, yelling at me for last night’s course of events.

“Can’t sleep?” Suddenly, Rage was standing beside me, cigarette in hand, unclothed as well, and his hair still tousled from last night.

“I haven’t slept a solid sleep in a long time…” I exhaled the smoke, watching it quickly evaporate over the balcony edge.

“How long have you been watching him?” He lit his cigarette and watched in the same direction as me.

“You mean both of them...” I flicked my cigarette over the balcony and leaned over, allowing the wind to blow through my hair. I saw the shadows move through his windows. A regular human wouldn’t be able to see, but I could make out the silhouettes and general features from here. My vision was comparable to looking through binoculars at certain distances.

“Powerful Alpha’s such as themselves, alone on a parley night.”

I turned to Rage, “What do you mean?”

“Well, if you must ask, parley nights are like an Alpha’s day off, an evening to let loose and enjoy the touch of another. They literally could have anyone, any woman in the city, yet they chose to be alone.”

I sighed and refocused on the Marcus’s balcony, “Ironic...”

“Is this why you chose this penthouse to live in?”

“No…” I lied.

“Hm.” Rage continued smoking as he watched the city below.

I caught view of Marcus’s lights on early this morning. Call me a creep for watching, but I was more curious than anything, because it wasn’t just Xanos with him, there was someone else, and I knew it wasn’t Christian, the third man was too big to be him.

It was tempting to just pick up the phone and call, but how would I look if I gave into my impulses? I had to be strong for my pack. I couldn’t let any leverage get over my head no matter the circumstances.

“Do you think they can see us?” Rage came behind me, his hand grazing the side of my shoulder, running softly down my arm.

“No, I only purchased this place a few weeks ago, its not even registered in my name. There’s no way they would know.” I kept my eyes on Marcus’s penthouse. I couldn’t see the entirety of the place, only the balcony and the living room edge. By now the third person had left already, and now only Xanos and Marcus were there, still talking, sipping on their drinks, taking the odd cigarette outside. They have been doing the same thing all night, I’m sure talking about what happened, but something deep in the pit of my stomach yearned to be there and I’ve been questioning it ever since coming outside.

I’ve been seeing visions on them, watching me, shaking their head in disappointment as I slept with someone else. It was driving me crazy.

My building was above everything else, but my balcony edge had a clear class railing, so I’m sure anyone up at the right angle with great vision would be able to see me, but at this point I didn’t care anymore. I was so confident they had no idea of where I lived that I strutted around naked on the daily.

Yuri assured me no one knew where I lived and even set up another fake address registered in my name across town.

“So if you don’t think they can see us…” Rage started to kiss my inner neck, pinning me hard against the glass railing. His leg wedged between mine, spreading them far apart. I was so exhausted I didn’t resist, I allowed him to move my body like a rag doll, as long as I could look at Marcus from here, I wasn’t moving away from the balcony.

“What the hell are you doing?” My Lycan chatted in my head, but I didn’t reply, instead, kept my eyes on Marcus now entering the balcony with a fresh cigarette. He was so far away, I could barely make out any detailed features, but I could see that he was looking over the balcony, lighting is cigarette and running his hand through his thick hair.

My heart began to race, but it wasn’t from Rage’s now erect shaft now grazing between my legs, it was from watching Marcus.

“The tea is running out, it’s only a matter of time…” She spoke again but I ignored her. My hands gripped tightly onto the railing as Rage rubbed his cock between my legs. His hands squeezed my breasts, causing me to hiss from the pain.

Marcus continued smoking, unaware what was happening above him. Last night I was more then happy to make them jealous, but now, I was second guessing it. What I was doing felt wrong, which made me want to do this even more because this shouldn’t feel wrong.

What they did to me was wrong and I had every right to do whatever I wanted.

I loosened my body for Rage, relaxing my legs against the glass railing. As soon as I did that, Rage aggressively pushed himself into me. I was winded for a moment, and still slightly sore from last night.

I moaned loudly as Rage thrusted deep inside me. My arms were shaking as I held myself up against his weight pushing against me. I looked down to the floor to rest my neck as he continued his hard aggressive thrusts.

He growled and squeezed my ass tightly in his hands.

I wanted to glance back to Marcus before he headed back inside. I tilted my head up to take a peek through the railing, but he was already gone.

“Fuck…” I hissed.

Rage kept going, his weight was getting too much for my exhausted muscles.

I relaxed my head down once again to recompose myself.

“You ok Alpha?” Rage grunted, but at least he could tell that I was struggling from my exhaustion.

“Yes…” I sighed and planted my hands tighter on the railing. “Keep going.”

Rage latched onto my hair, pulling my head back allowing my entire body to angle into an upwards position. My heart was beating faster the harder he pulled. His thrusts got more intense as he pulled onto my chest to the point where I was almost standing behind him.

Just as I was beginning to enjoy the moment a little more, with the thoughts of Marcus and Xanos quickly evaporating, I opened my eyes one last time and looked back to his penthouse, but I was met with an unexpected view.

It wasn’t just Marcus, it was both brothers, standing over the railing.

I initially thought they were both smoking, then, much to my surprise….

One of them pointed in our direction.

“Oh shit…”

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