The Domination Game

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“Breathe in….” I took a big breath, counting in my head as I listened to Yuri close by, “And out.”

I exhaled, expelling the oxygen from my lungs, with all my focus on my diaphragm.

“In…” She breathed in again and I followed. “And out…” The exhale was slow, steady, much calmer then before.

It took an entire day of meditation to calm my raging Lycan. I almost forgotten all the training I’ve done this past year in one night.

“In…” I kept my eyes closed as Yuri continued, “And out…”

My Lycan’s voice was simmering down, and my limbs were relaxed. I lightly flickered my eyes open, allowing them to adjust to the morning sun.

Yuri smiled as she watched me come back to reality, “Three hours it took us today Alpha. Are you sure you have no tea left?”

We were wearing our traditional black Kimonos as we sat crossed legged on my living room floor. My penthouse was filled with incents, giving off the appearance of smoke, but it was sandalwood, burning slowly on the coffee table beside us.

I sighed and looked down at my steady hands. Hours ago I couldn’t stop shaking. “There’s none left, the fields back in Japan, all infested. It will take a few months to get more…”

“If I can speak freely Alpha?”

I nodded my head calmly as I reach for the Jasmine tea sitting on top of the coffee table.

“Do you think Alpha Marcus and Xanos caused your loss of control? Or was it Derek? Near the end of the night… Well, there was a lot of emotions, from everyone.”

I looked down to the steaming brown liquid in my small teacup, “It wasn’t them.”

“Was it Troy? I have sent all the men and women I can to scour the city since you told me, there is no sign of him anywhere.”

“It’s not that…” I took a small sip and looked back to Hashimoto by the doorway, “Perfect steep as always,” I bowed my head lightly.

“Yes Alpha,” he bowed and stepped back into the kitchen.

“It was me. I am to blame for my actions. And it wasn’t my Lycan…” I looked down at my hands again, “It was all me…” I sighed, “I can’t turn into one of them Yuri…”

“You will never be one of them Alpha. Just remember what my father told you.”

“When you think you are safe, is exactly when you’re vulnerable. It was the first thing he taught me.”

“Our biggest battle, for all of us, is our internal war,” Yuri reached for her cup that was sitting next to mine. “Some conquer, and some, indulge on desires that stray us away from who we are.”

“I’m worried about going around them again. I may be fine now, but eventually, I’ll be by myself, with my own thoughts, my own desires, my own…Lycan. Without the tea, I’m only left to my meditation.”

“You have the most control then any other Alpha I’ve ever seen, and like everyone else in this world, you are bound to slip from time to time. That’s why you have me as your Beta.” She placed my hand on my forearm and smiled.

I couldn’t help to feel a sense of calm being around her. Ever since her brother and father died, we have been inseparable. She talked me out of my outbursts, she gave a lending hand while I struggled to tame my inner demons, and she had my back the night I killed her own brother.

I placed my opposite hand on hers and smiled back, “You’re not only my Beta, but a true friend, practically family.”

Her smiled grew, “Kazoku – family.”

“So…Do you think James knows?” I couldn’t help to ask, I was worried that James would retaliate against Katrina, but I hadn’t heard anything since that night. Katrina was gone the next morning quicker then I could say goodbye, and Rage left in quick pace after our time on the balcony.

“She’s fine, besides, I don’t think James has any idea what happened.”

I curiously glanced at her, “How would you know that?”

“Security footage showed him leaving with two of our girls. I sent them to keep a close eye on him.”

“Are they ok? I had no idea you sent our own to follow him.”

“I trained them personally Alpha. They can take care of themselves.”

I finished my tea and lightly placed the cup back onto the table, “You really do have all angles covered.”

“You got bigger fish to fry, it’s the least I can do until we acquire our biggest asset.”

“Oh right, Alpha Rodrigues club, Chan Chan’s. Did anyone ever figure out how he died?”

“I’m not sure, but apparently it was on the night of your party. He was one of the no-show Alphas.”

“Seems like someone is after his assets, but I suppose it works in our favour.”

Yuri smirked and took another sip of tea, “That’s the beauty of it Alpha.”

“Once we buy the Chan Chan’s we can increase production by 30 percent.”

“I better prepare for your next meeting with the mayor. Are you sure your ok to continue today? I can always go in for you to purchase the club at the auction. I believe Alpha Marcus and Xanos may be there….”

I hesitated for a brief moment, but came out with my answer in quick pace, “No, it will be good for me to go. Test myself around them. I’ll make sure to meditate.”

Yuri got to her feet and put her hand out, “You can do it, its all in your mind, just remember what you’re doing this for.”

I latched onto her hand and got to my feet, “I can do this, just as before.”


I had my enclave of security tailing me close by as I rode through the busy streets downtown. I got into riding back in Japan and haven’t looked back ever since. Troy always wanted to learn, and I always spoke against it, but if he could only see me now, riding on my black Ducati during rush hour traffic. I was swerving in and out with not a care in the world, hell, not even the blue and red lights would shine at me today.

I decided to dress casual for the auction. I wore my black leather motorcycle jacket over my outfit, all black to match. My pants were high waisted leather, and my top underneath was a cropped tank top , enough to reveal that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I had the body to pull it off, and besides, I had to confidence to walk into Chan Chan’s without worry about some asshole groping me. My make up was light, except for my lips, they were glossed nude, and my hair had beach waves, with a couple small braids that fell with the loose curls.

I needed time to decompressed before I saw them again, and biking to the auction was the perfect way to let out my anxiety.

What Marcus and Xanos said about Troy was driving me insane, and I was beginning to think they were playing games.

Did they really want me to come to their doorstep and ask?

My mind was far from Derek at the moment, too occupied about Troy and the Alpha brothers. I had Yuri looking into Derek’s past. It killed me I had to do it, but at this point in the game, I felt like the only one I could trust was Yuri. Derek never admitted faults, but his entire response to the accusations were tell tale signs that he was lying, and if this was how I had to find out, so be it.

Yuri had left several messages on Christian’s phone, but her calls had been left unanswered. The Alpha brothers were playing hard to get, if this was a game they wanted to play, I suppose I was going to have to play it. Another reason I had to go in person today because I knew they would be there.

Alpha Rodrigues was assassinated the night of the parley, and no one had the slightest clue of who it was. If this didn’t add to the mounting pressure to the Alphas, I wasn’t sure what would. Everyone was on their toes, and on edge of with one another. Alpha Rodrigues owned and held assets that would push any Alpha to the top, and now that it was up for grabs, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I had the mayor in my back pocket, but if an Alpha acquires majority of his assets, it will tip over any competitors.

It was late afternoon, and the sun was still brightly blazing over the city as I rode through the streets.

I quickly glanced at my surroundings as I made my way downtown. People littered the sidewalk, enjoying hot lunches at various food vendors. Kids roamed freely, playing games like tag and jump rope, and couples locked arms as they enjoyed a brisk walk on the bright autumn day.

This was the side of the city that wasn’t like the rest. People lived happily in these parts, they had families, went to school, spent holidays together, made a living… And for what? For it to be all torn away by greed, violence, and corruption. That was the dark side of Elysium that was beginning to pour over onto this side, and it would have to be up to me to do something about it.

I used to think Elysium was a city of opportunity, excitement, growth, all the things I hoped for in life, and for a lot of people, it still was, but things were changing, Alphas were getting stronger, and the poor were worse off.

Sometimes I felt like I was losing sight of it, but the other night I realized how absorbed I was for hate filled spite, and I did things I never thought I would do, but now I had to keep focus and do the right thing.

I refused to forget where I came from, and I had to defend the ones that couldn’t do it for themselves.

After a few more blocks of riding, I caught a glimpse of the large black sign the read, Chan Chan’s.

There was gridlock traffic, but I continued to swerve in and out the jammed vehicles. Yuri said she would meet me there with a more appropriate shoe instead of these motorcycle boots, and I couldn’t agree more. A sleek high heel was more appropriate for a Spanish restaurant.

The property, the size, and the traffic coming in and out was connected to vital transport routes that all the Alphas used. Bottom line, it would be a game changer if I acquired it.

I was a block away and I could already see Marcus’s car parked in front of the restaurant, his Black 1969 Ford Mustang. His favourite ride on occasions, especially when he is trying to impress.

I parked my bike on the sidewalk near the front entrance. Yuri was waiting by the large wooden doors with several of my men. She was holding my black Prada bag and a pair of red heels. I pulled the elastic out of my hair and waved it down my back as I dismounted the bike.

I kept my view on Yuri, because from the corner of my eye I saw Marcus, pretending that he didn’t take notice of my arrival. He was wearing aviators as he smoked a cigarette, and it was obviously apparent he was checking me out. He was casual today, black cotton t-shirt and leather jacket. Plain and simple, but he could wear a brown paper bag and still look good.

I quickly tipped my head the other way, peaking one eye out from my sunglasses to show that I could see him. “Alpha Marcus.”

He threw his cigarette to the ground and firmly stepped on it with his tanned leather shoes, “Wasn’t expecting you to come personally for an errand like this.”

“I could say the same thing about you.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I was hoping to run into you today.”

I smirked and looked up to the giant sign overhead of the sidewalk, “I wanted to get a firsthand look at what I’m buying.”

He anchored his eyebrows to me, “You know this is an auction right?”

“An auction that I will win.”

He lightly chuckled and looked up at the sign, “You sure about that? This is your first auction in Elysium.”

“Auction or not, I get what I want.”

He tilted his glasses downwards and trailed me with his bare eyes, “I can agree to that.”

I glanced back at his car, “Where is your brother, I thought you both would come together.”

He ran his hand through his hair and looked in the same direction, “You disappointed that he’s not here? Am I not enough?” He sarcastically replied.

“No…” I unknowingly bit my lip, “This is just business, nothing more.”

“You drive me crazy when you do that.”

“It’s the pull, nothing more, and today is just business, like always...” I straightened out myself and looked towards the door as I mentally prepared myself.

Breathe Hunter, you can do this.

He leaned in towards my ear and softy spoke, “Call it whatever you want, this will always be more then business.”

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