The Domination Game

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A Surprising Request


13:45 Friday

I was nervous, but I had to do this. Derek was already at my place waiting for me, and of course I was running late due to gridlock traffic.

Yuri informed me Derek had caught on that we were digging into his past, but he didn’t say a word to me. I discovered his offshore accounts, but couldn’t trace where the money was coming from. I found out he had no family, no dead wife or child, just himself and his lengthy military service record with missing chunks of data. I was hoping this was a mistake, but I couldn’t ignore the facts that were right in front of me.

I couldn’t just confront him with guns blazing, I had to strategize how I was going to approach him. I still cared about him more then I should, but I at least owed him a one-on-one meeting to sort things out.

Hashimoto drove me while I sat in the back of my car to work on some last-minute emails. I went shopping for the art exhibit tonight, and surprisingly found a cute outfit in the first shop I strolled into. I ended up buying a dark red dress. It had cap sleeves, a slight plunge in the neckline, and fell just below my knees. It was modest, but showed just enough skin.

I reached in my purse and pulled out the piece of paper that Marcus gave to me. As I leaned back in my seat, my eyes hovered the blank spot for my signature. I was unable to sign the ownership up until this point. Call me crazy, but there was something about this situation that I didn’t like. I wanted the property, but at what cost? For Marcus to prove that he beat me and could buy my time like some needy girl?

I could still smell him on the paper. It was as if his scent was a drug, always sending tingles down my spine each breath I took in, but why was I feeling like this when I had tea now? He sent a month’s worth of tea to my table before we left Chan Chan’s, and I wasn’t going to refuse the only thing keeping me sane now. I was so focused on producing Volt that I let the fields back in Japan get infested, not giving much care to their true value. I was wrong and now I had an entire team flying back to assist with boosting production of the plant.

I added his number into my phone. I almost typed in my old nick name for him, but quickly erased Wolfie, and replaced it with Marcus.

I typed in a message.


Anxiety soared through me as I hovered my finger over the Send button.

Was I giving into their games? But what choice did I have? Troy was the only thing I wanted back, and now that it was a possibility, there was no other option.

I increased the pressure of my thumb, then...


My heart was racing as I got the checkmark to signify the text was sent successfully. I kept my eyes on the new conversation thread with Marcus. Then, just as fast as I blinked, there were two checkmarks.

He read the message.

Then there were three dots to show he was typing a message.

My heart raced as I wasn’t anticipating such a quick response. I pushed down on the power button before I could see anything else as I wanted to keep my mind clear before I met Derek at the penthouse.

Once my phone turned off, I tossed it onto the empty seat next to me. I tilted my head back on the headrest and let out a deep sigh. As I began resting my eyes, my body soon followed, then my mind slowly began to fade away into a dreamlike state.

Flashback to six months ago….

We sat on the dock to watch the sunset every evening since Derek showed up.

The entire pack welcomed him with open arms when he arrived at the village, and thankfully, Alpha Hiro allowed him to stay for as long as he wanted. When I asked him how he found me, he explained that he witnessed Hiro’s men pulling me away from reminiscence of the wrecked stadium. I had no other reason to question him but was surprised he was the only one who spotted me getting pulled away.

“You know who you look like right now when you make that face?” Derek smiled as he finished the sake cup next to me.

We both sat crossed legged at the edge of the dock. By this time of the day, most of the village were already heading back to their homes, leaving Derek and I alone to enjoy the sunset by the lake.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Your brother.”

I playfully swatted my hand on his shoulder and took another gulp of the cold sake. It was hot outside today and it was the only thing I would look forward to after a long day of training and working the fields.

“I miss him…” I looked over the lake, watching the white swans slowly wade to the shoreline.

Derek’s face dropped, and he looked down to the dark water, “I do too.”

“We always talked about running away from the city.”

“All he talked about was you, and how he wanted to make you proud.” His hand came close to mine.

I looked down to our hands, inching closer together, “Let me ask you something then…”

“Oh – of course, you can ask me anything.”

“Why did you really come? There is nothing for you here. Your entire life, and your businesses are in Elysium, you can’t just leave it all behind.”

“None of that matters to me…” He pulled a strand of hair over my shoulder and smiled. “Because all I want is you.”

My heart was pounding as we locked eyes for a moment, then suddenly, his hand went onto mine,

His hand squeezed mine sending a swirl of butterflies to course through my body.“There may not be werewolf sparks, but just know, that I would never hurt you.”

Later that night…

After what happened on the dock, my mind was swirling out of control. I was so desperate to be touched, but it felt wrong. There was too much danger in my life for him to get involved with me, but I was letting it happen, and when he kissed me, I kissed him back. We progressed into an aggressive lock, and he carried me all the way back to my place.

By the time we reached the doorway, my legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, and my arm was latched around his neck.

He was aggressive, and his tongue forcefully went into my mouth, which oddly reminded me of Xanos.

I could feel and hear his heartbeat pounding outside his chest as his hands gripped tightly under my ass, and the more he dug his mouth into mine, the harder I moved my hips on his waist.

“Fuck,” he gasped in between our kiss. “Do you know how much I’ve wanted this since the moment we met?”

I pulled away for a moment, “Are you sure we should do this?” I knew I physically wanted him now, but deep down I was scared of getting too close. This was a complicated situation to begin with, and our feelings towards each other were going to get more intense going forward. I told him from the very beginning of coming here that we were just friends, but of course, we were giving into our physical impulses.

I was on my own now, and I was drinking the tea to subside the effects of the mating pull, so why did this feel so good and wrong at the same time?

“I would die for you.” He lunged in for another kiss, but this one was more passionate then the last. He pushed me through the doorway, and thankfully there wasn’t much furniture. Only a bed on the floor.

I was living in the original hut I first woke up in when I arrived here. I chose to live by myself, even after being invited into the main house by Alpha Hiro. I preferred privacy over luxury, no matter the cost, and besides, it was cozy.

He held me tightly against his body until we approached the bed on the floor.

He threw me on top of the thin cushion then undid the buttons of his shirt. I watched him closely as he undressed. His body had a thick build, with broad shoulders, defined pectorals, and a lightly defined six pack.

As he threw his shirt to the side, he caught me staring at him.

“Like what you see?” He playfully smiled and started removing the belt buckle of his pants.

Just as his eyes went down to his belt, I made my move. I was gone within a split second, like the wind carried me away and out of sight.

He bolted his head up, “Hunter?” He took a step forward and looked around curiously, “Where are –?” Before he could finish his sentence, I already had my hand gripped onto his belt.

He turned quickly back to me, “How did you do that?”

“Little trick Yuri taught me.” I smirked and forcefully pulled the entire belt off like a crack of a whip.

He latched tightly onto my arm before I could move again, “I gotta keep you on a leash.”

“You can try if you like.” I whipped my arm out of his grasp and dropped the belt to the floor.

“Do you seriously want to do it this way then?” He started pulling onto my kimono, loosening the wrap that held it in place.

I kept still as I watched him undress me.

As the Kimono fell to the floor, Derek’s eyes lit up as he looked at my new body. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” His hand lightly trailed my collar bone, lightly going inwards towards my breast.

I started to guide his hand further down my body, exploring places he has never touched before.

His eyes darkened, and his breathing became more rapid the further his hand travelled. I haven’t been touched since my night with Xanos, and just feeling his skin against mine set my core on fire. I didn’t want him to stop for a moment.

I placed my hand on his chest and started tracing along the outer ridges of his shoulders, then slowly worked my way down his abs. He moaned to my touch, and his body tensed up as I travelled downwards towards his hipbone.

I didn’t look down at his erection until now. It was bigger than what I was expecting. I’ve caught view of his bulge between his legs from time to time when he was wearing thin cotton pants, and I had my suspicions of his size, but to see it fully erect caught me for surprise.

I inched my hand slowly towards it.

He latched onto my wrist before I got any closer, “Be careful.”

I playfully smiled and looked up to him, “And whys that?”

Suddenly, he reached out and picked me up by the bottom of my ass, ramming me hard into the pillar nearby. He had me pinned me tightly against his body as he whispered, “There’s no turning back now.”

I lightly moaned as I felt his warm breath against my ear. I was stronger now then ever before, but he still had much more size on me. His body was starting to compress my lungs making it a harder to breathe, and oddly enough, it made the experience that much more exciting.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and locked eyes with him. After several seconds, he lunged forward and aggressively kissed me.

His tongue once against swirled around in my mouth, and at the same time I was moving my hips on his waist, lathering my drenched core against his hard shaft.

Our kiss, it was amazing, but at the same time, I kept thinking of Xanos and Marcus. There was something that was missing with Derek that I couldn’t put my finger on.

“What’s wrong?” He spoke in between our kiss as he sensed me slowing down.

I went to kiss him again, "Keep going, I’m fine.”

He pulled back slightly, “Wait… If we are going to do this then…”

“I said its fine, I’m just tired from today.” I shrugged off my inner thoughts, hoping he wouldn’t catch onto it again, but I could tell something else was on his mind. This entire day he was on and off, thinking to himself quietly while we worked together and did chores around the village. It was unusual for him to act like this, but I just assumed he was tired just as I was.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“While we are −?” I looked down at our bodies still hot in the moment, pinned against the pillar.

Then he blurted out something I wouldn’t expect to hear in a million years,

“Let’s run away.”

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