The Domination Game

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Crossing A Line


13:45 Friday

I kept my eyes on the ceiling as I waited for her arrival.

She invited me to her penthouse, and now, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. The old me would refuse to do a one-on-one meeting without backup, but my mind was spiraling out of control since I witnessed her dancing with Marcus and Xanos. The cherry on top of that night was the intel I received from one of my men, who had sights on her penthouse from the building next to hers. He witnessed firsthand who she had in her penthouse that night. Rage and James’s woman. When I received the news, I fucking lost it. I thought I was ok with our arrangement, but I was beginning to have second thoughts about everything.

I knew what I had to do, which was to cut her off, but my heart wasn’t in my work anymore.

From the moment she sent me the invitation to her place I wondered about how this conversation was going to play out, and also curious as to what she had discovered about my past. I knew she had Yuri looking into me since the night of the club and that foolish outburst, but I’m sure if she found anything I would have heard something by now. My client scrubbed my files, my previous identity clean from existence. My name was real, but my past was not. I was a ghost in the government’s eyes.

Yuri left me alone in the living room to wait, but I could feel her eyes following me.

Tonight was the art exhibit Hunter was putting on for Katrina, and she was out shopping, most likely for a new outfit. She had an entire pack to do that for her, yet she still ran her own errands. That’s why she was so different to all the others. She never forgot where she came from.

As I watched the living room ceiling, I couldn’t help to feel my eyelids slowly fall like rocks. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep and at this point I could pass out anywhere.

I slowly drifted away in a light slumber on her living room couch, thinking about everything that has happened; the client, and the guilt, eating away at me like crows to a corpse.


Flashback to Six Months ago….

“I found her,” I placed her photo on his desk. “She’s in Japan.”

Tonight was the first-time meeting the client face to face, a request made by him since she disappeared, and the moment he realized what she was.

After the slip up at the tournament, he’s been like a knife to my throat, slowly pressing down until I had no other options. I was too deep into this contract to let it go, and it was obviously apparent he was going to do whatever it takes to get what he wanted.

His eyes lit up as he reached for the photo, “What about her brother?”

“I’ll get him back, there’s no where he can run, I got men looking all over the city for him.”

The lights were dimmed in his large mahogany office, so I could barely see his face. He owned this entire building that was located in the downtown core. I had no idea who he was but based on his entourage of security and the high-tech office he worked out of; he was an important man.

He took a deep breath in as his finger traced the photograph.

Something inside me irked as I watched him touch the photo of her, but I was a hypocrite because I was helping the very monster that wanted her for reasons unknown to me. I let my emotions get out of hand since the night I met her, and lost several members of my team, but I’ll be damned if I lost another. They relied on me more than they wanted to admit. I brought food to the tables for their families, I protected them like they were my own, and if that meant sacrificing my emotions for the greater good, then so be it. This client was too powerful to back away from now, and he had the potential to affect my future business with others looking to hire us. People talk in my line of work, and if word got out that I got close to my target, I would be finished.

He placed the photo in his suit pocket,“You better find him before they do.”


“Those fucking brothers. I want them dead.”

“What about James?”

“He’s a god damn liar. He knew all along and defiled her…I’ll take care of him myself, just make sure you succeed this time, I don’t want anymore fuck ups.”

“Killing Alpha’s is not as easy as you think.” I clenched my jaw tightly together but refrained from saying more. He was right about our failed mission but hearing him speak to me the way he was boiled my blood.

He smiled coldly, “Do you know how I became an Alpha?

“I don’t know.”

“You must kill an Alpha, to become one.”

I curiously looked to him and crossed my arms, “So who did you kill?”

He looked at his hand sitting on the table and tightened it into a fist, “What I’ve done, and who I’ve killed doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all in the past, but I understand what you are up against.”

“So you only need the brothers to be killed so you can take their place. She has nothing to do with this, she’s long gone from here, too far to interfere with this mission.” I was jumping to conclusions, but I was fishing for more information.

He slammed his hand hard onto the desk and exhaled heavily, “She is why I became an Alpha in this shit hole city in the first place. And that’s why you, and the rest of them lack the understanding of purpose.”

“I fought in the war. I know what it takes to get a job done,” I gritted between my teeth.

“Don’t give me that shit Derek, this city is a fucking warzone, and you know it. We are all fighting in a war everyday, but to live with purpose is something that humans will never understand.”

His comments were beginning to get under my skin, and I impulsively replied without another thought. “Then why do you need me so bad? Seems like your fully capable of doing this yourself.”

“I’m surprised your questioning your employer so much.” His hand shifted into a large black claw; unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He gripped lightly onto the crystal glass sitting on his desk, causing it to shatter in an instant.

I wanted to ask what his intentions were with Hunter, hoping to find a loophole in his plan, but it was never my job to question my employer, only get paid to do the contract.

My throat tightened up as I thought about this beast, getting his hands on her. “If I’m going to go to Japan, I need to know what she is. Is it true…Is she really a Lycan?”

He took hold of a bottle of vodka next to the broken glass and took a large swig. “Yes,” he slammed the bottle onto his desk and came under the light, enough for me to see his face.

My heart started to race as I got a better view of the client.

He had a rugged masculine structure, a light stubble, thick dark eyebrows, and a large scar running through his right eye. His scarred pupil was white, while the left was chestnut brown. His hair was short at the sides, and long at the top. It was pulled back neatly, and I could see that he had a considerable amount of grey hair, but he didn’t look old to me. He had signs of age, but I was beginning to think he didn’t age like an average being, or wolf for that matter.

His voice went low, and his eyes hovered his hand grasping onto the half-finished vodka bottle. “You think I don’t know, but I know…”

“Know what?” I asked innocently, but I knew exactly what he was referring to. It was her. It has always been her, and now that he knew what she was, he’s been more futile towards me then ever before.

His voice deepened as he leaned forward over his desk. “I’m only employing you, because you are the best of the best Derek, but I’ll only tell you this once…”

I swallowed hard and kept myself steady, bracing for his answer.

“Don’t cross a threshold you don’t belong in, and I wont cross you. Is that clear?” It pained me to hear him say it, and it was the ugly truth I’ve been trying to avoid this entire time.

I adjusted myself in the office chair as I prepared to respond. It was hard to gather the words to describe how I felt towards him, but my instinct told me to tread carefully around this man.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me.” I lied, but I wasn’t going to admit it, hell, I was lying to myself saying the very words.

“Even now, when I say her name, HUNTER, your heart speeds up two-fold, your body temperature, hotter by a degree, and your hands…” He looked down to my trembling hands that were balled into fists. I hadn’t realized I was doing it until he pointed it out. I released my grip and started breathing heavily.

I was lost for words.

He stood from his chair and leaned over his desk. He was the largest man I’ve ever met, larger than any Alpha in the city, and he wasn’t even standing up straight. He was not only tall, but extremely built in everyway imaginable.

“Don’t touch her, or I’ll break you. I’ll fucking break you to the point of no return.”

My heart was racing, and my adrenaline was coursing through my body, but I kept telling myself to keep calm. Werewolves never scared me. I’ve faced head-to-head with the worst Alphas in Elysium, and fought in the war, but there was something about the client that sent goosebumps across my skin.

I felt like I had no other option but to submit.

I cleared my throat, “Consider it done.”

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