The Domination Game

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Coach Andrew

“What do you mean we can’t do anything?! You have been waiting for an opportunity to get back at Alpha James for years now! We have a reason to do it now!” I was pleading with Alpha Marcus, and he wasn’t having any of it, his eyes were still studying his phone while we spoke in the ally way behind the gym.

“She’s human Andrew. If she was one of us... then of course I would do something about it. We have no reason to be creating chaos and war when we have the fight around the corner. Do you know who is going to be there?” His eyes were now focused on me.

I remained silent because I was unaware of who was all attending the fight. These events always accumulated a big crowd of high rollers, but I was never focused on who was going to be there, only to win.

“Alpha Xanos is coming to our 'glorious' city, and I don’t want my pack at war with Alpha James when he is visiting, you hear me? If you do anything in retaliation, I’ll fucking kill you and whoever helps you!” His eyes went black as he grasped my shoulders with his extended claws, tightly piercing the skin under my thick coat.

With one strong push my body was rammed into the brick wall causing pieces of stone to rumble beneath my feet. His breathing turned course and shallow, while his muscles shook with rage. His canines were extended as he inched closer to my face.

I haven't seen this pissed in a long time, and now it was being directed at me. I didn't care though, I only wanted to avenge Hunter.

“The police won’t do anything, you know that! They won’t touch werewolves. She is innocent and he took that away from her!” I yelled out.

I wanted him to help me, but I knew I had to tread lightly. He was my Alpha and I had to obey him or suffer the consequences.

“Do you know what I've sacrificed to get here Andrew? Do you know how many wolves and Alpha’s I’ve killed to achieve what I have? This city's a meat grinder. People go in one way, and spits them back out. I’m not going to let one human girl risk the lives of my men so you can sleep better at night. I know you have a past Andrew, we all have skeletons in the closest. I wear mine like a fucking suit while you wallow in your anguish. Sometimes you just have to LIVE WITH IT.” He roared.

I hissed from the pain as his claws dug deeper into my skin, but I was persistent to get my point across.

“You can live with it, but I can’t...She may just be a human... But I care about her, like a daughter...” I groaned.

Suddenly, the tension in my shoulders disappeared. Marcus backed away, his eyes already back to their normal brown colour. Did I finally get through to him?

“Andrew, you are a great coach, and you’re practically family to me…but this girl... You gotta let her go. She doesn’t belong in our world. I’m sorry. It’s not worth the risk.” Alpha Marcus sounded sincere, but his refusal to help Hunter made my heart drop. I felt like I was trapped in a corner, I couldn’t kill Alpha James on my own and he was the only one with the power to do anything.

“I know.” I looked down at my feet, my voice filled with disappointment. “You gotta look at the pack interest, I understand.”

Alpha Marcus looked at me for a moment, unable to gather his words perhaps. He knew I was disappointed, after all I was just following his commands.

“Tell you what, we will revisit this issue after the fight. Until then... Focus on your werewolf fighters.”

“Yes Alpha.” I nodded even know I didn’t agree with him, but I had no choice.

“Until next time Coach.” He nodded back as he headed towards his SUV.

I stood still as a statue, waiting for his vehicle to pull away, hoping maybe he would change his mind and turn back around. The further down the street he got the more my heart sank. Just as the black vehicle turned the corner I was finally alone, alone with my thoughts, my regrets and frustration. My hands balled into fists as I tried to grip my emotions.

This was how Hunter probably felt, but then again, I was probably wrong. I could never understand her pain or what she went through.

Her only family left her today, after her sacrifice no doubt. How could her brother abandon her like that?

My eyes felt cloudy and the grip on my hands were loosening as water droplets fell down my face.

For the first time in my life I cared about someone, and there was nothing I could do to protect them.

Two weeks later

“Come on! One-two-kick, one-two-kick, just like we practiced!” I yelled at the two sparring wolves taking punches at each other in the ring. They looked tired, and sweat pellets ran down there faces as they struggled to keep up with one another.

I wasn’t sure if any of my fighters were ready for this fight. The only one who was anything near ready was still bed ridden since the last I checked in with Dr. Rosali.

I was glad I could get her boss to give her time off, thankfully I had strong connections to the Rogue. This was was the only thing that I could to for her, nothing more. Her job was the only thing she had and I would try my best to make sure she kept it.

With all the suffering she has endured, Alpha James was walking around freely, with not a worry in the world. I still haven't forgiven Marcus for abandoning her, and it was eating me inside. We haven't spoken since our last conversation a couple weeks ago, when he refused to help me seek revenge.

“Coach are we almost done yet? Alpha Marcus wants me to work double duty at the warehouse.” Alex, our youngest fighter said.

He was on the smaller side, but he was as quick as a whip. Alpha Marcus saw potential in him, but he didn't have the time to commit to fighting, he was too distracted. He lunged over, trying to catch his breathe, and I shook my head in disappointment.

“I could tell you’ve been working more for the Alpha then training son.” I furrowed my eyebrows in his direction. He knew I was right, but what is he suppose to do? Say no to the Alpha?

“Alright I suppose that will do for today Alex, but I expect BOTH of you guys to be here 8am sharp tomorrow, do you understand?” I pointed to Adrian standing next to him, still panting and out of breathe.

Adrian was much larger then Alex, but had the attention span of a five year old.

"Yes Coach." Adrian huffed.

"Go then, you don't want to be late." I shook my hand to signal them to leave.

Both of them nodded and hurried out of the ring. I could hear them whispering about their plans for later today, deep down I knew they would be late or just not show up. These are the types of fighters I had, uncommitted or just pure lazy.

Just as I heard the door close I sighed.

“Is there anyone who’s ready?” I said to myself as I leaned over the ropes of the ring. I held my arms in my face, unable to look at the empty gym.

“Coach Andrew I’m ready.”

A familiar voice entered the ring, but it was impossible. Was I hallucinating?

"Who-" My head poked up looking to see who was in front of me.

"I'm ready." She said again.

The lady in front of me wasn't recognizable, her look had completely changed.

My eyes were widened in shock as she stood in front of me with her boxing gear on, tapping her foot like she needed to be somewhere.


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