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BOOK NINE of the Forever Knight Series Storms are coming. Ofttimes the best intentions do not foster the best ideas. Immortal as we are, we're complicated creatures and mistakes are what keep us close to our former humanity. And we make plenty of those... A valkyrie, Sebastian won't let go. And a secret he's been keeping from her. King of the Assassins wants one thing above all else...Dimurah. And every assassin in the country wants to collect on the king's coin for her head. Teverius seeks redemption with a tracking sarabi. The Queen of Nightway plants doubt in the mind of Alazareth's lover. Then tends that doubt into a towering tree when she catches him in her chamber.

Fantasy / Romance
KKS Fantasy Works
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Revisiting the Past


Forever Knights: Emergence



Forever Knights: Rise of the King of Assassins



Forever Knights: Forsaking the Vanquished



Forever Knights: Battling Black Roses



Forever Knights: Subjugation of Beasts



Forever Knights: Malevolent Attentions



Forever Knights: King of Assassins



Forever Knights: Hollow Remnants

The Countries of Ardae operate relatively oblivious of Radix Malorum’s demonic plague clambering over the country like the fiercest sickness.

Deragan Black’s pack of immortal knights not only have extraordinary abilities but can shapeshift into dragons, wolves and panthers. Their numbers continue to dwindle as Radix whittles away at their survivors. Their remaining hopes lay leveraged in the Watcher Breed.

Acharius has been found out. Chastain has just realized Acharius is flesh and blood and no haunting spirit. And she will know more. He is preparing to leave her now that he’s aware Chavias is closing in on him.

Alazareth combats Marod and Charles Danbury, Lord of MidGale City as they turn Riaura against him. He’s proposed to Savage Jack an opportunity to raid Danbury as he siphons goods out of Nightway Realm to the City. Hoping to make amends for the assassins he’s recently murdered. Riaura has persuaded him to take her to the Bull’s Eye Tavern.

Chavias Derenoe is Radix’s warlord. But has found solace in the Winter Dread he’s just won in a bit of gambling. Savage has recently provided him the key to his prison. With the promise that he will kill someone important to Radix to prove to Radix that Savage Jack can get to him even in his own lair.

Deragan woos his mate in her newest form, Nora Bishop. Fighting for the patience to follow his carefully laid plans. He's maneuvered her to Rosewynn Manor outside Meadowbrook, Grier and is slowly filtering her memories of their past lives. Controlling the tide of them sifting back to her to keep her from being overwhelmed by the ghastly horrors she experienced in previous lifetimes.

Raese Merlinus has awoke from dreams of the past both shedding scales and, on another occasion, as a wolf. He fights to regain his memory and identify his mysterious wraith, Calisto. And who she was to him. And why she’s locked outside this plane. And to determine what’s happened to his sacred staff.

Rhyers, the tracker, has been collaborating with Samuel Marshall hunting Cimmerii even as he spies for the Paladinian crown.

Savage Jaxson has become Radix’s most formidable foe. As King of the Assassins, he’s engaged in a mission to turn the tide of evil in Ardae. His influence rising from the Blue Lark Assassin’s Guild, his base of operations. Now the greatest Trader Market in Ardae, the Undermarket is run by his ferocious Barter Queen. The owner of Winter’s Haven alehouse and Savage’s ward and lover. Savage was just caught boasting in the Rum Runnel in MidGale City about his plans of an impending raid on Danbury by a traitorous assassin, ColdKill. Whose ran straight to Radix's lair to tell him he knows where the famed Savage Jack will soon be.

Sebastian struggles with his captive valkyrie, Elsabet, as she grows further impatient with his reckless behavior in the name of protecting his brothers. He heard Raese calling for him and made it to the Paladines but lost the trail of where his voice had emerged. Elsabet could've escaped while he was unconscious from frostbite but instead she chose to stay and tend him. Expecting he will release her later in return.

Teverius’ self-exile to the Netherlands has been hampered by the Huntress who has sited him as her current prey. Making clear her interest.

Radix twists human souls each day that passes. Okine his dark commander finding every opportunity to turn human souls when not tormenting Chavias. Whispering promises of their darkest desires to sway them to join the evil Cimmerii numbers.

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