Mafia's girl

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Chapter 1

(new message: Boss- you got booked today for VIP better be on your way)

Y/n: ugh when do i ever get a break from work🙄


Y/n goes to the bathroom and takes a 30 minute shower and goes to her closet. she gets dressed into something revealing for work.



Lisa; damn girl look at gorgeous as always.You ready to perform tonight?

Y/n:I'm always ready to perform..even though boss interrupted my night.

Lisa: C'mon Y/n,what do you expect you're the most famous performer here and everyone wants to see you 😉

Y/n: you know it's not always nice being the main performer and center of attention

Lisa: well we need the money.Anyways wanna know who you'll be performing for tonight?

Y/n:Aight tell me who's the guest is for tonight

Lisa: The guy you'll be performing for is JEON JUNGKOOK,good luck Y/n. There's rumors about him being a mafia.

Y/N:aww he looks to cute to be a mafia leader plz😒..but he's good looking too😏. wish me luck

(Y/n's mind): hmm Mr. Jeon,he does look a bit mysterious.

Y/n:I will find out soon when i meet him.

To Be Continued....

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