The Alpha and the Supreme

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My heart is about ready to jump out of my chest. With each stride I take, pain shoots up my legs. Every breath is setting my lungs on fire. I can't let it catch me, whatever it is. I don't think it is a wolf, it is far to big. If it catches me it will surely rip me to shreds. Just when I think I may get away the worst happens, I trip and fall. I lift my head and start to push myself up. Then I hear the thudding of huge paws on the forest floor. As I flip my body over, I see it. The fur so black, on a moonless night there would be no way to see it. It's eyes so blue, so icy they seem to go right through you. It's snout is in an almost permeant snarl, with saliva dripping from its razor sharp fangs. He slowly walks up to me. His eyes are evil and so full of hate. This is it, this is how I die. He is now standing over me with one monster paw on each side of me. He is essentially pining me in place with his claws to the forest floor. I can feel the heat and the power radiating off of the wolf. The beast growls so loud I can feel the vibrations deep in my chest, it almost hurts. I am ready to accept my fate, ready to die. Then I see a blue light, and hear a yelp.

Fantasy / Romance
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