The Alphas Bite

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This book may have some triggers. abuse and rape. there are also deep sex parts. rated R. Shay was just a human, living a horrable life with a abusive father. All she wanted was a normal life. To be loved, happy and have a Family. What will happen when Shayla meets a guy from school who isn't who she thinks he is.. She's been beaten by her father, abused by her boyfriend and almost raped. Will this boy give her the love and happiness she's always wanted or is she to broken afraid. Also There's something about herself she didnt even know about. Will Chris Still accept her. Chris is the King Alpha of his pack, after his father stepped down. He wants to find his mate so he can have his luna. If not hell have to give up his title. One of the strongest AlphaΕ› in the world, he is part of the 4. He runs the strongest pack in the world. When Chris go to school right outside his cousins boraders to find his luna. What will he do when he sees her, What will he do when he finds a human mate who has been broken so bad she may never love again.. Will he still want her after he finds out what she really is or will he continue sleeping around without having a luna. Hes powerful, handsome and a player. can Shayla change him or leave him.

Fantasy / Romance
Shayla Halstead
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chapter 1

When you see A ** thats when you know someine is mind linking ir the wolfs are talking to there humans so my readers know.

Shayla"(Shay) POV

I let the hot water run all down my body. I can already see the bruises forming on my arms and my ribs. I stand there afraid to cry, so I let silent tears run down my cheecks.

Afraid if my father hears me he'll hit me again. It started when I was 12. When my mom left. Without a note or a good bye, she was just gone. Maybe dad was beating her too and thats why she left, but why would'nt she take me with her.

Did she not want me nor love me like I really thought she did. My father blames me, but thats what abusive parents do, blame there kids for there problem.

They beat them, tell them how useless they are. Well I'm that girl. The useless girl who was stuck in a fucked up world. The only good I have is my best friend Bre. She doesn'tt know about my abusive father.

I think she may have a idea. My father told me if I ever told anyone he would kill me and hide my body. Not that anyone would look for me anyways he said.

I step out the shower trying to be as quit as I could so my father doesn't' hear me. I put on my tight skinny jeans with a red tank top and a white throw over.

I always have to hide my arms and body. I'm curvy with long black hair that ends to the middle of my back and blue eyes. I've always noticed that when I'm mad or sad they change to a deep black color.

I blow dry my hair, put my make up on and head down stairs for some coffe and apple before I head out. My ribs hurts so bad right now and i'm praying I get out before my father decides to wake up.

I walk two blocks where I met Bre everyday. She takes me to school with her. even tho she offers to pick me up at the house I always tell her I like the walk. It gives me time to plan my escape from my boyfriend.

Well hes not really my boufriend by choice. My dad paid him to date me and to pretty much beat me as well. He just can't put his hands on my face and he can't have sex with me. My life is literally hell.

"So Shay you happy to see Josh? I was told they won the game friday. You should of went to the party it was really fun".

I'm sure it was fun Breanna, but you know im not the party type and my dad would never let me go anyways. As for Josh I really don't want to see him.

I have to get away from him Bre. Hes not good for me. "She looks at me as if she knows what im talking about but we have this thing to where we don't push one another to talk if where not ready."

Bre are you going to tell me about this hot guy you been seeing for the past few weeks? Thats all I ever hear you talk about. Why havnt I met him yet? Does he even go to our school? "Well no, but he told me that him and his friends live on the border of town and they will be starting today".

"So you will get to meet him today. OMG Shay he so nice, kind, and he even called me his mate, The first day i met him at the mall.. I heard him call me mate and I just laughted in his face. I felt bad, but who calls someone mate? It was just funny, and his name is Kev".

Bre pulls into the school parking lot. I can already see Josh standing by his truck just staring at me. I have to get away. Away from him, away from my father just away.

I dont know how much more abuse my body can handle. I'm so scared that if I make a run for it my father will kill me. "Bre imma go talk to josh i'll see you in homeroom okay".

I start walking towards Josh and out of now where I seee this Black BMW pull into the school parking lot and 4 guys get out. Man there all hot, but the guy driving is the most beautiful person i've ever seen.

He also has black hair and blue eyes. His body is perfict. I can see his 6pack through his white T-shirt. He has on black jeans with white Jordens on.

I look away, afraid if Josh sees me staring then that'll be the end of me since he also puts his hands on me. Last time he hit me was about a week ago.

He tried to kiss me and I told him no. So he smacked me across my face. I'm just glade it didn't leave a bruise. As i'm almost to Josh the wind picks up and I smell the most mouth watering smeel ever in my life.

I go to turn back around to see where the smell was coming from and Josh called my name.. "Shayla what are you doing? We need to head to homeroom and we havn't even made it into the school".

I can tell he's already having a day, so i just smile at him and walk with him to my locker. His locker is on the other side of the hall, which i'm glade. I start putting my things away and head to home room.

As im taking my phone out to check it I swear I hit a concret wall. As i'm waitng for my Butt to hit the ground it dosnt happen. Instead I feel this tingle in my waist and warm hands on my body.

I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going. Still not looking up at the person who just saved me. I bend down and pick up my phone and my books.

I finally pick my my things and tell the guy thank you, when I finally look at him. I notice the most beautiful blue eyes and black hair.

It's the guy that was driving the BMW. He just stares into my eyes for the longest time. then the firt word that comes out of his mouth was ''MATE".

I give him a confused look. What did you just say to me? He just keeps staring at me like he's lost to this world. "I'm chris" he finally says to me.

Hi chris I'm shayla. My friends call me Shay. Are you new here? I've never seen you before. "Yes actually me and a few of my friends just started today". Well it's nice to meet you Chris. Hope you like the school.

I start to walk away when I see Josh staring daggers into me. well I already know how this day is going to go. I walk over to him so he doesn't make a fuss infront of the whole school. "Who the fuck was that guy putting his hands all over you".

"your mine and only mine do you understand me Shayla". Josh, he bumped into me and was helping me pick my things up can you please just calm down. The words came out strong. I've never been able to just say what I wanted cos of the fear of him hurting me.

For some reason i feel strong. I'm broken from my thoughts by him grabbing me by arm. He has a tight hold on me and I already know imma have another bruise. "What did you just say to me. who do you think you are"

I'm sorry Josh I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying he was helping me pick my things up, thats all. Your hurting me! Can you please let me go, everyone is staring at us.

The whole school already knows the way he treats me. I would'nt say I was popular but I am well known. I love sports, I'm a very fast runner and i have good reflects.

Josh finally lets me go when Bre walks up to us.

"What are you doing to her Josh. Has your mother ever tought you not to put hands on a female". "Bre mind your own damn business, your always putting your nose into everyone stuff. Go sit the fuck down. I'll do what i want to my girlfriend because theres nothing you nor her weak ass can do about it". Josh tells Bre.

Them words cut me deep and without even thinking i punch him in his face. Don't you ever talk to her like that, and where over. I walk out the class to go cool down knowing he'll tell my father about this.

What did i just do, how am i going to get out of this one. "Shay are you okay. I didn't mean to come inbetween you and Josh, but he was hurting you". I know Bre and your fine. that's why your my best friend. your always their when i need you. "Lets just skip home room Shay and we can go talk if you want". No my dad would trip if i get in trouble at school i just needed to calm down for a sec, i've never done that before.

The day flys by pretty fast and my last class is gym. Everyone knows i love gym. Where playing dodge ball today. Boys against girls.

I see Josh standing next to Chris. All the guys are talking while use girls have our own plan. Take out the strongest players first. They all decide to surrond me knowing i'm the best player on the team.

Bre and Ashley has already taken out 3 guys. Theres six guys and six girls. Breanna, Ashley and myself are left. This is when our plan comes into play. Bre wants to get Josh back so she throws her ball at him stepping out of my way, but as she's throwing her ball i can see josh's smug look as he wings the ball at my face.

I feel hot liqids run out my nose and then im out. I wake up in the nurses room. Looking around i see Bre standing next to two guys. One is Chris and i don't known the other guy, but from how he's holding Bre I can tell it's the guy shes been dating.

"Are you ok? I'm so sorry i should of kept to the plan, but i just wanted to pay Josh back". I'm fine Bre. "I texted your dad from your phone to let him know what happened. He said he was going to be out of town for a few weeks". You texted my dad Bre! I can see the way chris is looking at me, like he can sense the fear coming out of me.

"I'm sorry Shayla, I didnt know who else to call. By the way this is Kev and his friend Chris. They wanted to make sure you was ok". Thanks guys, but im fine but i need to get home. Can you take me home please Bre.

** This is my book. no one steal or try to copy my work for there own. Its my first book. needs alot of editing but i also want to write it how i like to write and spell my words. Leave comment about what you think. if your gonna be rude then dont even bother. but all comments welcomed. Also i will be changing the cover soon. im going to use a pic of my beautiful sister with a wolf in it.**

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