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The Alphas Bite

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This book may have some triggers. Abuse, rape, and child loss. Rated R. Shayla is 17 years old. Her father beats her, and her boyfriend was paid to be with her. She's been raped and abuses for years. What will happen when she finds Chris? He's the Alpha King of all wolves, and he is the last of the four, or so he thought. Chris doesn't want a human as a mate. What will Chris do when he finds out shayla is not human but a hybrid and one of the four? Can shayla accept that her true love is a King wolf, or will she keep her walls up out of fear? Also, there's more to shayla than she herself knew. Can they come together after so much pain? Or fail each other over and over again.

Fantasy / Romance
Shayla Halstead
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chapter 1

When you see **, you know someone is mind linking, or the wolves are talking to their humans, so my readers know.

Shayla"(Shay) POV

I let the hot water run all down my body. I can already see the bruises forming on my arms and my ribs. I stand there, afraid to cry, so I let my silent tears run down my cheeks.
Afraid my father might hear me, he'll hit me again. It started when I was twelve. When my mom left, Without a note or a goodbye, she was just gone. Maybe dad was beating her too, and that's why she left, but why wouldn't she take me with her.

Did she not want me nor love me like I thought she did. I know my father blames me, but that's what abusive parents do, blame their kids for their problems.

They beat them, tell them how useless they are. Well, I'm that girl. The vain girl that will always be left in a fucked up world. The only good thing I have is my best friend, Bre. She doesn't know about my abusive father.

I think she may have an idea. My father told me if I ever told anyone, he would kill me and hide my body. Not that anyone would look for me, he said.

I step out of the shower, trying to be as silent as I could so my father doesn't' hear me. I put on my tight skinny jeans with a red tank top and a white throw-over.

I always have to conceal my arms and body. I'm full-figured with lengthy raven hair that ends in the middle of my back with sky blue eyes. I've always caught sight that when I'm furious or unhappy, they change to a vicious black color.

I blow dry my hair, put my make-up on and head downstairs for some coffee and an apple before I head out. My ribs hurt so bad right now, and I'm praying I get out before my father decides to wake up.

I walk two blocks where I met Bre every day. She takes me to school with her. Even though she offers to pick me up at the house, I always tell her I like the peace I get. It gives me time to plan my get away from my boyfriend.

Well, he's not my boyfriend by choice. My dad paid him to date me and to hit me pretty much as well. He just can't put his hands on my face, and he can't have sex with me. My life is hell.

I finally meet Bre at the spot she always picks me up. I get in, and she immediately starts talking about Josh.

"So Shay, you happy to see Josh? I was told they won the game Friday. You should have gone to the party; it was entertaining." Breanna went on to say.

"I'm sure it was fun, Breanna, but you know I'm not the party type, and my dad would never let me go anyways. As for Josh, I don't want to see him.
I have to get away from him, Bre. He's not good for me." I told Bre, just staring into her eyes, pleading for her to see what I'm trying to say to her.

She looks at me as if she knows what I'm talking about, but we have this thing where we don't push one another to speak if we're not ready.

"So Bre, when were you to tell me about this hot guy you have talking to for the past few weeks? That's all I ever hear you talk essentially. Why haven't I met him yet? Does he even go to our school?" I ask her

"Well, no, but he told me that he and his friends live on the border of the town, and they will be starting today. So you will get to meet him today. OMG, Shay, he is so pleasant, considerate, and even called me his mate, The first day I met him at the mall... I heard him call me to mate, and I just chuckled in his face. I felt terrible, but who calls someone mate? It was simply funny, and his name is Kevin". Bare tells me with a massive smile on her face. She must really like this guy to have her like this.

Bre pulls into the school parking lot. I can already see Josh standing by his truck, just glaring at me. I have to get away. Away from him, away from my father, just out.

I don't know how much more abuse my body can handle. I'm so skittish that if I make a run for it, my father will murder me.

"Bre, I am going to talk to Josh. I'll see you in homeroom, okay." I say to her while walking away.

I start walking towards Josh, and out of now where I see this Black BMW pull into the school parking lot, and four guys get out. Man, they're all hot, but the guy driving is the most attractive person I've ever seen.

He also has raven hair and sky blue eyes. His body is flawless. I can see his six-pack through his white T-shirt. He's wearing black jeans with white and black Jordans.

I look away, scared if Josh sees me gawking, then that'll be the end of me since he also puts his hands on me. The last time he hit me was about a week ago.

He tried to kiss me, and I told him no. So he slapped me across my face. I'm just glad it didn't leave a bruise. As I'm almost to Josh, the breeze picks up, and I smell the most amazing smell I've ever smelt.

I turn back around to see where the smell was coming from, and Josh called my name.

"Shayla, what are you doing? We need to head to homeroom, and we haven't even made it into the school." Josh yells at me.

I can tell he's already having a day, so I smile at him and walk with him to my locker. His locker is on the other side of the hall, which I'm excited about, so I have time to myself. I start putting my things away and head to my homeroom.

As I'm taking my phone out to check it, I swear I hit a concrete wall. As I'm waiting for my Butt to hit the floor, it doesn't happen. Instead, I feel this sensation in my waist and warm hands on my body.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going," I said, Nevertheless not looking up at the person who just saved me. I bend down and pick up my phone and my books.

I pick my things up and tell the guy thank you. When I finally look at him, I notice the most attractive blue eyes and black hair.

It's the guy that was driving the BMW. He gazes into my eyes for the longest time. Then the first word that comes out of his mouth was.

''MATE." The guy growls. Did he just growl?

I give him a confusing look.

"What did you just say to me?" I asked him. He keeps staring at me like he's lost to this world.

"I'm Chris," he finally says.

"Hi, Chris, I'm Shayla. My friends call me Shay. Are you new here? I've never seen you before."I ask him, "Yes, actually, myself and a few of my friends just started today." Chris tells me.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Chris. I hope you like the school." I tell Chris before walking away.

I start to walk away when I see Josh glaring daggers into me. Well, I already know how this day is going to go. I walk over to him, so he doesn't make a fuss in front of the whole school.

"Who the fuck was That? He had his hands all over you". Josh accused.

"Your mine and only mine do you understand me, Shayla." He growled to me.

"I don't know, Josh; he accidentally smashed into me and was helping me pick my things up. Can you please calm down?" The words came out intense. I've never been able only to confess what I wanted cos of the fear of him hurting me.

For some reason, I felt dominant. I'm broken from my thoughts by Josh grabbing me by the arm. He has a vicious hold on me, and I already know imma have another bruise. "What did you just say to me. who do you think you are". A Furious Josh said.

"I'm sorry, Josh, I didn't mean it like that. I was explaining he was helping me pick my things up, that's all. I feel hurt! Can you please let me go? Everyone's staring at us." I say to him, trying to get my arm free of his tight grip.

The whole school already knows the way he behaves toward me. I wouldn't say I was notable, but I am well known. I love sports, I'm a vigorous runner, and I have good reflects.

Josh finally lets me go when Bre walks up to us.

"What are you doing to her, Josh. Has your mother ever taught you not to put hands on a female?" Breanna screamed in his face.

"Bre minds your own damn business, and you're always putting your snout into everyone's business. Go sit the fuck down. I'll do what I want to my girlfriend because there's nothing you nor her vulnerable ass can do about it." Josh tells Bre.

Those words cut me deep, and without even thinking, I punch him in his face.

"Don't you ever talk to my best friend like that, and we're over," I say proudly, walking out of the class to calm down, knowing he'll tell my father about this.

What did I do? How am I going to get out of this one?

"Shay, are you okay. I didn't mean to come between you and Josh, but he was mistreating you." Bre told me with a worried look.

"I know, Bre, and you're fine. That's why you are my best friend. You're always there when I need you. Thank you for that, Bre." I tell my best friend.

"Let's just skip homeroom, Shay, and we can go talk if you want." "No, my dad would trip if I got in trouble at school; I just needed to calm down for a sec; I've never done that before," I told Bre with a massive grin on my face.

"You check the new guy out yet. That's Kevins, friend Chris." Bre said cheerily.

The day flies by pretty fast. Gym class is the last class of the day, then back to my abusive father. Everyone knows I love my gym class. Where playing dodge ball today, Which I'm exceptionally well at playing. It's boys against girls.

I notice Josh standing next to Chris. All the guys are talking (besides Chris)while we girls have a plan for our takedown. Take out the most decisive players first. They all decide to surround me, knowing I'm the best player on the team.

Bre and Ashley have already taken out three guys. There are six guys and six girls. Breanna, Ashley, and myself are left. When I get our plan into play, Bre decides to get Josh back, so she throws her ball at him, stepping out of my way, but as she's was throwing her ball, I can see the smug look on Josh's face as he whips the dodge ball smacking me in my face. I can feel the warmth of the blood sliding down my lips and chin before I feel myself slowly passing out.

AN/ I am editing the chapters now. I've edited up to chapter 12 and in between 12, and I believe 18 needs edited, maybe a few more. So I will edit a few chapters a day and write a new chapter as soon as I can. Thank you for sticking with me: my new readers and my current readers.

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