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After a horrible start in life Star Dust has finally forgotten her past, content with spending the rest of her life with her only best friend, Theo. Unfortunately, her past wasn’t done with her, it came back and stronger, more determined to destroy everything. Star Dust has no choice but to team up with an unlikely friend, a human, to not only save her newfound friends but her whole race, unfortunately, to do that might just end her own life, was it worth the sacrifice?

Fantasy / Adventure
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(Star Dust’s P.O.V)
Lightning lit the dark summer night; the humidity was suffocating, rain would make the creatures of the forest all sigh in relief, the drought had made everyday living here a nightmare, we all waited as the clouds started to build, and grow darker with every second the sun sunk behind the mountains in the distance. Although dry, it was peaceful; I loved my land I called home, my land I grew up on. A couple of weeks had passed since the cast on my leg had come off, yes I scratched it off but it had to, it had been on for more than a month and was getting on my nerves.
“When is it coming already?” his anxious voice said staring at the sky, laughing on the inside I turned to him before looking back up to the sky,
“Soon, they almost too dark to see,” I squinted trying to see the clouds through the night, we decided to watched the stars come out, but the clouds told us otherwise so we stayed for the night show, Theo loved lightning, soon enough beautiful bolts flashed like fireworks across the sky, not long after a loud rumbled echoed passed us and through the valley. Theo shivered next to me as the wind followed the echo,
“Maybe we should…” Theo got interrupted by the cooling rain that was finally being released from the grip of the grey clouds, falling fast down like a waterfall, streaming down the valley, flooding the ground, another quick flash lit the sky with thunder following. We sprang to our feet and began to run for our shelter, running straight to the cave we decided to call home.

At first glance you might think it was small, with a rather undersized opening between two massive rocks; it once had roots and fallen trees covering the entrance but after the long drought it all dried up. Inside our home, the roof and floor were smooth, the sound of water falling not far from the entrance as well as deeper inside made me happy, our resources were being filled up, it was warm inside even when the water would be ice cold throughout the year, the giggles from my friend and I echoed as we had reached safe grounds and we were soaked already,
“You were saying?” I mocked looking outside but directing my tease to the only other soul with me,
“The rain beat me to it…” he giggled knowing I was mocking him, he started to curl up on his spot after he died himself as best he could, his coat wasn’t meant for the weather, I shook trying to get as much water off my coat before I walked over to him to try and keep us both warm for the cold night ahead.

These were some of the many memories that flowed through my mind as I stand here now looking down at this creature that had started it all. Started the whole chain reaction that led to this day, the day of his death and possibly mine too.

My childhood was ruined by him, my family’s death caused by him and now he was threatening my future. He was human, but not for me, he was more of a monster than anything else, his eyes staring into mine; pleading for his life not to end, but there was never mercy for me so why would I give it to him, to men like this, to all who hurt the ones close to me, my decision was final he had die. My kind and I were always afraid and hid from them, but not today, I was looking not only for revenge but peace, it was my duty or so I was told.
Knowing that if I did this, it would haunt me forever, but it had to be done, nobody crosses me and gets away with it. My eyes caught movement to my side, another human but he was different; I looked at him and felt sorry, hoping he wouldn’t hate me for what I was doing, I had formed a bond with him, it had convinced me that not all humans were bad that I couldn’t kill the whole human race, at least not him and his generation.

Finally, I closed my eyes and channeled everything to the core of my emotions, I was going to end all of this, sacrifices had to be made, “this is your only way to keep the peace”, I drilled these words in my head over and over again as I started to feel pain.

The pain of my skin and bones burning…
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