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Dream vs nightmare written legend

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dead brought back to life, perfect opportunity the the demon lord to rise again. John's sister get resurrected and used as a vessel by the demon king, will he step up and stop his sister from taking over the world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one: how it all began

Welcome back, I’m Dyan the daughter of hell and today I’m going to tell you how the legend of John Culther was written.

It all started the day of the festival, the day the central city of this beautiful world became free but that same day some terrible thing happened, I was revived by a man named Arlon. That same beautiful day turned into a horrible night, I was still weak so I took shelter in the basement of the castle, John wasn’t around, I still kept a low profile until I regained my strength.

There was one problem, surprisingly Arlon survived the fall, he was badly injured but could still talk, I knew it wouldn’t be long until he told someone I was back, that was gonna draw attention, John’s attention to be precise.

Arlon was lying on a bed next to Darren who is one of the highest-ranked doctors in this world.z\\\

Arlon whispering, “Dyan, Dyan is back.”

Darren responded, “You need to rest just lie down.”

Arlon said. “You don’t understand, we’re all in danger.”

Darren said, “What danger? What’s coming?”

Arlon said, “Dyan, Dyan is coming.”

Darren said, “But that’s impossible, Dyan is dead.”

Arlon said, “It’s all my fault, I was stupid and now she’s back, and her heart filled with hatred and vengeance for Shade.”

Darren said, “Then let him die, he’s done so much damage to this world, I don’t know why John let him live.”

Arlon said, “You don’t understand, if Dyan kills Shade, she will be lost forever, her heart will be filled with darkness like never before, she’ll be even worse than Shade. Believe me, you do not want to see Dyan giving in to the darkness.”

Darren said, “Oh dear, what do we do?”

Arlon said, “Find John, John is our only hope, go now.”

Darren said, “But what about you, I can’t leave you here.”

Arlon said, “Don’t worry about me, the state of this world is in your hands. Find John go NOW.”

So Darren left and went looking for John.

I had fully recovered and I was looking for a place where Shade might be. I entered a bar and sat on a chair, a guy named Muscle came near her.

Muscle said, “That’s my chair.” I looked up at him and I ignored him.

Muscle said, “Are you deaf, get the hell off of my chair.” I still ignored him. Muscle grabbed my shirt, I got up, grabbed his arm and kept twisting it until it broke. Muscle yelled.

Dyan said, “Listen up everyone, I’m not gonna say this twice, where is Shade?”

Everyone stayed silent. I punched the floor and the ground began to shake, and the entire building was sinking in the sand.

Muscle said, “Please make it stop, I don’t want to die.”

I said, “Then tell me where he is.”

Muscle said, “We don’t know where he is for sure, but I heard he was heading west.”

I stopped the building from sinking and she left.

In the normal world John and Bethany are living a dream, they already explored half of the world and they were loving every bit of it.

It was ten pm in Italy and John and Bethany were getting ready to go to bed.

John said, “We had a good time didn’t we?”

Bethany said, “Yes and tomorrow is gonna be even better.”

John said, “Do you think the others are ok?”

Bethany said, “I’m sure they’re fine you always worry too much. This trip was to get your mind clear, to think of yourself for once.”

John said, “You’re right, you’ve always looked after me, you are my closest friend. Thank you, Bethany,”

Bethany said, “Don’t mention it, that’s what friends are for. Goodnight.”

John said, “Goodnight.” They each went into their rooms.

Darren was facing a wall ready to enter the normal world.

Darren said, “C’mon Arlon the world depends on you.” He put his hand on the wall and the portal opened. He went through the portal and was now in the normal world.

Darren said, “Brace yourself Arlon this is gonna be a long day.” He went to John’s home town. He rang the doorbell and John’s grandma answered.

Grandma said, “Oh hello young man, why don’t you come in.” Darren went into the house and sat down on one of the sofas.

Grandma asked, “Coffee or tea?”

Darren said, “Coffee please, thank you.”

Grandma brought some coffee for Arlon and tea for herself.

Grandma said, “What Brings you here my dear child.”

Darren said, “I’m looking for John, is he here?”

Grandma said, “Oh no John left almost five months ago.”

Darren said, “Where did he go?”

Grandma said, “He left with this very nice girl called Bethany, they went on a world tour.”

Darren said, “I need to know exactly where he is, it’s important.”

Grandma said, “Ok breath my dear, he sent me pictures of where he is now. Let me see, Ahh he’s in Spain, in Barcelona.”

Darren said, “Thank you I shall head there at once.” Darren took off, he took the first plane he saw and was on his way to get John.

Darren arrived in Barcelona at eight o’clock in the morning and he was using a tracking device to find John.

Darren said, “Now let’s find John, I don’t like it here.” Darren followed the tracker and it led him to a hotel, a very fancy one actually.

Darren said, “This place is quite nice, I wouldn’t mind living here at all.” He went to the reception and asked if they had a customer named John and told them he needed to speak to him urgently, so they gave him John’s room number.

Darren went in the second-floor room on the left with the number 111 so he knocked on the door.

John said, “Hello who is it? Is that you Bethany.”

Darren said, “My Name is Darren and I have a very important message, let me in.” John opened the door and let him in.

Darren said, “Thank you, before all I’d like to say I’m honoured to meet you in person.”

John asked, “You’re from the other side aren’t you?”

Darren said, “Yes and we need your help. Arlon has done something terrible.”

John asked, “What’s happened?”

Darren said, “Dyan’s been revived, and she’s seeking revenge on Shade. Shade must not die.”

John said, “Why are you so worried about Shade?”

Darren said, “Because he’s human and every human makes mistakes, but mostly because if Dyan kills Shade her soul will be corrupted, she will give in to the darkness, and they shall rise evil like nothing you’ve ever seen, she will be worse than Shade.”

John said, “I have to tell Bethany.”

Darren said, “Sorry I ruined your trip, I wouldn’t come if it wasn’t urgent.” I went to Bethany’s room. I knocked on the door.

Bethany said, “Oh John, you’re up early.”

John said, “We need to leave.”

Bethany said, “Why what’s happened?”

John said, “there’s no time I’ll explain on the way.” They went back to John’s homeland and they entered the magic world.

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