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Dream vs nightmare written legend

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Chapter two: the reunion

John and Bethany, were back in the magic world.

Bethany said, “This place hasn’t changed at all.”

John said, “It’s exactly the way we left it.”

Bethany said, “What do we do now?”

John said, “Now we unite the team.”

Bethany said, “ I know where Mergan and Liya are, I think we should head there first.”

John said, “Lead the way.” They were on their way to a school because for some reason Mergan and Liya decided to teach children.

They entered the school as soon as the children saw John they all ran to him, shouting and cheering. Liya and Mergan came and they sent the children to play in the school garden.

Liya hugged Bethany and she hugged John.

Liya said, “I didn’t think we’d meet again this soon.”

Bethany said, “Neither did we, but there’s trouble, Dyan is back.”

Mergan said, “Wait what? Isn’t that impossible.”

John said, “Not for Dyan apparently, we need to stop her from becoming the greatest threat yet.”

Liya said, “Who else have we got?”

John said, “You’re the only ones we’ve got yet, we’re going for Marse and Jude next.”

Liya went to say her goodbyes to the children and came back.

John said, “I hope you haven’t gone soft Liya cause we’re going to need all the help we can get.” After John said that, Liya ran up to him shouting, “HAMMER HAND.” Liya punched him so hard it went him flying through a wall.

John said, yep she’s definitely not gone soft.”

I kept going west till I saw a town, a very small town actually, it meant very easy to get information.

I walked in but it seemed empty so empty it creeped me out. I kept walking and I saw one house, only one house out twenty or more of them had the light on. I went in and there was one man he didn’t talk to at all; he was just there cleaning cups.

Dyan said, “You there I’m looking for Someone named Shade.”

The man stared at Dyan silently then said, “Yes. He did come here to get some information about a tree.”

I went closer, grabbed him and said, “What type of tree did you tell him.”

The man answered, “An oak tree. That’s all I told him.” I let go of him and thought why would he want an oak tree.

I said, “I’d kill you, but you’re already miserable enough on your own.” I left the town.

John, Bethany and the others went in the same bar that Dyan went in to. They saw how it was halfway through the ground, Mergan took it out and they were grateful.

Muscle shouted, “It’s JOHN, we’re saved.”

The crowd cheered. John then asked muscle, “Who did this to you?”

Muscle said, “It was Dyan, she came back from the dead, save us, save us please, I’ve got children.”

A woman said, “No you don’t, if you did I’d be worried for your children, you don’t care about anyone but yourself.”

Muscle shouted, “Shut your big mouth.”

John laughed and said, “Which direction was heading?” Muscle said, “She was heading west.”

John said, “Thank you. As long as we live we shall protect this city. Let’s go guys”

Liya said, “But what about Jude and Marse!”

John answered, “They’ll catch up to us. Golden power. DRAGON BREATH.” A dragon appeared behind John and breathed fire in the air that formed a sword.

John said, “I’ll know where to find us. I’ve known him since my childhood. Let’s move.” So they were heading west with one mission, to stop me from killing my dad.

Jude and Marse were on an island called a cocomil and we’re chilling until Marse saw the sword in the air.

Marse shouted, “HEY JUDE.”

Jude responded, “Yes, what is it?”

Marse looked at him and said, “We’re back in business.”

Jude said, “Oh yes, let’s roll.” They jumped

On their motorcycles and were riding as fast as the wind.

Jude shouting, “LIKE THE WIND, LIKE THE WIND!!!!”

Jude and Marse arrived in the empty tawn before John and his team.

Jude said, “Are you sure this is where we’re supposed to be?”

Marse said, “I’m certain of it, the sword was pointing west, I can’t be wrong.”

Jude said, “Why can’t you be wrong.”

Marse said, “We used to play this game all-time, secret signs, code language, and the sword means urgent meeting, and this particular one was moving as we were moving, like( Jude interrupted him)”

Jude said, “Like a compass.”

Marse said, “Exactly, you get me.”

John and the others arrived. Marse said, “What took you guys so long.”

Liya said, “Excuse me, you guys have motorcycles.”

Jude said, “So what’s the emergency situation?”

John said, “Dyan has been revived, we must stop her from killing her father, or she’ll be lost in darkness forever.”

Marse said, “Sounds good to me, I was beginning to get a little bored.”

John said, “This isn’t a game Marse, I don’t want to lose anybody else.

Marse said, “You don’t need to remind me of that.” So they went to the same house that I went in.

Simon said, “You’re late.”

Marse said, “Now this, this always happens. A weird guy pops up out of nowhere expecting us then we think it’s a good guy then there’s a twist the guy turns out to be a bad guy and we’re all in trouble, so let me deal with him right now.

Simon said, “You watch too many movies, this is reality, wake up and brace yourself.”

Marse said, “John please let me punch him in the face.”

John said, “We’re not punching anyone yet, let’s hear what he has to say.”

Simon said, “First of all, you’re too slow, when you’re making a move, Dyan is three-move ahead of you. At this pace, Dyan will kill shade and then you will live a freaking nightmare.”

Marse said, “Why should we listen to you, we don’t even know you.”

Simon said, “Oh but I know you, Marse, you

Are as dumb and so annoying that miss Bethany couldn’t stand even for five minutes.”

Marse said, “That’s it I’m gonna kill you.”

Simon said, “Watch your tone, sir Marse.”

Marse said, “Or what you’re gonna throw those cups at me. I’m about a hundred times faster than you, stronger than you.”

Mergan said, “Do not underestimate him, you may be faster but he’s a sage. All he has to do is watch you fight for a bit then he can predict all your moves, which makes a battle against him hard to win.”

Simon said, “I’m not your enemy. Find the oak tree and you will find Dyan, maybe Shade too. You must go now. Find the oak tree.”

They kept heading west hoping to find an oak tree on the way.

I found the oak tree, Shade wasn’t there, I walked around the tree and realised that there was on branch missing, it didn’t fall off, it had been chopped off. I wondered what Shade wanted to do with an oak tree and I thought maybe he has a hobby which is gardening but I knew my father never does anything without a plan.

I was getting ready to leave when John and his team arrived.

John said, “Dyan stop right there.”

I said, “Really, is that all you, I was dead and got resurrected and the first thing you say is to stop right there. I was expecting better from you.”

Marse said, “She’s got a point that was quite lame of you.”

John said, “Look I’m sorry for what happened to you, I really I’m but revenge is not the answer. You need to forgive.”

I said, “Really John I’ve you forgotten what he did to you, to your father. He trapped him and made him suffer for twenty whole years, have you really forgotten, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO PROTECT HIM.”

John said, “I’m not trying to protect him, I’m trying to protect you. I’ve already lost you once and I don’t want to lose you again.”

I said, “I’m sorry but I can’t forgive him, maybe you’ll forgive me.” I turned away and as I jumped Mergan attached a lasso around my wrist and pulled me down.

I said, “So this is how it’s gonna go.” I cut the lasso and ran to Mergan to punch her but Liya interfered.

Liya shouting, “No you don’t.” She punched and threw against the tree. I spat out blood and said, “You’ve gotten stronger, I might actually have fun here.” I got up and tried to punch Liya, Liya blocked the punch. Liya punched her shouting, “HAMMER HAND.” When she punched me I could feel the power, there was this force I just couldn’t fight it. I fell on the ground.

Liya said, “As much as I’m enjoying this, we’re trying to help you.”

I said, “I don’t need your help. Prison box.”

Liya got trapped in the prison box and couldn’t break through it.

Liya said, “Let me out.”

I responded, “I’d rather not, you may be stronger than me now, but I’ll be back for you.”

Bethany said, “Let her go. HELL BLAZE increase.” Big flames fell on Dyan so hot even Bethany could feel the heat, I didn’t get hurt at all, as a matter of fact, it made me stronger, it was like I was feeding on the energy of the flame.

Bethany shouted, “Fireball extreme.”

Mergan said, “Bethany don’t, it will only make her stronger.” It was too late Bethany already released the attack and when it touched me I was overflowing with power.

I shouted, “DARK SUN.” A big ball of dark flame was heading for Bethany, John tried to interfere but he was too late the attack reached Bethany and did her great damage, she was knocked out and her harm, one of her legs were filled with burn marks.

I told John, “Take this advice, go home John take your girlfriend and leave, you don’t want what happened with Marietta to happen again. Stop caring about others, think of yourself, think of her. Make the right choice, this is the only advice I’ll be giving you.” As I was flying away Mergan tried to use her lasso to catch me, but John said,” Don’t, let her go.”

Mergan said, “You’re not thinking of taking Dyan’s advice are you?”

John said, “No, of course not. Right now Bethany is the priority, she needs help.”

Darren said, “I’ll be happy to help.”

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