My warrior clans!

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Oo I just wanna show you some of my clans! I also will describe their territory!

Pt 1, Shadeclan


Leader: Spotted star, A white shecat with blackish gray spots and blue eyes, on her eighth life.
Deputy: Shadowsky, A very dark gray shecat with orange eyes
Medicine Cat: Leafshade, (yes u know in my other book she is in Shadowclan but she is actually in Shadeclan) A light brown shecat with a darker brown right ear and a bit of the area around it. Emotionless, App. Juniper Berry

Oaksong, A golden tabby tom with dull green eyes
Echonight, A black shecat with dull blue eyes
Heatherheart, A very dark gray shecat with with paws and purple eyes
Smalltiger, A small orange tabby with black stripes and green eyes, App. Emeraldpaw
Talltree, A reddish brown tom with a white muzzle and green eyes, tall
Bearheart, A brown tabby shecat with bold green eyes, App. Smolderpaw
Graytail, A gray tom with blue eyes and lighter paws with darker ears, stripes and tail. App. Lionpaw
Leapordspot, A tanish brown tom with brown eyes and darker leapord like spots. App. Halfpaw
Pinkspots, A calico shecat with orange eyes and pink flower stained fur, where the stains are they look like spots, one of the newest warriors
Tigereye, A orange tom with very dark brown stripes and emerald green eyes. One of the newest warriors.
Soulcloud, A black shecat with small silver specks on her fur and greenish blue eyes
Cedarwing, A tanish brown shecat with orange eyes and darker stripes
Frostpelt, A white shecat with icey blue eyes and a dangerous gaze. (This is my friends of so shoutout to her)
Redleaf, A orangeish red tom with blue eyes.
Emeraldpaw, A reddish brown shecat with emerald green eyes.
Smolderpaw, A darkish smokey gray tom with brown eyes
Lionpaw, A golden tom with green eyes and thicker fur around his neck.
Halfpaw, A orange tabby shecat with of her head fur black. Soon to be a warrior.
Queens and kits~
Blossom flower, A darkish gray shecat with a messed up nose, with blue eyes and white paws and stomach, mother of Cremekit a creme colored shecat with icey blue eyes, and Cinderkit a orangeish gray shecat with blue eyes, mates with Redleaf.
Speckaledsky, A tortiseshell shecat with sky blue eyes, mother of Turtlekit a tortiseshell shecat with green eyes, Eelkit a reddish brown tom with sea green eyes, Spiderkit a slick grayish black tom with orange eyes, and Horsekit a dusty brown shecat with hard paws and yellow eyes, mates with Talltree.
Duststep, a fragile dusty gray tom with clouded eyes.

Alright I'll get more soon! Clans comeing soon Cherryclan, Bushclan, Cloudclan, Foxclan, Wolfclan, Rabbitclan, Roseclan,
Lightningclan, Dewclan, Mossclan, Echoclan, Reedclan, Berryclan, Smallclan, Tallclan, Lynxclan, Owlclan, Soulclan, Lightclan, Goldenclan, Shinningclan, Clearclan, Fernclan, Sandclan, Flameclan, Dustclan, Lake clan, Copperclam, Stoneclan, and Ashclan. I'll do the territorys near the end. Cya!

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