The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve

I held tightly onto the old woman in front of me when my knees suddenly weakened. I feel like I’m going to faint any second from now.

“Are you alright, lady?” the old woman asked me worriedly.

I looked at her again and observed. She seems to be telling the truth. She didn’t know the place I was talking about. There’s no such place here in them. This is not a parallel world either. Not another country. Not a dream. If so, there is only one thing that could mean that.

I’m in another world...

But how did that happen? How come there is another world? What happened is confusing me and depleting the blood in my brain.

I don’t really remember how I got here in this place. All I can recall is that I entered a door that brought me to the front of Alvaro’s palace. Other than that, I know nothing. So how did I suddenly get to this world?

Another thing that confuses my mind. There are three kingdoms here. The kingdom of Corax is the latter. What else is there? Is it just the same as Araya and Borza?

“I-I’m fine.” I answered and stood up properly. “Can I know about the three Kingdoms? I mean, maybe you’re right, I’m lost. I lost consciousness and when I woke up I was somewhere else. I ran away and I was stranded here.”

“You probably came from the far side of Borza so you’re not familiar with the three Kingdoms.” she said, “This kingdom where you are now is Borza. The people here are only in the lower to middle class. We are not as strong and as prosperous as the two remaining Kingdoms. In the far left of Borza is the road to the Kingdom of Araya. The largest and most powerful Kingdom of all. You will find almost all the upper classes of people there. Their King is very excellent to rule so his people are disciplined. The last is the dark Kingdom of Corax at the far end. On the right side of Borza. Actually, it was the enemy of the two Kingdoms. The King who ruled over them was a rebellious and ambitious King so his men imitated his bad behavior. He wanted to take over our kingdom but when the King of Araya knew what he was planning to do, he immediately protected us. As you can see, we don’t have enough weapons and warriors, in short we have no fight. But King Alfredo sent many and good warriors of Araya to watch over us all and fight in case we’re suddenly attacked. Recently we received a letter from the King of Corax. It waged war on two factions. Perhaps, it didn’t like what the King of Araya did to their plan. Corax forces are strong, their warriors are very excellent at fighting. They are currently preparing and any time or day from now, I know they will suddenly attack without us knowing it.” she explained at length. “Right now I’m afraid for myself and for my family of what might happen. With Corax’s eagerness to win, a bloody battle is sure to happen because both their Kingdom and Araya are both strong and powerful. Run out of who will stay strong at the end…”

I could feel sweat dripping from my forehead. For some inexplicable reason, I was suddenly very nervous. My brain seems to be gradually absorbing all the information I have learned so far.

Bloody battle. Run out of who will stay strong at the end...

Then right at this moment, the life of Alvaro’s family is in jeopardy because they are the target of the King of the Kingdom of Corax. I’m scared of what might happen.

“T-Thank you for clarifying my questions, ma’am. I need to leave, goodbye.” I added before I immediately turned my back on her and left.

I wasn’t on myself as I walked back to where Alfaro was waiting for me. When I looked at him, I immediately adjusted my appearance so he wouldn’t notice my anxiety. He turned to me quickly when he noticed me approaching. He looks so bored. I also noticed him watching around.

“I’m sorry, it took me a while---”

“Come on,” he said hurriedly then rode the horse first.

I frowned in astonishment. He’s not mad at me, is he?

I just rode when he glared at me with a bad look as if he was already annoyed with my slowness. When I finally got on board, I almost froze in fear because he quickly started the horse even though I hadn’t yet clung to the rope.

“Hey, take it easy! I might fall again.” I scolded him but he just remained silent.

Wow, I’m a little surprised that I didn’t get teasing from him. My forehead furrowed even more. He wasn’t this fast on riding earlier. I’m also not used to his face right now. He’s as serious as Alvaro.

What happened?

He has been teasing me lately and bullying me. But now he was just completely quiet.

I was shocked when he suddenly stopped the horse. We haven’t yet left the kingdom of Borza. I turned my gaze to the surroundings. I can only see tall and large trees here.

“Alfaro, why did you stop?---”

I didn’t finish what I was about to say when he raised one of his fingers and motioned for me to be quiet.

“I knew it, my suspicion was correct,” he whispered.

“Huh? What are you saying?” I asked, confused.

“They’ve been following us since then,” he replied, I was stunned.


Trembling quickly overtook my chest as someone came out at once and surrounded us. They are all in black and have a sword in their backs. There are about fifteen of them. I also think they are all men based on their physical posture. They are probably the staff of the King of Corax mentioned to me by the old woman I talked to earlier.

I turned my sight to Alfaro and the reaction on his face was still the same. I can’t even trace the nervousness on his face. He got off the horse and faced them. I also quickly jumped to get down. I was just hiding behind him.

“I’m giving you the opportunity to let us return to our palace in peace.” Alfaro promised with authority. “You will only be hurt if you continue to do so.”

The men in black looked at each other and they just sneered arrogantly.

“Are you cowardly, Prince?” sarcasm of one of them.

Gradually a grim grin formed on Alfaro’s lips.

“I already warned you. Don’t blame me if after this your whole body will hurt.” he boasted.

I winced at his freshness and stared intently at what he was wearing. He wasn’t carrying a sword or any other weapon. I was even more nervous. It looks like they won’t really let us leave this place without getting hurt. I might die here right where I am today.

“That’s enough chatter, Prince. Let’s get this started.” further challenging the former man.

At the same time they pulled out and aimed their swords at our direction. Alfaro stepped forward and pushed me back.

“Just stay behind me.” he said softly, his eyesight was on the opponents. “No matter what happens, you must never leave here.”

Although I was nervous, I just nodded. I feel like I’m inside the cinema and watching a live action film.

“Alfaro!” I shouted trembling.

He stopped approaching the opponents and slowly turned to me.

“B-Be careful.”

He hugged me then he finally went near them. One of the men in black began to rush. Alfaro quickly dodged and kicked the man in the chest while grabbing his sword. The man fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

At the same time, his companions approached and rushed to Alfaro. He waved the sword he was holding which caused them to back away. But it didn’t last long and they rushed again. Alfaro only does avoiding and protecting himself from their swords. I screamed when someone was about to hit his side while he was busy fighting in front.

“On the side!”

He quickly advanced and stabbed the man hard with the sword. It fell immediately on the ground. I covered my mouth in shock. Each time he hit the opponent, he was accompanied by a stab wound to the abdomen or back of them as it lasted. His more than fifteen opponents were exhausted one after another. Some are unconscious while I don’t know if the others are still alive or not. The remaining one of them are really great. He’s fast-paced action and good defense.

Alfaro bowed when that man tried to stab him in the stomach. When he got up, he backed away and dodged the sword that almost hit him on the shoulder. He lifted the sharp sword he was holding and preceded the stabbing. The man was stunned and stared blankly at him. Blood came out from the man’s mouth before he fell to the ground and slowly closed his eyes.

Alfaro threw his sword and then went back to me. I took a step back slightly when he stopped in front of me. He must have felt my fear.

He smiled playfully then passed me and walked closer to his horse while I was still not moving from where I stand and was still shocked by what I just witnessed.

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