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Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen

I was abstracted by the emptiness as we made our way back to the Kingdom of Araya.

Until now, everything that happened earlier is still fresh in my mind. I have learned and encountered so much for today. I couldn’t believe I had seen people die right in front of me. That was the first time I had ever witnessed that in my entire life. I know it's kinda normal with them as self-defense because that’s what I saw in movies back then but I really didn’t wish to see that personally through my own eyes. I also didn’t expect Alfaro to be very good at fighting. Well, he should be really good because beside him being a Prince, his life is also close to danger.

I took a deep breath. I feel I’m not safe in this place. But I could do nothing because I didn’t know when and how I could get out of here.

I briefly forgot everything that was bothering my mind and regained my sight on the road as Alfaro’s riding his horse slowed down until it finally stopped. We finally arrived at their palace after a tiring and several hour journey.

My eyes narrowed slightly when I saw Alvaro outside their palace as if waiting for something. His head is bowed and both of his hands are inside his pocket. Maybe they’ve been back here early. He just looked up when he noticed us coming. He quickly approached us and helped me get down. Alfaro walked straight into their palace without saying a word. I just ignored him and turned to Alvaro.

“I’m sure you’re exhausted because of how far the distance of your trip is. Let’s stay inside so you can rest.” he said then entered first, I shut my mouth and just followed him.

We caught up with the King and the Queen who were actively talking to Alfaro. They all seem to know the softening of the knee that took place earlier.

“Black men blocked the two of us as we made our way back to the Kingdom.” Alfaro stated, “I think those are King Philip’s people.”

I thought of the new name I heard. Perhaps the King Philip he was referring to was the King of Corax.

“What else happened, Princess?” the King suddenly asked me a reason to get their attention.

I was engulfed in nervousness because I didn’t know what to answer. I feel like my mind suddenly went blank. I sneezed and hurried to think of something to say.

“T-They attacked us.” I replied.

The King nodded before turning to the guards around us.

“Improve your observation and make sure that no one else enters our Kingdom while the celebration takes place tomorrow.” his mighty command.

“Surely will follow, your majesty.” they both spoke and bowed.

I simply looked at Alvaro but I was stunned when I caught him staring at me as well. He came even closer.

“Did they hurt you? Did they threaten your life?” he asked seriously as he examined my arm and my whole face.

I immediately looked away. I’m ashamed of what he does. Her parents were in front of us and watching. They might think something else about us. I was about to speak when Alfaro suddenly answered.

“Do you think I will let her get hurt?” he said, with a sarcastic smile in his lips.

The reaction on Alvaro’s face changed all of a sudden and he had no emotion as he glanced at his brother. I frowned while staring at Alfaro but then the King and the Queen were stunned by what he said. He laughed sarcastically when he saw the shock and confusion in our looks.

“I was assigned by our father to go with the Princess so it’s my responsibility to protect her.” he explained further.

I gasped for air. It was good that he clarified it.

“You don’t have to worry anymore, Prince Alvaro.” I answered and smiled sparingly. “They didn’t get close to me. The truth is… they were all killed.”

“You killed everyone?!” It was only then that I heard the Queen’s voice again, traces of shock and concern at the tone of her voice. “Answer my question, Alfaro!”

I quickly closed my mouth. Alfaro glanced at me for a moment before bowing down.

“I had to do it, mother.”


The Queen sighed and went near her child. I noticed Alvaro avoiding looking at them.

“Don’t let your life be at risk just because of trivial things.” Queen Adelana added and a bad look filled me.

I was stunned.

Am I the one she refers to in vain?

Before the commotion, I was the one who avoided the conflict and understood. I don’t remember anything bad or wrong I did to the Queen so I still can’t really understand why she seems to hate me so much.

“Leave Alfaro alone, Adelana.” said the King, “He’s a Prince. He can do it himself. And if he doesn’t do that, he won’t be able to protect princess Emerald---”

“You just don’t care about my son so you’re ignoring my concern, Alfredo!” the Queen yelled. “Is it more important for Alfaro to take care of that Princess than his own life?”

“You don’t have any right to question me. I have the same and fair love for my two children---”

“Then why did you easily decide that Alvaro would be the replacement to your throne as King of the Kingdom of Araya? Is he your only child? Do you not trust Alfaro in leadership?”

The guards and helpers who were there earlier left. The King was speechless. Alfaro looked away while Alvaro just leaned over next to me. I barely felt pity for him suddenly. I don’t think he has a good relationship with the Queen, her mother. Queen Adelana prefers Alfaro to take the throne.

But why?

She has two children but why does she favor only one? Why does Alfaro seem to be more important to her and that is all she trusts? None of my own tapped Alvaro’s back. He turned to me. I smiled genuinely at him to encourage and lighten him up even if he was a little upset.

Even if he doesn’t admit it or show it, I know he’s hurt as he hears face to face what his mother is saying. He’s also still a human being, he feels something.

No matter how brave or strong a person is, once the topic is about their own parents, everyone becomes weak.

“Let’s end this conversation.” the King calmly avoided, “It’s not pleasant for our guest to hear your grievances about my decision. We will talk later.”

“I don’t care about her!” the Queen shouted angrily.


I was surprised by the King’s shout. Now I can see how angry he is to be.

“Don’t you doubt the sudden appearance of that woman? Do you not think that she may be a spy or a traitor? Ever since she came here in our Kingdom, the enemies have been taking steps of attacking gradually---”

“Stop it, Adelana!” the King stopped her, “You’re wrong to accuse the Princess of not having enough evidence.”

“I have a strong feeling that that woman is hiding something. And I will prove it to all of you! Better mark my words.” the Queen rebuked emphatically before she turned her back on us.

My heartbeat quickened. I’m sure the Queen won’t stop from her suspicion on me. I become even more nervous whenever I think of it.

Deafening silence prevailed between the four of us. Alfaro left without saying a word. The King was devastated.

“Come with the princess to her room.” he ordered Alvaro. “Leave me alone here for now.”

Alvaro and I looked at each other. We both nodded to the King and bowed slightly as farewell before we finally left there.

“Sorry,” Alvaro said suddenly as we stopped opposite the room. “You shouldn’t have heard them.”

“It’s alright, I understand. I can’t force her to believe me.”

He just nodded. We fell silent again. Every minute, I glance at him. He looked back to being serious but I could feel him thinking deeply.

“You can’t get along with the Queen.” not in my own words, I said.

He grinned. “Is that a question or a sentence?”

I sighed. I’m not joking with him. He lost the grin on his lips when he realized I’m not kidding around.

“All my life I have never experienced being considered my mother’s own child. She’s always on Alfaro’s side. She always notices my mistakes. Until now I still don’t understand. We are both her children but why she isn’t treating the two of us equally? One of us is greater in her eyes. And maybe she can’t accept that I will be the next King of Araya and not Alfaro. I also didn’t want it but I couldn't refuse because…”

“Because people here need you, Alvaro.” I felt sorry for him and looked straight into his eyes, “I know you will be a good King so we need someone like you.”

He didn’t speak. He just stared at me for a few minutes then he suddenly averted his eyes.

“Get some rest, you need that. Because tomorrow you'll definitely run out of energy…”

I woke up the next day when I heard another voice in the room. I saw the servants cleaning and tidying up there. They stopped what they were doing as they noticed me.

“Good afternoon, Princess.” they bowed and they greeted me at the same time.

“It’s already noon?” I asked in shock.

I turned to the window. The sun is already up.

“Your bath is ready and the clothes you’ll wear, Princess.” said an assistant. “Prince Alvaro prepared that earlier this morning.”

I smiled, “Thank you.”

I went straight to the bathroom. My eyes shined in amazement because of the nice style of the bath. The water is warm and it was also surrounded by roses.

I just hastened to take a shower and I cleaned up immediately before returning to the room. I turned pale when I saw that the maids were still there holding the dress I was going to wear. Don’t tell me that they will wear that to me?

“U-Uh, can I just dress up myself?” I stuttered while asking it.

“Won’t you need our help?”

I immediately shook my head. “N-Not anymore. I can do it.”

“Alright. Just call us if you have anything to command or anything you need.” they said before finally leaving the room.

I breathed loosely. I quickly put on that dress. The fabric is beautiful and glowing crystals are on the top of it. Gold necklace and bracelet are also included. As well as the 1 inch high heels.

When I finished wearing that, I went out. I just let go of my long and fallen hair but I still brought a hairpin in case I needed it because the breeze outside was too hot.

A guard led me to the place where the celebration was to be held. Maybe Alvaro and the others were already there because I didn’t see any of them in the palace.

We just got to where we were going. I immediately got off the horse and went straight inside.

I caught so many people in that vast area. They are also glowing and beautiful in their clothes. I saw the King talking to the guards he had assigned to guard this day until the gathering was over.

He turned to my direction as he pointed outside. He motioned for me to approach them which I immediately complied with.

“How pretty you are on your dress, Princess Emerald.” the King praised me.

I smiled. “Thank you for the compliment, your majesty.”

“Please be patient with the Queen, Princess. I’m the one who apologizes for all of the unpleasant things she said to you yesterday.”

“Don’t mind it. It’s okay.” I said politely.

He smiled as well. “You’re so nice. May you be happy in today’s celebration.”

I nodded with a big smile before the king bid his goodbye to find out where the queen was.

The celebration began abruptly. The masters played their various instruments. The sound is slow and so pleasant to the ear. Romantic and like you are being drawn to sleep. The couples here and their partners immediately got up and went to the center to dance. I frowned and just rolled my eyes all around.

Even though many people were staring at me, my attention was caught as Alvaro walked slowly towards me. I smiled secretly. I will admit that what he’s wearing right now suits him.

I felt my heart stop beating when I saw him smile. Even though that smile was frugal, I was still happy to see him smile for the first time. I was stunned when he’s finally in front of me and he held out his hand.

“May I dance with you?”

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