The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen

“May I dance with you?”

My world seemed to stop spinning and only Alvaro’s voice could be heard over and over again in both of my ears.

I stared at him for a few minutes. The smile etched on his lips still lingers. This is the first time he temporarily removed his seriousness and I still can’t believe I’m seeing it right now.

I looked down at his outstretched hand. He’s waiting for me to answer. I nodded slowly and gave him a sweet smile.

We stood in the middle of the crowd dancing. I was a little taken aback when I felt his hand gently grip my waist. I looked away in shyness.

I’m not used to the dance step of the people here so at first I was still a bit confused. But because it was kinda easy and slow, I was able to catch up immediately. As much as possible I don’t turn my gaze to Alvaro. My cheek heats up for an unknown reason all of a sudden. I heard whispers from those ladies around us.

“Look, the Prince is dancing with somebody!”

“Do you know who’s that unknown lady?”

“I don’t even know her name. She’s probably Prince Alvaro’s lover.”

“That’s impossible. I saw Prince Alfaro with her just the last time.”

“Couldn’t she be boating on two rivers?”

“Then the thickness of her face to seduce the two Princes!”

“Ha, the nerve. She thought she would be liked.”

I was irritated and just didn’t pay attention to them. It’s too harsh to speak of these. I couldn’t accept it. These two Princes aren’t even my type so how do I boat on two rivers? Gosh, I didn’t expect that even here in the Kingdom has gossipers too.

“The women there like you, right?” I turned to Alvaro, pointing to the position of the women we were talking about me.

He just looked at me innocently. He didn’t even bother to answer. Anyway, it’s obvious. I don’t have to ask any more questions. I’m pretty sure many people like him here. Many of her traits are really attractive to women, so this is how her die hard fans react because they saw me with their Prince dancing. Psh.

I thought I could rest after a whole song but not yet. Alvaro still does not release me until now. My foot hurts a little but I can’t tell him that. I felt stiff as he pulled his body closer to me and tightened his grip on my waist.

“It looks like you don’t want to let me go with that,” I joked but immediately shut my mouth, realizing that there seemed to be a double meaning to what I said.

I quickly averted my eyes and bit my lip in embarrassment. He smirked.

“P-Please don’t think that I meant something else, Prince.” my defense stuttered.

The song ended again and he finally let go. I said goodbye to rest for a while, he agreed and went to the King when he called him for a while. I was about to sit down when someone suddenly approached me.

“Your beauty is fascinating,” said the man in front of me, “I am Joro. I wish I could know your name if you don't despise me.”


I scratched my head so hard because I didn’t know if I would answer his question or not. I turned to Alvaro’s place but he wasn’t looking at me. He’s still talking to his father.

“My name is Emerald,” I replied.

“How nice of your name, Emerald.” he smiled, “Will you agree if I invite you to dance?”

I hesitated to nod. I’m tired but I couldn’t refuse him. After all, it was only once. As we danced I caught a glimpse of Alvaro. I saw how his jaw tightened and his eyes darkened as he glared at me from afar. I looked away immediately.

That one added a few more invitations. I wish I could have refused but they were really forcing me. I breathed loosely when Alvaro approached us and picked me up. He pulled me away from there and made me sit down. He also gave me a bottle of water because he must have felt my thirstiness. I was shocked when he suddenly took the chair and dropped it in front of me. He sat down and trimmed me.

“So many men have enjoyed your dance.” he said seriously, I sighed. “Twenty-three.”

I looked at him in surprise. “You counted?!”

I didn’t know that he had been watching me before. And he really counted how many I danced with, huh?

He grinned. “Isn’t it obvious?”

I rolled my eyes. “Psh.”

I groaned weakly as I felt the pain in my whole body, especially my feet. Definitely it’s too red now. I bent down and started taking off my heels when I was suddenly taken aback by what Alvaro whispered.

“What if I told you I don’t want to let you go?”

I immediately looked up at him because of that. My lips parted and I couldn’t believe what I just heard.


He stared into my eyes for a few seconds before shaking his head. He averted his eyes and stopped talking. My forehead furrowed even more in confusion. I don’t understand him. He’s troubled.

I just thought I heard nothing and just turned my full attention to the front when the King spoke.

“Good afternoon to everyone.” he began, “I’m glad to see you all having fun in our celebration today. Perhaps you are wondering what is the reason for this sudden gathering. I have something important to announce. But before that, I would like to introduce our guest to all of you. Princess Emerald, can you join us here in the foreground?” calling the King, his eyes on me.

That caused rumors all around. They were surprised to know that I was a Princess. The edge of my lip lifted when I heard the gossipers talk earlier.

“Take back what you said a while ago. The woman you are referring to is a Princess!”

“I-I didn’t know.”

“I think she heard our conversation.”

“We’re dead now,”

I stood up fresh and covered them with a teasing look and then walked closer to the King. I bowed slightly to him and to the Queen whom I didn’t notice was just next to him. I just stayed beside the King.

“Now I will continue what I was announcing.” The King added, “I formally introduce to you the next King of the Kingdom of Araya. My son, Prince Alvaro!”

Everyone applauded loudly and greeted Alvaro. Alvaro walked to the front and bowed to his father in greeting. I secretly glanced at the Queen. The mixture on her face was bitter and there was a hint of hatred. I can’t even see her even a little proud of his son. Now I guess why Alfaro is not here.

I also applauded and silently watched Alvaro smiling sparingly at the people. I know that somehow he felt loved by the people here in their kingdom so he can do his job well as a new leader, as the new King of the whole kingdom. I smiled genuinely. I’m so proud of him. I’m happy and at the same time, I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of the fact that I’m starting to like it here now…

Alvaro wasn’t mistaken when he said last night that I would run out of energy today. I was so tired from dancing and I think my feet were swollen from the heels.

I was so exhausted and let my mind sail away while looking out of the window’s bedroom. I fell asleep as soon as we arrived earlier at the palace. So tonight I’m the one who is still awake right now. I thought of leaving the room to eat when my stomach suddenly swelled.

I just ate quietly in the kitchen. The cooks were still awake so I had no problem with my food. I turned my sight to the door when I heard footsteps.

I stopped eating when I saw Alfaro. I didn’t see him all day, just now. He sat straight in front of me. The servants immediately offered the plate for him. He started eating until he finished it without saying anything. I feel like I’m with someone else because I am really not used to Alfaro being so silent. With his brother, well I’m kinda used to Alvaro being serious and quiet all the time. But to him, no.

I feel sorry for him. Maybe he’s like this now because he also wants the throne to belong to him as what the Queen wants. I just hope that the King’s decision won’t cause the brothers to have a fight or insecurities to each other.

Without saying a word, Alfaro stood up without even looking at me and left. I immediately followed him.

“Alfaro!’ I called him.

He stopped and I almost changed because he had no emotion as he faced me. I swallowed.

“I didn’t see you at the celebration earlier. W-Where did you go? D-Do you have a problem? You can talk to me if something bothers you---”

I closed my eyes in annoyance and voluntarily cut off what to say because of my own stupidity. Of course there is. He wouldn’t be like this if he didn’t have a problem.

He didn’t answer for a few seconds. He just stared at me. It seems like he’s examining my whole face. I blinked innocently. He swallowed hard and slowly walked closer to me.

“Don’t pretend that you’re worried about me, Princess.” he said seriously, “I may not be able to stop myself from liking you.”

I almost held my breath because of what he said. I have nothing to react to or to say. It was as if my mind suddenly went blank. I didn’t even realize that I had been staring into Alfaro’s eyes for a long time.

Bloods scattered on the ground. Damaged property. Many people died...

Alfaro passed me as I stiffened in my stance. Tension quickly formed in my chest and I barely backed away from fear because of what I saw in his eyes. I felt sweat build up on my forehead.

What did Alfaro have to do with that bloody battle?

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