The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

I washed my face quickly then looked at my own reflection in the mirror. My chest is still throbbing until now. I was so nervous for Alfaro. I’m not yet sure but I think something bad will happen to him and I should do something to avoid it before it’s too late.

Before Rika died, I also saw this vision in her eyes, as happened to Alfaro today. I blamed myself so much that I didn’t prevent her death even though I could still do something, so I won’t let myself to regret again. I need to prevent that from happening this time. I don’t know exactly what will happen in the future because what I saw is very vague but I will definitely make a way to change that.

I won’t allow another person important to me to be lost...


I can’t sleep. The sun is already rising but until now I’m still conscious. In recent days, I have hardly had a long break. Even if I wanted to or even forced myself, in the end I still couldn’t sleep. I’ve been thinking long and deep about the strange things that are happening to me. And because of what is happening now I can’t help but admit that I’m kinda sure of my suspicion.

I have power...

Sounds impossible, right? I haven’t had any slightest idea where it came from and how I got it. But I know I can’t inherit that from my parents since nothing like this is happening to them. We also don’t come from a family of elements or anything related to such extraordinary things. I still don’t know how to enable it or control but all I can say right now is that I really have it.

I teleported for the second time. The first was when I was in the hall but I suddenly went to the school cubicle. Then the recent one. When I was at the party, I suddenly fell into this world. Next is my ability to see the future. I know that is no longer a common occurrence. Gradually I was able to patch up everything that was happening to me.

But how did I get it?

If all of this was just a dream I would have wanted to wake up for a long time. Many are looking for me in my world. My parents, Pracy, and my classmates. Other than that, it was my plan to find out the secret kept by the Principal that became failed because I got here in the other world.

The truth is that I really wanted to leave here before but how can I do that now if I have to make sure that nothing bad happens to Alfaro? I feel like I need to protect and watch over him because I’m the only one who knows what might happen in his life.

Even though he always annoys me, I still consider him as a friend. Even though his relationship with his sibling isn’t good, I know he’s still important to Alvaro and to me.

I will carefully plan what my first step will be to prevent what I have seen. By doing this, I won’t only save Alfaro, but also the other people here in Araya who I can imagine will be affected and also killed in the upcoming encounter.

I let out a deep sigh as I looked out the window and waited for the sun to finally rise. It’s just a little bit and I’m going crazy because of everything I realize and think. Incidentally, I no longer knew what I should react to. I have so much to do but I don’t know where, when and how to start.

But no matter what happens, I have to succeed.

I walked quickly to the King’s room. I plan to talk to him and ask him to guide the security of the palace and the whole Kingdom.

When I got there I found him holding an envelope and reading what was written on the letter. Anxiety and worry can be painted on the King’s face. It’s definitely not good news written there.

“What’s the matter, your majesty?” I asked which caused him to turn his eyes to me but the reaction on his face still didn’t change.

I was even carried away by the King’s concern. Now I’m afraid of what I will hear from him.

“Philip still doesn’t stop sending threats.” he replied, “The letter states that their invasion is imminent. Compared to the warriors in our Kingdom, Philip’s warriors are much stronger. I have a large number of men but they are better at fighting and are really strong. My concern now is how can I protect everyone unharmed especially since I know the King of Corax has no plans to back off.”

I was stunned and I felt like I was out of breath. I tried to register in my brain what the King just said. I need to think of a way but how? Yet even the flesh of my mind is full of trouble.

“Tighten the security of the whole Kingdom, your majesty.” I suggested. “It’s better that there are more guards guarding inside and outside the palace. And also, please tell everyone not to go out of their homes so that no one else gets involved in the trouble. That can help, your majesty. Don’t hope. It will all end well. I’m sure peace will return to Araya soon.”

He nodded. “I will do what you said. Thank you very much, Princess. You have lightened my heart somehow. You are like an angel who fell from heaven, you are a blessing to our family. Ever since you came into our lives I have noticed a big change in my children.”

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, confused.

“When you weren’t here, the two of them weren’t like that. Alfaro obeyed my commands almost as much as a drop of rain. But when he met you, he was the one who volunteered and presented to take you to the Kingdom of Borza. He just considers everything a game and he doesn’t know anything while now I notice his desire to follow in my footsteps. I felt Alfaro’s desire to be the King.”

I nodded in agreement. I also used to think that Alfaro had no plans to become a King. That wouldn’t obviously suit him. But I didn’t know that in his heart he also wanted to be like his father. He also wanted to rule their Kingdom.

“My son, Alvaro is serious. He isn’t heavenly. He has no interest in being the King but I saw him as a potential leader so I chose him. The people here in Araya needs such a King like him. Even if it was against his will that I made that kind of decision, I never heard a complaint from him. And when you came, he often smiled. It was neither fake nor forced. I feel that he’s already willing to be the new leader of our Kingdom.”

I raised an eyebrow slightly. Alvaro often smiles? Why do I not know about that? I only saw him smile once. That has not happened again. And the King was actually right, I also noticed that he’s already accepting his father’s decision.

“But why is that? Why do you think they both want to sit on my throne, Princess Emerald?” the King asked me.

I thought of an answer. Maybe because of power? I was shaken by the thought. The King may not like it when I say that. That’s kinda rude for an answer. Money? Definitely no. They are already rich.

“Perhaps to help the people?” I just answered.

He shrugged. “Maybe. But I know the real reason behind it,”

“What is it, your majesty?” full of curiosity I asked, he smiled.

“Because they want to protect someone…”

After my conversation with the king, I immediately bid goodbye and said that I would return to my room. It was also right at the moment since he said that he’ll also leave to instruct the guards to tighten their surveillance and tell the people that as long as possible they should stay inside their houses.

I’m not myself as I walked back to the room. My head hurts even more because of what the King said earlier about the letter sent by King Philip. I only watched those movies before, I never thought I would witness something like this in real life. Stressful as it really is. I stopped across the room when Alvaro and I crossed paths.

“Good morning, Princess.” he greeted me when he noticed me and stared at my whole face for a while. “Have you slept?”

I shook my head and sighed. “I’m going to sleep just now.”

His eyebrows met, “Then head to your room and rest now.”

I just nodded to him as my goodbye. My lid is already heavy. I was about to open my room’s door when we both heard a scream.

“The King!” a guard shouted loudly from outside.

Alvaro and I were stunned. At the same time we turned to the other guards running out of the palace. We looked at each other again and without a word we both hurriedly followed out.

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