The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen

I was stunned after she introduced herself. I sounded like I was blown away by the wind and clung so tightly to the wood by my side to support myself not to fall.

Did I hear it right? Is it the reason why she looks so familiar to me?

I stared at the face of this woman in front of me again. I can’t be wrong. Her face is really the photo I saw in the Principal’s office back then.

But why is she here?

New questions added to my mind. That’s why I went for a walk today to briefly get rid of those who are bothering me but I still haven’t been given by the chance.

My hands were shaking as I handed the payment to her. I still can’t believe I’m seeing her in person now. Everyone knows, even me, that she is already dead. I need to talk to her so that I can be clear somehow and some of my questions will be answered.

“Can you give me a few minutes of your time?” I begged her. “I want to talk to you.”

Although she was confused by my sudden request, she still agreed. I turned to Alvaro who’s now looking at me.

“I’ll just wait for you here.” he said before I could even speak.

Perhaps he understood that we had something important to talk about. I smiled and nodded at him before I turned to Varri again. I motioned her to follow me, which she did immediately.

“What are we going to talk about, Princess?” she asked directly when we got away.

“Mystica Elementa High,” I replied, both of my eyes were staring at her.

The beautiful smile on her lips from earlier was immediately erased. She was serious but I could clearly see the tears welling up in her eyes. She also stared at me from head to toe and there was a look of confusion on her face.

“Listen, Varri.” I begin, “Everyone knows you have been dead for a long time, even your parents. It’s been ten years since you disappeared-”

“Who are you?” she cut me off, astonishment was filled in her reaction.

“Quinn Emerald Naveen, I’m also a student of Mystica Elementa High. And just like you, I also stumbled upon it suddenly. I wasn’t aware of how and why.” I replied, she stopped, “So I won’t wander around anymore, I want to know, what do you know about the Principal?”

I silently got off the horse when we got back to the palace. I didn’t even notice that Alvaro was supporting me because I was so absentminded. What Varri and I talked about earlier still haunts my brain.

“So I won’t wander around anymore, I want to know, what do you know about the Principal?”

“Everything.” she answered directly as if she already expected that I would ask that.

Even before I could react, she approached me and whispered.

“I can’t tell you what I know here that there are other people around and hearing us. No one else should know that we aren’t from here. I know you’re also just pretending and you should never let yourself be caught.” she said, “If you really want to know everything let’s meet tomorrow. I’ll look forward to your visit and just in case, please don’t bring anyone with you.”

I nodded and she moved away slightly. She wrote on a piece of paper and gave it to me then she left me there. I read the letter wherein the address of the place is stated where we would meet tomorrow and the exact time but I got more curious from what I read below.

“Remember, not everyone here can be trusted…”

I gasped. It seems like it’s hard to sleep every night especially when there’s so many things bothering me. I no longer have silence. It’s just a little bit and I will definitely lose my mind.

“I noticed your silence earlier.” Alvaro suddenly said next to me, “What’s bothering you?”

I turned to him. As usual, the expression on his face didn’t change, he was still serious. I thought of something.

Can I trust you, Alvaro?

I shook my head and quickly averted my gaze. I shouldn’t doubt him and think badly of him. But on the other hand, Varri is right, maybe it would be better if I won’t admit to him my true identity. I’m not sure enough if he will get to understand me. Because I think by the time he finds out that I’m just pretending and lying to them, to him, he will definitely hate me.

“Nothing,” I faked a laugh. “Maybe I just got tired of our trip today.”

“Then rest in your room. I’ll just call you at dinner time-”

“No need.” I refused, “I’m going to sleep too by the way.”

I just took from him the things we bought earlier before I turned my back on him. I could feel him staring at me as I entered the room. I just breathed a sigh of relief when I finally closed the door.

I was tired of leaning against the door and sitting on the floor. I let go of my belongings and put my head on both knees then I started to cry. One of my hands covered my mouth to prevent myself from creating any noise. I cried for a few minutes. I feel the heaviness of my chest.

I never expected to get to the point where my mental and emotional breakdown would strike me here because of the sheer weight I was carrying and the amount of distraction in my mind. I have a hard time pretending. I have a hard time finding answers to my questions. I have a hard time finding out the truth. I’m having a hard time with what I’m doing.

But even though I was having a hard time, I couldn’t just give up immediately. I couldn’t help but despair. I need to know how I can get back to us because I know there are many waiting for me in my world. And I have already started this, I won’t allow all the tiredness and hard work I did to go to nothing.

I will continue this until the end, until I know the whole truth.

I woke up early the next day. I cried for a few hours last night so I immediately fell asleep. I went straight to the King’s room. I knocked on the door three more times before one of the guards opened it. I went inside and faced the King.

“Good morning, your majesty.” I greeted and bowed slightly in respect of him.

“You woke up early today, Princess. I’m innovating.” he joked and laughed, I smiled raw. “What is the reason you are here?”

“I would like to ask for your permission.” I started, “I’m just going somewhere.”

“Is that so? I’ll send you to the soldier-”

“You don’t have to, your majesty.” I quickly stopped him, “I can handle myself. I will also return immediately before lunch.”

“Where are you going?” he asked that made me stop.

I couldn’t tell him where I was going and even more so I couldn’t even bring a guard or royal staff. I need to change the subject and turn his attention to something else.

“We aren’t yet sure that the whole Kingdom is completely safe now especially since I think there are still some of Philip’s soldiers around Araya. You can’t leave alone---”

“Let me bring a sword, your majesty.” there was no doubt I asked that surprised him.

His lips parted in shock and he was trying to answer me. He probably didn’t expect what I just said.

“My parents often trained me in the duel when I was young so I knew how to use a sword.” I added, “So I ask you to give me permission.”

I really know how to use a sword because when I was in junior high school, I joined a training class to learn self-defense. That includes the use of a variety of weapons. The only thing I’m not sure about right now is if I still remember all the things I was taught before.

“You’re really such a wonderful Princess, Princess Emerald.” the King praised me when he recovered from the surprise. “If you want, then I will give you permission. You can carry a sword on your way wherever you go. But remember that not only do I give you permission, but also my whole being trust you. Promise me that nothing bad will happen to you and you will return safely to the palace.”

I smiled, “I promise, dear King.”

“I wish you safety. Be careful, princess.”

He nodded at me. I politely nodded to him back before I left the palace. While walking down the road I hid the sword I was carrying on my side that I could easily pull out in case someone suddenly attacked me.

I arrived at the place where Varri and I had agreed at the exact time and there was no suspicion following or circling me. I was shocked to catch her there who seemed to be waiting for me since then. I immediately approached her.

“Have you been here earlier?”

“Not really.” she shook, then looked around, “You have no one else with you?”

“I was the only one who came here.”

She nodded before turning her gaze back to me.

“So tell me, what do you want to know?-”

“Everything you know.” I quickly replied, “I came here to know all the truth, to answer my questions.”

She sighed. “You know maybe about your power, right?”

I sat down in front of her and took a deep breath.

“Yes but... I still don’t know how to control it.”

“Think about when or how your power works, that’s where you can determine how you can control it.”

I scratched my head and tried to remember what had happened to me.

“All I remember is staring into someone’s eyes for a long time, then I saw what was going to happen to him but it was too vague in my eyes. I couldn’t fully understand what it meant.” I explained, “Next is I just closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I was somewhere else.”

“Close your eyes.”

I looked at her in surprise. “Huh?”

“Close your eyes and try counting to ten. We’ll see if it works.”

I hesitated to turn a blind eye but I still did. This power can help me to get back into my world so I must learn how to activate it. After ten seconds I slowly opened my eyes. But nothing happened, I’m still here. I faced Varri again.

“I don’t think you just need to close to activate that power of yours.” she said, “Recall well what you did before.”

“I will do that but not for now. Tell me what else I need to know about the Principal and Mystica Elementa High.”

She gasped for air. “Mystica Elementa High isn’t an ordinary school. It contains a lot of elements and magic. You thought it was normal at first but as time goes on, a lot of strange things happen. Every ten years someone has powers, and you are one of them, me as well. Whoever she chooses, that person will be blessed with three different magical powers.”

I frowned. “I only have two powers. To teleport and read the future.”

“Perhaps you haven’t yet discovered the remaining one.”

“Of all people, why was I chosen?”

“I don’t know. We have the same question that only the Principal can answer.”

“What are your powers?”

“I can read what’s on your mind right now.” she answered directly, I swallowed. “I can also fly and look like an animal.”

“How did you find out all of this?”

“I knew everything before I came here. Like you, I was also led by the curiosity to know what was going on around me especially since I was just your age at that time. And my suspicion was that I was exiled by the Principal here because she knows I already know everything. So I can’t understand why you are stuck here when you know less than half of the truth. What is she planning on you?”

I was stunned. That is also one of the things I wonder about. Is it possible that the Principal is planning something on me?

“I have been imprisoned in this world for ten years and I am also used to their language and way of life. My life has been smooth and peaceful in recent years.” Varri added, “Whether I can return to our world or not, I have nothing more to lose. If I can return it will be even more chaotic, everyone knows I’m already dead. I can’t just show myself to them right after so many years I was gone.”

“But you won’t even go back to your family? Your parents? Don’t you miss them? No one knows if they are still looking for you until now, right?”

“I doubt that.” she laughed sarcastically, “I know they have long accepted that I died. They lived for ten years without me. If I came back, it was as if I had ignored their cries and longed to be with me again. I’m fine with this, I’m happy with my life now.”

She stood up and handed me the shroud of fruit that I had not noticed she had been carrying before.

“Why don’t you just stay here too? Just stand by your pretense. After all, you are a princess here, you have more protection. I’m also sure that when you return to our world, the Principal won’t tempt and let you. She will be frightened that you can be a threat to her and that you might say all you know against her.”

I was stunned by the absence and registered in my brain after everything she said.

“Why don’t you just stay here too?”

I was shaken by what I was thinking. No. I have to go back to my world, I have to go back to us. I have no idea what else the Principal will do. I will come back to my world no matter what happens. I don’t want my life to be like what happened to Varri, that my loved ones will think that I’m dead and they will just accept that over time. While I have no choice but to stay here because that’s what they all thought.

“I’m always at the store where you met me. Visit me in case you have any further questions. We can still meet here.” she said goodbye, “I’ll go first. You shouldn’t stay in the palace for too long.”

We both nodded at each other before we finally separated.

I don’t know if despite what I found out, I felt better because some of my questions had been answered or my mind became even more confused.

I rested deeply and stopped walking for a moment. I bent down and examined my foot. That’s getting red because I’ve been walking around for a while. I think I’m lost. I can no longer remember the way back to the volume of those in my mind.

I sighed again and looked up at the road. I was shocked to see the two Princes who are now only a few steps away from me. I looked at Alfaro in surprise then I turned my gaze to Alvaro. I heard Varri’s voice again in my ear.

“Why don’t you just stay here too?”

I don’t understand why now I seem to be hesitant. If I don’t return to my world, my life will be like Varri who had no choice but to stay here because she knows that no one is waiting for her anymore. But if I do return, something important to me in this world will be left.

I focused my eyes on the two of them. They were both riding their pet horses and seemed seriously waiting for what I would choose.

Who should I go with?

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