The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen

I sighed loudly before walking towards the two of them and passed them without saying a word. I could feel their heads spinning to see me slowly moving away from there.

“Princess Emerald!” Alfaro called me.

I bit my lower lip. I didn’t want to stop walking and turned to them so I just kept going. After some minutes I heard no footsteps of the running horse so I think they didn’t follow me and they went the other way. Maybe that’s better, that we take different paths. I looked up at the sky and forced a smile.

And in the end, I decided not to choose even though I already knew in myself who I really wanted to be with in the first place...

I don’t know what went through my mind and I avoided the Princes. They are not at fault but here I am, making them feel like they have done something wrong. Honestly, I don’t really know what to do anymore. I reduce my thoughts so that I can breathe and concentrate. It is more important for me to discover how I can get out of here so that everything will be over. And if I were to think of them first before anything else, I might not be able to do my tasks in the end.

I’m now in the palace garden. Walking and meditating while gazing at the stars and full moon. As much as possible I wish I couldn’t meet one of the two but I know it is vague. It is natural for us to meet and meet because we are in the same palace. I paused for a moment when I realized something then I giggled softly. I remember right here in my position that I first saw and met Alvaro since I was trapped in this world. It has been a long time. The speed of time. It all seems like only yesterday.

The smile on my lips suddenly faded when I turned to the man walking towards me. He bent down and was obviously deep in thought. He only noticed me when he looked up. We were both stunned and stared at each other for a second.

I already knew he wanted to say something so before he could continue I immediately let go of that stare and hurriedly turned my back on him. But before I could finally get away I heard him speak.

“I don’t know what your reason is to avoid me but whatever that is---”

I closed my eyes tightly and did not listen to what Alvaro said. Instead, I accelerated my walk further into the palace. I know what I am doing is wrong. I don’t mean to him or Alfaro that I’m avoiding them, but this is the only way I see to help them. This is also for our good. When I avoid the two of them, they will turn away from me and they will easily forget me when I leave their world.

I went into the bedroom and buried my face in the pillow until I fell asleep. I just woke up in the middle of a deep night. I forgot to close the window earlier so now I’m very cold. I closed it then I decided to leave the room and go to the kitchen for coffee. I didn’t find anyone there, not even the cooks or the maids. Maybe they all slept soundly because of the cold weather.

I heated the water and while waiting, I sat near the window that was slightly open. I could feel from it the strong wind blowing and the pouring rain. I was just stunned there until I heard the shrill sound of the boiling kettle. I immediately got up and turned off the stove. I might even disturb the sleep of the people here and wake them up in no time. I quietly brewed the coffee then sat down next to the window and looked at the view outside. The rain was beating so hard that it was as if the load he was carrying was too heavy and he could not handle it anymore so he exploded. It was as if the weather coincided with how I was feeling now and it sympathized with me. I sipped my coffee and the wind blew loudly.

My lips quivered as someone suddenly entered the kitchen and went straight to the counter to get some water. After he drank it, he just turned around to make some coffee as if he had not noticed my presence. I just bent my head down and secretly smiled bitterly. It’s okay to be like this, that we should avoid each other and not talk. That he would treat me coldly. This is what I want so I must accept it whole-heartedly.

I continued drinking my coffee while my sight was just on the window. I felt Alvaro sat in the other chair near my seat but I didn’t dare to look back. He also didn’t say a word. I thought at these times I would have alone-time especially now that the weather is perfect but it still isn’t.

Why does he always show up whenever I want to be alone?

I quickly sipped my coffee so I could get out of there right away. I was about to get up from my seat when Alvaro suddenly pulled me in front of him. My eyes widened as I turned to him and his hand gripped my hand tightly.

“W-What?!” I stuttered.

I tried to pull my hand away from him but he just didn’t want to let me go or at least loosen his grip. No matter what my power and strength are, I still have no equal with him. He just stared at me and I can’t even trace any emotion on his face now.

“L-Let me go, Alvaro.” I uttered weakly.

He looked down at the hand we were holding then he averted his eyes and dropped my hand. He stood up and in a flash turned his back on me. I bent my head down and let out a deep breath before I faced him and spoke boldly. He was statued on where he stood but he kept his back to me.

“What if... what if there is another world and I’m not from here?” I asked him with difficulty.

Tears welled up in my eyes. I knew he was listening so I kept asking questions.

“What if I don’t really live in the Kingdom of Borax? What if I’m not really a Princess? What if I’m just pretending? What if I’m just lying to all of you?”

He slowly turned to me. I heard my heart beating fast with fear. I don’t know why I’m saying this to him. I couldn’t understand myself either.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Will you understand me if I confess to you the truth, Alvaro?”

“I’m confused by what you’re talking about right now. Tell me the truth, Emerald.” he said seriously.

That was the first time I heard him call me by my name, the title Princess was not there. I’m desperately hoping he will accept my confessions. I’m hoping he will get to understand me.

“I’m not from this world. I belong to another world.” I bravely began, “When you first saw me in the garden of your palace it was also the day I was suddenly stranded here. I don’t know how that happened. And believe it or not I have a power but I haven’t discovered the other one yet and how I can control and enable it. I pretended to be a Princess from the Kingdom of Borax because I knew that once you found out I wasn’t a real person in your world, my life would be in danger or you would mistake me as a spy from the other Kingdom. I have no ill intentions or desire for you, I just really had to pretend and lie to you until I got to find out the way back to my world.”

I can see the shock in Alvaro’s eyes at these times. Perhaps he couldn’t believe what he heard. I can’t deny that I’m now affected by what he can say.

“I-I admit all this to you because I-I’m having a hard time hiding it, Alvaro…” my voice growled. “I hope you understand---”

“Y-You lied to all of us. You made us believe in your fake personality and you expect us to accept and understand you right away?” he said emphatically, I bowed especially in shame. “You expect us not to loathe you after we find out all of this? That y-you took the heart of each of us to deceive us?”

I immediately shook my head. “No, that’s not what I meant. You don’t clearly understand. I don’t intend to-”

“Then why did you still do it?” I was stunned to feel the fullness of mixed emotions in the tone of his voice, “What else do I need to know about you? What other lies have you told and shown to me?”

No matter how much I held back my tears, it was still dripping. I can’t blame Alvaro for why he reacted this way. I can’t blame him if he resents me. I can’t blame him if he doesn’t understand me and if after this conversation he will become even more distant from me. I have no right to complain at how he will treat me from tomorrow or in the next few days because I’m primarily responsible for it. It’s my fault.

I wanted to answer him that what I had shown and acted on wasn’t just pretending every time we were together. But he probably doesn’t need to hear my explanation anymore, it’s better that he doesn’t know because I also don’t have the courage to tell him that.

He waited for my answer for a few minutes but I kept my mouth shut. When he realized I had no intention to speak, he laughed sarcastically and nodded.

“I understand your a-anger. B-But I will only ask one thing, Alvaro. Please don’t let the King and the Queen know my true identity.”

A wide grin appeared on his lips before he gave me a cold and a flaming stare.

“I don’t want to... see you ever again.” he uttered without emotion and then turned his back on me completely.

Tears fell from my eyes one after another as I watched him from behind. Maybe he’s really angry with me and I don’t know if my apology would be enough for him to forgive me.

I looked up at Alfaro who was coming here to the kitchen that had just woke up. Alvaro stopped walking when he saw his brother. Alfaro’s sight first came to me when he noticed me. His forehead furrowed and his fists began to clench. He turned his gaze sharply on Alvaro then leaned on his shoulder and ran to me. When he stopped in front of me he stared at my face for a few seconds. I don’t know who I will look at or what I will react at this moment. I was stunned even more when he wiped the dry tears on my cheeks.

I turned my gaze to Alvaro with his jaw tightening as his eyes looked straight at Alfaro and me.

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