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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I slowly opened my eyes as I heard a loud noise coming from my surroundings. Also, the blinding lights from the ceiling. My eyesight is still a little bit blurry but I forced myself to get up in the bed.

“Quinn! Thank God you’re now back in your consciousness!” Pracy suddenly exclaimed.

I didn’t expect to see her here beside me. She’s with my parents. My mother immediately stood up and went near me when she noticed that I’m now awake.

“How are you? Does your body hurt?” she worriedly asked, I shook my head.

“What’s going on? Where are we?” I confusingly uttered.

“We’re inside the Hospital, sweetie.” Mom answered.

My forehead slightly wrinkled on what I just heard. I looked around the room. I can’t recall a single thing. I don’t even know why I’m here at the Hospital right now.

“How many days am I staying here already, Mom?”

“Three days…”

My eyes widened in shock. Three days? I’m lying in this bed for three days already?

“C-Can you tell me what exactly happened?”

“We found you unconscious inside the vacant room of the stadium.” Pracy began to explain, “We thought you just fell asleep because of too much drunkenness. But a whole day has passed and you’re still not waking up so we became really upset and worried. We brought you here but the Doctor said that you’re completely fine. So how come you just woke up after how many days if there’s nothing wrong with you and your body?”

I blankly stared at nowhere. Absorbing everything she said. What happened to me and why did they see me inside the vacant room of the stadium? And why did I bring back my consciousness right after three freakin’ days? I have so many questions in mind but none of it was clearly answered because I really can’t remember what happened at the party that night.

“Are you definitely sure that you don’t feel any pain in your body?” Dad ensured me.

I nodded. “Yes, Dad.”

“Good to know that. Since you’re already awake, I have to go back to the office now. I have so many appointments and meetings this week. I’ll see you later, sweetie. Get well soon.” Dad bid his goodbye and gave me a quick kiss on my forehead before he directly left.

I heavily sighed while glancing at the door he used to exit.

“Be patient to your Dad, Quinn. You know he’s a workaholic man. He’s really busy.” Mom apologized for the sake of my father.

I smiled shortly at her. “It’s okay. I understand, Mom.”

I’m used to it...

“I’ll talk to your doctor and ask if you can be discharged now.” she added, I just nodded. “Pracy, please guard her for a minute, okay?”

“Sure, auntie. I’ll stay here with Quinn.” Pracy said.

Mom also nodded before she went out. A deafening silence prevailed upon the two of us.

“Can you remember how you ended up being inside the vacant room of the stadium?” she spoke, breaking the silence between us.

I scratched my head. “I really can’t remember everything. My memories about what happened are so unclear.”

She didn’t utter any words again but I know we’re both the same. She’s also confused. It’s so obvious in her reaction. Maybe she’s now thinking all the possible and exact reasons why they found me there.

“Can you go back to school tomorrow?” Mom immediately asked as we arrived at the house.

“Of course, Mom. Don’t worry, I’m fine now.”

“Are you sure?”


I went straight to my room to get some rest. I don’t know why my energy is so low. That’s why I’m still feeling weak until now. I stared blankly at the wall for an hour before I finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next day when a loud knock on my door disturbed me. I rose up and opened it. It’s my mother.

“You’re going to be late, Quinn! Go take a bath now!” she commanded.

I gazed on my alarm clock. I didn’t even hear it ring. I quickly took my towel and came inside the bathroom. I took a shower and got dressed fast, too. Then after that, I wore my sandals before I went downstairs.

“Oh? You’re still not leaving, Mom?”

“I’m waiting for you, sweetie.”

I folded my arms and looked at her with an amused reaction on my face.

That’s new, huh?

“Waiting for me? Won’t you be late on your meeting? You only have thirty-minutes left, Mom.”

“It’s okay. Go along with me. I’ll drive you to your school. And I’ll pick you up later, too.” she smiled.

“Mom, you don’t have to do that---”

“I know, sweetie. But I want to…”

I was stunned when she was about to burst in tears while hugging me tightly.

“I’m too worried about you, my daughter. Especially when I heard what happened to you. I became busy in our Company for so many years to the point that I cannot watch you grow and take good care of you because I always have so many things to do. And now after all these things, I want to do my role as your mother. I want to take care of you. I want to know everything about you and see it through my own eyes while you’re growing up as a good woman.” she emotionally said. “I don’t know what I can do to myself if something bad happened to you again.”

“Shhh. Stop crying, Mom.” I patted her back and made her calm. “Nothing bad will happen to me...”

“Promise me that you will always take care of yourself, okay?” she reminds, I nodded with a smile.

“I promise.” I said, “Now, let’s go. We’re both late.”

As we arrived at the school, Pracy immediately came closer and waved at me from the window of the car. I glanced at my mother.

“I’ll go inside, Mom. Be careful when driving. Goodbye, love you!” I kissed her cheeks before I jumped off her car.

“I love you, too, sweetie. Bye!”

“Let’s go?” Pracy approached me as I came closer to her.

I nodded, “Let’s go.”

The classroom was filled with noise and gossip when we entered. All of them went near in my seat and intrigued me.

“What happened to you, Quinn?”

“Why are you gone for three days?”

“Did you get sick?”

“You’re completely fine that night, right?”

Some of the questions of my classmates that I heard. I didn’t answer them because even me myself doesn’t know what really happened to me. They got back to their seats when our Professor came in.

Nothing changes. Our first subject class is still as boring as it is. We just have our free time when the other classes are done. Pracy and I decided to hang out in the hall of the school since we need a break and a fresh air.

“Our acquaintance party is upcoming already, what will you wear?” she asked.

Oh, right. There’s only one week left before our acquaintance party to come but I still haven’t decided what to wear yet.

“I don’t know…” I answered.

“Me too. Why don’t we both go to the mall to pick what to wear?”

“Sure. We will.”

“Are you totally fine now? Don’t you feel bad?”

“I told you I’m okay. I feel no pain.”

“Good to hear that,”

We became silent for a second. I suddenly held onto her when my head began to ache. Pracy immediately checked me.

“You just said you don’t feel any pain in your body! Why now...” she worriedly complained.

Some flashbacks that happened to me in the party before I lost my consciousness popped up in my sight.

It’s already midnight. I’m the only one who’s still awake. Even though I felt dizzy, I forced myself to get up and came near the dark part of the stadium. Where there is a vacant and old room. It’s so dark inside, I can’t see anything except the little light coming from the big glass window behind me. I was shocked and took a step back when it began to thunder loudly and a lightning came up. I felt so weak. My knees got weak, my body lost its energy. My eyesight started to become blurry to the point that I can see no more but darkness. I fell on the ground and lost my consciousness eventually.

I raised my gaze at Pracy when I remembered those things.

“Are you okay now? Tell me...” she added.

“A lightning and a loud thunder,”

Her brow arched. “What?”

“That night. At the celebration party.”

“I don’t understand you, Quinn.”

“I went inside the vacant room of the stadium. And suddenly, lightning came up together with a loud thunder. I fell on the ground because of too much weakness I felt then that’s the time I lost my consciousness.” I explained, “That’s all I remembered.”

She was dumbfounded. “As far as I remember, it didn’t rain that night, right?”

“Yes, it didn’t rain. Even a drizzle. That’s why I’m confused.”

“Are you probably sure?”

“Yes, Pracy. I’m not lying!”

“What you just said seems so impossible, Quinn. You aren’t hit by the thunder, are you?” she asked, I shook my head. “Then how would you lose consciousness for three days if that’s the case?”

“I also don’t know…”

“That’s nonsense.”

I breathed heavily and stared at nowhere blankly again. Pracy stood up that made me turn back to my senses.

“I’ll just buy food for the two of us. Wait for me here.” she said.

“Go ahead.”

I calmed myself and removed all the trouble and impossible things running in my mind when she left. I waited for her while playing with my hair and repeatedly letting out a deep sigh.

Twenty minutes already passed by but she’s still not coming back. I suddenly felt a pain on my belly. Seems like I ate too much breakfast earlier. I stood up while resisting my aching tummy.

Where are you now, Pracy?

I looked around the hall. There’s nobody in there except me. I closed my eyes in pain I’m feeling right now. I badly want to go to the restroom. I need to let this all out.

As I gently opened my eyes, hoping that Pracy is already here in front of me. But I was stunned and I think I’m gonna faint here because of panic. I felt that my fur in my whole body was raised. I can also feel my hands shaking and my knees trembling while I’m turning around the area.

How the hell I got here inside the restroom?

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