The Heart Of A Magical World

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Chapter 3

Chapter Three

I covered my mouth in fluster while looking around. I quickly opened all of the cubicles and I can’t believe that I’m really inside the restroom of the school! I don’t know why I suddenly got here!

How did that happen?

My attention got taken when my phone rang. Pracy is calling. I answered it dumbfoundedly.

“Hello, Quinn? Where are you? I asked you earlier to wait for me---” she said but I’m not able to speak and still in shock due to what just happened. “Quinn? Are you still there? Hey?”

“I-I’ll go back there.” I only uttered before I ended the call.

I’m not on myself while going back to the hall. I just stopped when I saw Pracy running near to me.

“Where did you go?” she immediately asked. “I told you I’ll just buy food for us but you’re not here when I came back.”

I breathed deeply. I hold onto her shoulders. I know she’s wondering about what I’m acting right now.

“Pracy,” I said softly. “Something strange happened to me...”

Confusion is written all over her face. “How odd is it? Why? What happened?”

“I’m just sitting here earlier. I swear I didn’t go somewhere else! I just closed my eyes because my tummy is quite aching but when I started to open my eyes, I’m already inside the cubicle!”

She stared at me for a few minutes before she laughed loudly. It’s obvious that she doesn’t believe what I’m saying.

“Are you insane?” she burst into laughter. “So you’re thinking that you teleported, is that what you meant? Gosh, what’s that? Some kind of magic powers?”

“I’m not kidding, Pracy. Believe me! I’m saying the truth!”

“I think you still need some rest, Quinn.” she added. “You shouldn’t be actually in school yet. So get rid of those things that you’re imagining because they are so unlikely to happen.”

I looked away as she continued eating. We became silent for a moment after we finished our food.

“Let’s go back to the classroom.” she mumbled, I just nodded and didn’t speak.

As we came back to the room, I couldn’t focus myself in class. I’m still thinking over what happened earlier. On why and how I suddenly got there. It’s sensational and so unbelievable. .

“Calling out Ms. Naveen, you’re summoned by the principal.”

I looked at the front when I heard the Professor calling out my name. I stood up and took a quick glance at Pracy before I followed the Professor.

“Why am I being summoned, ma’am?” I asked while we’re walking ahead of the office of the Principal.

I don’t think I did something wrong or I violated the school rules. This is the first time I’m being called by the Principal after how many years I’m studying here. It’s kinda surprising.

“I also don’t know.” the professor answered.

We stopped as we went by the guidance office. She faced me.

“Go inside, Ms. Naveen.” she commanded, I slightly bowed at her before I entered inside.

My eyebrow arched when I saw no one in there. Even the Principal isn’t in her office. I just sat and waited for her to arrive. But I got bored so I decided to wander around her office while waiting. I saw a big cabinet there full of trophies and awards. Also all of the achievements of the school.

My gaze dropped on her desk. I noticed something compacted on it. A piece of paper. I can’t help myself to be curious about what’s written on it so I carefully took it and read what’s inside. I saw a picture of a good-looking girl wearing a uniform like what I’m wearing right now. I guess this photo was taken a long time ago because it’s already rusty and a bit old.

Who’s this girl?

My question was answered when I looked at the lettered lower part of the paper.

Varri Cuevas…

That name. I have a strong feeling that there’s something weird about her. Same as this school. I know there’s something that they aren’t telling us about. They are hiding something from us and I should know what it is.

I immediately returned back the paper in its place when I heard someone opening the door. The Principal came up.

“Did I make you wait for too long, Ms. Naveen? I sincerely apologize.” she approached.

I politely shook my head. “No, ma’am. Actually I came here just a minute earlier.”

She walked near to her desk and secretly put the paper that I held in the folder beside it. She sat in her swivel chair before she faced me again.

“I called you here because I heard what happened to you.” she started, “They say you’re confined in a Hospital for three days straight. Are you already okay?”

“Yes, I am, Ms. Principal. I appreciate your concern. Thank you so much.” I smiled a little.

“Well, good to know you’re fine.” she also smiled. “That’s all I wanna hear from you. You can go back to your class now.”

“Okay, ma’am.”

My head is a complete mess as I go back to my room. There’s so many things interrupting my mind right now. I just got back to my senses when I felt someone pinched my shoulder.

“Are you alright, Quinn?” Rika asked and accompanied me in walking.

“H-Huh? Uh… Yes! Of course, I’m alright.”

“Seems like you’re thinking deeply about something.” she added.

I didn’t say anything. I need to be alone to be able to think mentally. I’m so perplexed. So many different things are running in my head right now and I want all of it to be answered clearly.

“Mind sharing it?” Rika strained, “Go ahead. I’ll listen.”

“Can you promise that this will stay as a secret for the both of us? Don’t tell this to anyone, Rika.” I hesitated.

“Surely, Quinn. No problem with that. You know you can trust me, right? All of your secrets are safe with me.”

I sighed first then I told her everything that happened to me. She was stunned as her brain absorbed all of it.

“Oh my gosh,” she muttered.

I nodded repeatedly. Looks like she’s believing me because shock is still painted in her reaction. I didn’t notice that I’m staring directly in her eyes for a couple of minutes.

A car accident is bound to happen. Highway. Two people. Eleven-thirty PM. Thirteenth day of May, year 20**...

I quickly took a step back in affright. My head is hurting. My knees are thrilled. I don’t understand why I became nervous all of a sudden. Rika supported me from behind.

What did I see?


Rika and I are both quiet while heading back to the classroom. No one dared to speak. I can feel her worry about me but I know she knows that I don’t want a person to talk to in this situation. When we entered the room, Pracy immediately came near me and pulled me to my seat.

“Why did the Principal call you?” she intrigued me but I just glanced at her.

I can’t answer her right away because I’m spacing out and I’m not in the mood. My eyes widened as I suddenly remembered something. I took her phone without permission and looked for the date today.

May 13...

I slammed my face. Pracy confusingly got back her phone from my hand.

“What’s wrong with you, Quinn? You’re sweating.” she commented.

I quickly wiped away my sweat before it dripped from my forehead. I turned my gaze to Rika who’s now friendly talking to our classmates while laughing. I sought some air.

What’s the meaning of what I saw?

The class ended like I wasn’t in myself the whole day. I didn’t even notice that the Professor already dismissed us. As I left the school, I immediately saw my mother waiting for me in the shed. I smiled and went to her.

“Hey, sweetie.” she greeted. “How’s your day?”

“It went well, Mom.” I lied.

“Good to know that. So, let’s go home?” she said, I nodded before jumping in her car.

We finally arrived home after an hour of driving because of the heavy traffic. We both entered the house and went straight to the dining area. The dinner is already prepared.

“Your father is already in the dining room.” Mom said.

“Okay, Mom. I’ll just change my clothes.”

I headed to my room upstairs and changed clothes rapidly. I was about to leave my room when I suddenly stopped and looked at the clock. It’s already 10:45 PM. I gently shook my head and ignored the time. I closed the door of my room before I went back to the dining room. I saw my mother and my father sitting and silently waiting for me. I also sat down and we started eating.

“How’s your school?” Dad asked, I put my spoon on the table for a while.

“It’s perfectly fine, Dad.”

“How about your grades? Is there a problem with it? Did you maintain being consistent?”

“There’s no problem with my grades, Dad. It’s still as it is.”

“That’s good.”

I just nodded and got back to eating. I finished it fast so I can sleep early in my room. I was planning to go upstairs when I suddenly heard Mom’s voice calling me from the living room.

“Quinn Emerald!” she shouted.


“Come here. Watch the news.”

I scratched my head as I came to the living room. She immediately pointed out the television.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” I asked, confused.

“Listen and pay attention to the news,”

My forehead wrinkled. I’m wondering why her reaction is like that. As what she commanded, I paid attention to the news and listened to it carefully.

This thirteenth day of May, eleven-thirty PM, a senior high school student from Mystica Elementa High named as Rika Joy Leona was found dead due to the car accident that happened in the middle of Mystica Highway together with another person, a guy whom also found dead is known as her driver---

I immediately turned off the television after I heard the news. I trembled and was iced in where I stand right now.

“You know that girl, do you?” Mom asked me.

I nodded slowly and looked back at the television again. Fear and nervousness are occupying my whole system. I didn’t notice a tear dropped from my eyes. It creeps me out a lot.

What I saw in Rika’s eyes earlier really happened…

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