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Chapter 6

Chapter Six

“What are you doing here?”

I was stunned when the door suddenly opened and the Principal entered.

“Ms. Naveen? What are you doing here?” she asked again.

I felt like I was fre on where I stand right now and I was panting. I faked a cough and stealthily wiped away the sweat that is about to fall from my forehead. I tried not to show to her that I’m nervous. I smiled a little before I answered her.

“I’m here to pass our projects…” I forced myself to not be stuttered.

She stared at me for a minute. I thought she’s doubting me or what but it seems like she’s thinking if she really commanded something like that to our section. I breathed out loosely when she finally remembered it.

“Is that so?” she uttered, I nodded immediately. “Oh, I remembered it already. I’m sorry, I forgot. You can leave it there, Ms. Naveen. I’ll check it later.”

I bowed at her. “Yes, ma’am…”

She smiled. “You can go now. Thank you.”

I gazed at her for a second then I nodded and left. But I suddenly stopped before I went afar and casted a glance at the outside of her office again.

What are you hiding, Principal?

I’m not in my senses as I headed back to the classroom. I recalled all the names that are written on that old notebook. I had planned to make a research about them and I was hoping to get a few useful information.

I’m kinda confused on why Ms. Cuevas’ name was there. It’s the second time that I saw her name in the office of the Principal. It was like a puzzle to me to know what she did for our school and her true identity. Because almost everyone here in Mystica Elementa High doesn’t know even a single thing about her. Even the old students and the staff that was here for so long.

One thing that I also want to know is what’s the meaning of the word that is written on the first page of that notebook. I can’t even remember the exact word. The language is variant too so I can’t understand it but I guess it’s a French language.

Even the last name in the lowest part of the second page. I didn’t get to read it. I want to know and discover many things so I badly need to find a way and a timing to get back at the Principal’s office once again. I need to know all the names and information lettered in that notebook.

But how can I do it without being caught?

I was silent when I entered the classroom and sat directly on my seat. I’m absentminded the whole class.

“Class dismissed. You may take your lunch,”

I sighed and stared blankly at the wall for some minutes. I won’t really notice that it’s already our lunch break if Pracy didn’t pinch me.

“You looked so upset...” she commented.

“I’m just thinking a lot of things,” I mumbled dumbfoundedly.

Many things are troubling my mind right now. I can’t even absorb it all. They came up altogether and now I don’t know what I should put first and set aside. I don’t know what to do. I’m confused and under pressure at the same time. I have strong guts that I still don’t know such things about this school and the people that I used to see and talk to everyday.

“Like what?”

I got back to my senses when I felt like Pracy was inspecting me. I immediately shook my head. I shouldn’t tell her that I’m doubting the Principal since I still don’t have enough evidence that can prove that they are really hiding something from us. She also should not know about my steps while there’s still no sensible answer and clear explanation to all of my questions.

“Huh? Uh… Nothing!” I lied. “I mean, do I look upset?”

She nodded. “Yeah. You’re not in yourself and your skin is too pale.”

“Don’t mind me, Pracy. I’m just tired…” I smiled at her and clinged on her arm, “Let’s eat in the cafeteria.”

She couldn’t do anything but to follow me even though she didn’t believe what I answered. We talked and laughed together while walking ahead of the cafeteria. Like what we used to do, our habit. The pain we felt when Rika died can’t be removed, so we’re doing our best to be happy and comfort each other to lessen the grief inside us. We can’t imprison ourselves in sorrow and heartache. We need to move on. We need to continue living our life to the fullest. We need to accept the fact even if the process is too difficult and long. Because whatever we do, even if we cry blood every day and night, we can never bring back Rika’s life. Even if we say that we already did everything we can, our best friend will never be alive again.

When we came to the cafeteria, we even fought for a seat. We immediately sat and ordered a food as soon as we got the chair.

“Thanks,” Pracy pissed the two girls we had a fight with.

Irritation and anger is totally obvious in their face until now. Both of them flipped their hair and whispered their complaints before they left. We just giggled and our order exactly served on time.

The speaker of the school beeped after we finished our food. Everyone stopped what they were doing and carefully listened to it.

“Attention! It’s a pleasant afternoon, students. The Principal has an announcement. Please proceed to the school’s ground now...

“Attention! It’s a pleasant afternoon, students. The Principal has an announcement. Please proceed to the school’s ground now...

“Attention! It’s a pleasant afternoon, students. The Principal has an announcement. Please proceed to the school’s ground now…”

I gazed at Pracy who’s already looking at me then we both shrugged. We don’t have any idea of what’s the reason for the Principal to make a sudden announcement again in the middle of breaktime.

We had no choice but to leave the cafeteria. I irritatedly covered my ears because of the deafening noise coming from the loudspeaker in every corner we passed by. We went back to the room where our classmates are now falling in line and waiting for the two of us.

“Quinn, Pracy, what are you still waiting for? Fall in line now…” the Professor commanded.

We just gave her a short nod then we lane up in the end. When we’re all arranged, we headed immediately to the stadium. It didn’t take longer when the Principal came.

“I felt sorrowful about the death of the student in our school named Rika Joy Leona from Building C.” she started, “That girl is so intelligent and kind. All her records are clean since then until now. She’s very consistent in her rank from 1st Quarter to Final Quarter. So it hurts for me, for us, that she died early at a young age.”

I looked away and tried to divert my attention. I heard my best friend’s name again. I can’t help myself not to think of her every hour. She’s one of the people I know that has a good and pure heart. I will miss her.

“But we can’t do anything. They said, everything happens for a reason. So we can never change the fact that she’s already gone.” she looked around then she fixed her sleeves. “Anyway, I called all of you here because I’m going to say something. Your acquaintance party will come about two days from now. We have so many upcoming events this week so we can’t move or change what we all had agreed before. We also can’t stop the party just because of what happened.”

Every student here screamed in joy but they immediately became quiet when their Professors scolded and warned them. I secretly giggled.

“So back to what I’m saying, the acquaintance party isn’t cancelled. You don’t have classes for tomorrow so you can rest and prepare for the party.” the Principal added, everyone shouted again. “Oh, and by the way, it’s a masquerade party. Put on your mask. Wear your fancy gowns and tuxedo. The lucky one who will be the star of the night will receive a special award…”

“I forgot that our party will happen on the next day already.” Pracy suddenly said on my side. “Time flies so fast.”

I nodded. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow since we don’t have classes.”

“Sure!” she smilingly exclaimed, excited.

“It’s already time to go home. The class hours already ended.” the Principal spoke that made all of our eyes focused on her. “So let’s make this fast, the other details about the party will be announced by your class adviser. And if you still have questions regarding the party, you can ask your adviser and also your other Professors. That’s all for today. All of you can go now. Take care, students!”

Everyone clapped in happiness when the Principal was finally done with her announcement. They are glad because we won’t have to attend class for tomorrow and the party will still happen soon. Another celebration again.

The Professors aligned all of us so that we can go home properly. Our section is the last in line and I’m at the very end. Before we left the stadium, I took a glance at the Principal who’s still on the stage and looking at the students leaving the school’s ground. I glared sharply at her from afar.

I’ll surely find out your hidden secret…

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