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Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

My deep sleep was interrupted when I heard my phone beeping. I reached for my phone while my right eye was still closed. I opened a lot of messages coming from the group chat of our section and from Pracy. I only read her recent chat.


Good morning! I’m on my way there. Did you already get dressed?

My eyes widened and I almost fell on my bed. I didn’t bother to reply to her because I immediately got up and went directly to the bathroom. I took a shower at a quick speed. After that, I didn’t waste time finding a garment to wear. I just wore what I first saw in my closet. I’m doing my best to be fast because I know how short Pracy’s patience is. Maybe she’s already downstairs and impatient at this moment.

I combed my hair and wore my sandals before I came out of my room and went straight to the living room. I wasn’t mistaken when I say that Pracy is already there. She’s sitting beside Mom and it’s very obvious that she’s irritated at me. I just laughed at her then gazed on my mother.

“We have to go now, Mom.” I told her.

She nodded and smiled. “All right. Take care of yourselves, okay?”

“Yes, Auntie.” Pracy answered. “Thank you so much for the delicious dessert.”

Mom chuckled. “You’re welcome, Pracy.”

“Goodbye, Auntie!”

I felt abruptness when Pracy pulled me hardly out of the house. I hissed and was about to take revenge when she pushed me towards her car. I faced her as I jumped in the car, already pissed.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” I snorted. “We have a lot of time for today, Pracy!”

“Well, I saw something on instagram yesterday. There’s a 50% off sale in the boutique shop of the mall we both agreed to go to. It will end today so that’s why I’m moving at a quick speed. As in, their gowns and dresses are really gorgeous! So why not try it, right?” she answered and shrugged shaggily.

I rolled my eyes, “Whatever.”

She stopped the car as soon as we arrived in the front of the mall. She jumped off the car with her excited reaction. I shook my head in laughter because of what she did.

“You’re being a kid,” I chuckled. “Don’t worry, we won’t miss that 50% off sale you’re dreaming for. Chill.”

She giggled. When we came inside the mall, she immediately pointed out the boutique shop wherein she wanted to buy our gown for the party tomorrow.

“Good morning, ma’am. Welcome to our shop!” the saleslady greeted.

“Good morning,” I greeted back before we roamed around the shop.

Pracy was right when she told me that there’s a sale and elegant clothes. We couldn’t choose what to buy so we decided to separate first to find more and to pick. Two different gowns with the same color caught my attention. Pracy went back to me exactly on time. I took those gowns and made her choose one.

“What do you think will suit me the most? This one or this?” I asked and lifted up the gowns for her to see it clearly.

“Any clothes definitely suit you.” she answered, “But I think that A-line gown on your right hand suits you more.”

I smiled and stared at the gown she chose. Since it’s gorgeous and it’s the first one who caught my attention, then I’ll buy it.

I put back the other gown on its place before I faced the saleslady beside me.

“Can I try this?” I asked, referring to the gown.

“Of course, you can, ma’am.” she smilingly said.

“Where is the fitting room here?”

“Just go straight then right. You’ll see the fitting room there, ma’am.”

“Thank you,” I glanced at Pracy. “Let’s go?”

“Help me find a gown first before we go to the fitting room. I still can’t choose what to wear.” she hissed.

I nodded and overlooked around us. My eyes shrinked while finding a gown that will suit Pracy. When I found one, I immediately took it and gave it to her.

“Try this bodycon gown.” I told her.

“We have different sizes, ma’am.” the saleslady interfered.

“Find another, Quinn.” Pracy added.

I made a bad face and searched for a gown again. I grinned when I found something she will definitely like.

“How about this trumpet gown?”

Her eyes shined. “Perfect!”

After we fitted out the gowns we bought, we immediately paid the cashier. We also bought new heels and bags then we decided to eat at the food court before we go home.

We didn’t have enough energy when we arrived home. Pracy asked permission from her parents to let her sleep over in our house so that we can go together to the party. We just arranged all the things we’ll use for tomorrow before we laid down the bed. Because of too much tiredness, we immediately fell asleep.

I woke up but Pracy wasn’t beside me anymore. I grinned while fixing the bed. For sure she’s very excited for the party later. Well, I can’t blame her, though. After all of what happened, this is the only time where we can enjoy and have fun again. We deserve this.

I did my morning routine before I went downstairs. I caught Pracy eating breakfast in the dining room alone.

“You woke up so early, huh?” I jested then sat beside her.

“I don’t even know if I got some rest.” she grinned.

“Our acquaintance party will start later in the afternoon. It doesn’t seem you’re excited, Pracy. Really.” I sarcastically said then laughed out loud.

We ate and talked about the party later. Mom and Dad woke up late. They went near us and greeted us.

“I’ll do your makeup, okay?” Mom presented.

We immediately nodded. After eating lunch, Mom commanded us to take a bath so she can start what she’s going to do to us. I volunteered to be the last one to take a shower because I’m really a slow mover. When Pracy was already done, I immediately followed. I finished taking a bath after a half hour. I saw Mom doing Pracy’s makeover.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

Pracy became prettier in her gown. It suits her so much. Even the light makeup on her face. She’s so gorgeous!

“Sit down, Quinn. You’re next.” Mom commanded.

I sat at the front of the mirror. Mom ordered me to wear my gown first before she started to fix my hair. She braided half of both sides and twisted it to the back then she inserted a clip. She also curled the tip of it. And then, she added a light makeup on my face like what she did to Pracy. When it got completed, I stared at my appearance in the mirror before I faced them both.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful!” Pracy vented out. “You’ll be the star of the night for sure!”

I chuckled. Mom let us rest for a while since our driver isn’t here yet. Dad has an appointment today so he’s not available.

Pracy and I smiled widely when our driver finally came. Mom held our gowns so it won’t touch the ground until we hop inside the car.

“Thank you, Mom! We’re going now.” I shouted and waved my hand.

“Goodbye, girls! Enjoy!”

The driver drove fast so we arrived at the school within an hour. It’s a good thing that there’s no traffic for the day.

“Did you bring our masks?” Pracy asked.

I nodded. “Of course.”

We saw a lot of cars parked as we came out from the car. We looked at each other and wore our masks before we entered inside. Both of us were amazed by how the stage was organized properly. Even the number of the students here are increasing every second. Wearing their stunning ball gowns and tuxedo together with their masks.

“Oh, gosh! The crowds are being wild! Don’t disappear from my sight again, okay?” Pracy exclaimed.

I beamed. “Why would I disappear?”

“Just saying. We never know,” she laughed too.

Our attention got stolen by the emcee when she opened her microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the party will start in five minutes…”

We seeked for the table of our classmates as soon as we heard what the emcee declared. I found their seats when one of them waved a hand. We immediately went near to them and sat down.

After five minutes, the party finally started. The emcee announced and reminded us so many things before our excitement existed again. Everyone sang and danced like there’s no tomorrow. Laughter and loud screams filled the entire stadium.

I took a heavy sigh while glaring at this new guy presenting his hand and requesting me to dance with him. I can no longer count how many of those men invited me. Pracy and I haven’t talked again since the party began. She’s also tired of dancing every time the DJ changes the beat and the song. I just granted his favor. I told him that he’ll be the last one to invite me to dance because I’m really exhausted. I sat on my seat to rest for a bit when the whole song ended.

“Should I get you a drink?” Kori suddenly insisted from my back, I immediately nodded.

“Yes, please!”

I couldn’t see Pracy so I casted a glance to everyone grooving on the dance floor. My sight got stuck to the lady who’s standing at the dark side part of the stage.

It’s the Principal...

I stopped automatically when I gazed at her and she’s already looking at me. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that both of our eyes met or she’s staring at me for a while until now. She smirked as she dropped her sight on me before she turned her back and left. I removed my mask and threw it. I’m pretty sure that I’m not imagining those things. I followed her dumbfoundedly.

I immediately looked around as I went outside but I wasn’t able to find her. I have no idea where she passed through that fast. But because of this incident, my doubt on her strengthened.

I was about to go back inside when someone accidentally bumped me. I closed my eyes in pain when his forehead hit my eyes. I remembered the Principal with a smirk in her lips. I want to know what’s her hidden secret. I want to know what she’s planning to do and her genuine intention. I want to know everything.

“Sorry, Miss---” the guy that bumped me apologized.

His voice became slower in my ears to the point that I couldn’t hear a single word from him. I gently opened an eye while covering the other one. I almost fell on the ground when I tried to walk away because of panic.

Where am I?

I don’t know where I ended up. I was at the party just a few minutes ago. Where am I now? This was the second time that it happened to me. The second time that I opened my eyes and I was in another place all of a sudden.

I stared at the magical door in front of me opening little by little. The lights coming from it are blinding my eyes. I felt like I was being hypnotized. There’s something pushing me to go inside.

I just noticed myself walking towards that uncanny door. I covered my eyes with my arm because of too much brightness I saw as I slowly stepped in...

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