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Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

I abstractedly looked around and I was totally amazed by what I saw. I bit my lips while staring at this huge and grand palace in front of me. Shock and amazement is what I can describe to my feelings right now. I was like in the jungle because of how many tall trees and grasses here.

What is this place?

I walked carefully near the palace and kept an eye on it for awhile. I took a glance at the door where I entered earlier but it’s already gone. The mysterious door suddenly became a high and broad wall. My forehead wrinkled in confusion.

Why does it disappear?

I immediately hid in the lawn when I heard crackling and footsteps from afar. My eyes narrowed as I gazed at the well-formed handsome guy who came out from the palace. He’s tall. I think his height is 5′9 above. His body figure is a bit muscular. I guess we’re the same age. He’s good-looking but he seems snobbish because he’s frowning.

He’s looking around like he’s observing. My eyes widened and I was stunned when I accidently stepped on a piece of wood beside me. It created a noise. My nervousness went higher when I saw that the guy is now walking near me. I almost jumped up in fear when he directly pointed his sharp sword in me.

I’m dead now.

“Who are you?” he asked, staring at me with his serious face. “What are you doing here?”

“I-I’m not an enemy!” I nervously answered and raised my both hands like I’m a criminal surrendering to a cop.

He eyed me with full of doubt. I felt like he’s judging me already by the way he glared at me. I realized that I’m being defensive. I’m really not an enemy but he might think I am because of what I said. I let out a heavy sigh.

“How can I be sure?” he added, “This is the first time I saw your face. Do you think I believe you?”

“Please, believe me. I’m saying the truth! I don’t even know how I got here…”

“What kingdom are you from? You’re probably lost.”

He’s right, I’m lost. I don’t exactly know where I am right now. I turned my sight around the surroundings again. I couldn’t move because of his sword. I’m afraid that he might cut off my head if I move. I swallowed hard while realizing how sharp his weapon is.

“What is this place?” I uttered.

“This is our kingdom,”

I frowned because of that. What did he say? Kingdom? I immediately stepped back as he fastly took his sword away from me and returned it inside his garb.

“You’re in the Kingdom of Araya…”

Araya. It’s my first time hearing that kind of word. Where am I really and why is there a kingdom here? Are they fooling me? Is this all a joke?

“What is your name?” the guy asked and stared at me from head to toe. “I think you’re a Princess.”

“Quinn,” I smiled sparingly. “Quinn Emerald is my name...”

“Are you a princess from the Kingdom of Borza?” he added, I nodded even though I’m confused by what he was saying.

“Y-Yes, I’m from there.” I just said and forced a smile.

I don’t know what he’s saying. Princess? Kingdom of Borza? I couldn’t understand any single thing.

“If that is so, I sincerely apologize. Forgive me for what I did when I pointed my sword at you and mistaken you as a spy.”

I was shocked when he slightly bowed. Since I told him that I’m a Princess, I guess I needed to act like one. I need to pretend because if the time will come wherein they already knew that I’m really not from here then presumably I might not be able to return to my house alive.

“I-It’s alright, no need to be sorry.” I said uncomfortably then looked away.

“Spend your day today in our palace. I will accompany you to your Kingdom by tomorrow.” he said and led the way inside the palace.

I looked up at the dazzling light from the sun. Why is it morning here? Isn’t it night? I feel like my head hurts even more. This will be added to my thoughts.

I just followed the man who was waiting for me inside. He looked harmless though. When I entered, I was even more amazed by what I saw that we were going through. That whole palace is shining because almost all the furniture is made of gold. It seems like it’s hard to move here. Maybe my little movement might break these things immediately.

I don’t know which way we are going now. I noticed that every corner here is really neat. I couldn’t see even a little dirt. The palace is like a museum to a large extent. I can say that the people living here are really rich.

We stopped walking when we reached the opposite door. The man turned to me.

“This is the room for our guests. Get some rest first,” he said, I just nodded at him then I quickly went inside and closed the door.

“Seriously…” I whispered to myself as I rolled my eyes all over that room.

I smiled widely and sat on the soft bed. It’s nice here! I was jumping in too much joy.

I just stopped when I suddenly felt body ache from exhaustion. I laid down on the bed to rest but I suddenly remembered Pracy. She’s definitely searching for me right now. And for sure, my parents are worried about me too.

How can I get out of here?

Aside from not knowing why I got here, I also don’t know the way back home. I may have reached nine miles away from this place from us.

I rummaged through what I was wearing but I remembered that my bag was in the car where my phone was. I also have difficulty moving because of the gown I’m wearing right now.

I got up and went out of that room. Hoping that they have a telephone here. I have to call Pracy so they won’t have to worry about me anymore. But I caught the man I was with earlier talking to two men. I think they are the guards in this palace.

“Forgive us, dear Prince. We just rested for a while. We’ll make sure this won’t happen again.” they said on their knees but I didn’t hear much because they were far away from my place.

The man just nodded to them signaling that it was okay. The two guards stood up, still can’t look directly at the man’s eye.

“Go back to your duties.” the man commanded, the guards bowed politely before they left.

I was shocked when that man noticed me peeking at them. I fixed myself immediately when he approached me.

“Don’t you want to rest for a while?” he asked. “Are you uncomfortable in your room?”

I shook my head and forced a smile. “Maybe I’m just innovating.”

“Do you want me to take you for a walk in our Kingdom?”

“All right,” I agreed.

We exited the palace. The guards turned to me with amusement in their eyes.

“Do you know that lady?”

“I just saw her now,”

“It was obvious in her clothes that she came from a rich family.”

“She may be a Princess from the other Kingdom.”

I heard their whispers. They just stopped talking about me when the man next to me sneezed.

“Get the horse ready. We are going somewhere,” the authority was traced in his tone, the guard immediately followed.

When they returned, they already had the horse with them. I couldn’t help but stare. It is white in color and gentle to look at. I would have approached it and held it when the man suddenly blocked me.

“Don’t come near it.” he warned. “It just looks so gentle but my pet’s venom is different. You will definitely get hurt.”

I was surprised when he suddenly jumped up and rode the horse. I swallowed hard as I stared at the hand he held out to me. I nervously took that. I was shocked when he himself put my hand on his waist.

“Hold on tight,” he said then turned the horse. “Do not let go.”

I closed my eyes in fear and clung to him even tighter. I began to open one of my eyes to get used to the giddiness. This man’s pet horse ran really fast.

When we got on our way, I was even more impressed. This place is beautiful. The houses are contiguous and almost identical. The environment is also clean. The air is fresh and all the trees are fruitful. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this in my whole life.

He pointed out what to call on each place we passed. I am also not familiar with what he said so I am sure this place is really far from my house.

My companion stopped the horse at a restaurant. He came down first then he supported me. He motioned for me to go inside which I did immediately. I suddenly felt hungry when I smelled the cooked food. The seller greeted us warmly. They talked with my companion for a moment before nodding and returning to the kitchen. Maybe this man has already ordered. We sat down and silence prevailed between us.

“Are you alone in the palace?” I asked, breaking the silence.

He turned his eyes on me. He’s the only one I saw there and the guards guarding the palace. Apart from them, I see no more.

“My brother is also in there. But you can rarely see him because he always wandered around the Kingdom. While my mother and my father are busy with their responsibilities.” he replied.

My forehead furrowed slightly in astonishment. What kind of responsibilities do they have? My head is aching again.

“Maybe you still don’t know,” he said so I turned to him again. “You don’t know me yet, right?”

I was unable to speak. When he realized that he was right, he lifted the edge of his lip. I was stunned by what he said next.

“I am Alvaro. The Prince of this Kingdom…”

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