He comes at night

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A reverse harem. This little dirty tale is about a girl in need of a real man's touch. To bad the only man who can actually satisfy her needs just might not be real. Follow Elaina has she is drug to hell and has to fight the demons who want to claim her. Will she fight or will she surrender?

Fantasy / Erotica
M.K. Rissen
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Chapter 1

Finally settling down in a place of my own after leaving my boyfriend of five years. I was happy to be on my own. Sexually frustrated was the reason why I left. I craved something more. My body was on fire at all times and Aaron just wasn’t satisfying me anymore. Even after sex, I had to go into the bathroom and finish myself off just to have an orgasm. Aaron was a decent guy, but I had a sexual appetite like you wouldn’t believe. Aaron just couldn’t keep up. I was only twenty-four years old and I have never been on my own to just date and try to have some casual sex. No strings attached. Now it was my time. I have two best friends Rebecca and Lisa. Both of them were living the single life and now I get to join them.

The place I found to rent was a steal. It was an older home behind a home. The owners were in their late sixties and never really left the main house. The little cottage, as I like to call it. Sits way in the backyard about two hundred feet from the main house. It’s adorable with a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and one bedroom. Fully furnished with Utilities included for four hundred a month. I was incredibly grateful to the couple for taking a chance on me. The bed was so comfortable. The only rules they gave me were no pets or smoking. Both were fine with me. Has I had no pets and I didn’t smoke.

My first night here was the first night I had a dream about him. The man I knew would be the only man that could sexually satisfy me. “Please Luxor stop teasing me.” I cried out frustrated as he wouldn’t touch me.

“I will touch you when your ready to be all mine, Elaina.”

“You know I’m yours.” He would just sit there shaking his head at me. Sitting in the dark so I couldn’t see him.

“Not yet baby girl.” I would pout and try to put up a fit, but if I became too much of a brat. He would disappear and I was left unsatisfied once again. Those types of dreams came to me every night during the first week I moved in. Things started to change when I came home one night with the first of my casual no strings attached men. We fucked well into the night, but once again I had to rub my own clit just to get off. As soon as we finished and he thought he was going to stay. I kicked him out.

That’s how most of the men are that I bring home. Every once in a while. I think I have found a good one. I swear I could fall in love if someone could just get me off. I know that sounds so bad. I’m really trying hard not to be this whore I’m turning out to be. I’ve always had a hard sex drive. I have even seen a doctor about my problem. There is no type of medicine to help me. That’s why I own a few toys to help me when the urges get too strong. I also need a good man who knows how to please a woman. My dreams were hotter than real life. I wished Constantly that Luxor was real. Even though he still hasn’t touched me. I knew once he did that he would blow my mind, but sadly he was still just a dream. So I continued my search.

“Please Luxor, why must you tease me so.”

“My beautiful little kitten. I can’t touch you until you become mine.”

“But I am yours.” I could hear him hiss and still, he wouldn’t come out of the dark. Not only did I crave his touch, but I longed to see what he looked like. All I knew was his voice as he made me touch myself in front of him every night. I would get myself off while he encouraged me in the sexiest ways and I would beg him to help me. Once I finished he would disappear. Leaving me full of need for him. I never understood what he meant by being his.

“The more men you let touch you the weaker our connection becomes.” What did he mean by that?

“Tell me more.” I sat up in my bed and just stared out into the dark waiting for him to speak, but the room was silent and I knew he was gone. Letting out a breath and frustration. I woke up to the sunshine coming in my window.

“So let me get this straight? You have a recurring dream of this man who you know could sexually shock you, but he never touches you or even comes out for you to see him?” I had decided to tell Rebecca and Lisa about my dreams. I met up with them for lunch today.

“That’s about it, yes. It seems so real.”

“It is only a dream,” Lisa said.

“It’s not like I don’t know that. I just needed to talk about it.” My friends all know about my frustrations. Of course, they just laugh it off, but they have no idea just how bad it really is.

“Maybe it’s time to try and find a boyfriend. Like maybe someone you can teach.” Rebecca said.

“What do you mean by teach?”

“Like someone you can teach about what you like in the bedroom.” I looked at her funny and I understood what she meant, but I wasn’t looking to teach a man anything. I wanted him to teach me. I wanted a man to know how to handle a woman and make her forget her life at that moment. I knew the only man was going to be Luxor. I had to figure out what it was actually going to take to make him touch me. My body craves a man that wasn’t real. How the hell do you get past something like that? How can you even exist in reality when you craved a dream?

The next couple of nights I went out looking for my next lay, but something inside me wasn’t feeling it. I ended up going home alone. It had been a week since I brought anyone home and a week since I had dreamed of Luxor. That Saturday I sat on my porch and felt lost. I wasn’t wanting anyone but Luxor and I think he was gone. I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. I had kept thinking about my friend’s words to find a man and just teach him myself. The sun had finally set and I headed back inside to just find a movie and pig out on some snacks. I had no desire to go out. I jumped into a fast shower. Pulled on a tee shirt and panties. Grabbed a blanket and some chips and sat down in front of my tv.

The wind was picking up some outside and I had heard that we might be getting a rainstorm. I loved the rain. Dark, gloomy rainy days were my favorite. I got up and crack the window some. The gush of air that came flying though was almost enough to knock me over. Damn, I said to myself. I crawled back into the couch and covered up. I hit play on my movie choice and started to snack on my chips. A little while into my movie and laid back on the couch. Placing my head on the pillow. I knew once I laid down I would start to get sleepy.

That’s when I felt it. I was awake as I felt something heavy on top of me. I couldn’t see a thing. I started to get scared until I felt what felt like fingers slowly rubbing up against my leg. I looked up but saw nothing. I could only feel it. Then the blanket was pulled away from me. My heart was thumping out of my chest. I tried to move up some, but I was held in place. I could feel the fingers getting closer to my panties. I could also feel the wetness building between my legs. What the hell was happening to me? I watched as my panties slid to the side and fingers now touched my clit. My head fell back and my eyes closed. Then I could have sworn by everything I loved. That a soft warm tongue touched my clit and fingers went deep inside of me. I bucked once and moaned out. This felt amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before. I’m not new to the touch of a man’s tongue, but this was a whole new experience. I couldn’t think straight as my body composed with one of the hardest orgasms I had ever felt. Just as it came it was gone. I was able to sit up. I looked all around the room and I was completely alone.

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