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The Luna

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Natalya was betrayed by her mate ten years ago when a jealous, power-hungry witch cast a spell making the whole kingdom think she was an evil witch. She was cast to the dungeons by her own mate despite their past together and tortured for information she didn't know. It wasn't until days later when she realized her mate wasn’t going to save her and they wouldn't be able to reform the bond they once had, did she flee from her kingdom, family, friends and life to find somewhere to feel safe. Elijah, the alpha king, was under a spell from a witch for years until he was able to break free. Upon being free and killing the witch who messed up his life, the fog lifted relieving the real memories of what happened and the horrible treatment of Natalya. Elijah was heartbroken at the news that he had hurt his mate so badly that she had fled and hadn't surfaced even when it was announced the witch and her spell were no more.

Fantasy / Romance
Charlie Jupiter
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8 years ago

Natalya woke up in the middle of the night. She lifted her head off the pillow, reaching for her mate who was supposed to be sleeping next to her. There was no one and the sheets were cold. Groggily, she lifted herself up looking around.

"Elijah?" she asked, looking around the room.

No answer.

Natalya shrugged and laid down again. He was probably just working late. But she could have sworn they went to sleep in each other's arms.


The next day while Natalya was wandering around the mansion looking for her mate, she heard yelling and whimpering from the office.

"What's that?" she wondered, walking towards the office. There was something exciting that Natalya wanted to share with her mate but since she hadn't seen him in a while, she hadn't had the chance yet.

Once she got to the door, she raised her hand to knock. Her fist paused before knocking. Something was different. Natalya lowered her fist and strained her ears to listen. She knew from the many times that Elijah and she spent in the office, the office was pretty much soundproof if you were talking.

The air began to thicken around Natalya and started to pull at her mind. Her hands reached for her temples as her ears began to buzz. Witchcraft, she thought as she blinked back the tears and towards the door. Natalya had a feeling her mate was in trouble and her wolf whined trying to get to him.

"Eli!" She called out reaching for the door as her body was pulled to the ground. she lay crumpled on the ground, not having the energy to get up o remove. It was magic pulling her to the ground. She could feel it trying to infiltrate her mind but it had little to no success. It wasn't targetted at her.

Natalya could hear roaring from inside the room which caused her to force her way to the door. Whoever was practicing witchcraft was targetting her mate, the alpha king. She reached forward grabbing onto the stone floors to pull herself closer to the door. It took all the strength she had to pull her body forward. It felt like her body was full of cement and not organs.

When Natalya reached the door, she attempted to reach up to grab the door handle. But she found her arms weren't long enough. She would have to sit up to get the door open.

Luckily it wasn't that hard when the thick molasses-like arm dispersed. Natalya smiled. Her mate must have stopped the witch. As quickly as she could, she stood up and opened the door. What she found inside wasn't a pretty sight. Elijah, her mate, was passionately kissing a petite brunette like he had been deprived of water until he found her.

"Eli?" she asked.

Wrong move.

His head snapped to her. Elijah's normal soft, ocean blue eyes only held hatred when they met Natalya's. A low, warning growl was released when he took a breath in.

"Witch," he growled.

"What?" Natalya didn't understand why he said that word to her and not the obvious witch beside him.

"I can see right through you," he said, stalking towards Natalya.

She backed up in fear. This was her mate. She supported her mate through everything and had calmed him down when he was beyond pissed. But she had never been on the receiving side of his anger. "What do you mean, Eli?"

"Don't call me that," he growled until he had her backed up in a corner. "I am not your mate or your lover. It's Alpha for you."

"What are you talking about?" Natalya reached out to soothe her mate and run her fingers down his jaw like she does when he's mad.

Elijah stopped her hand before it touched his face. "I know all about your little scheme to seduce me. I know you put a spell to make me feel mating tingles."

"I'm not a witch, Eli," Natalya started. "We've known each other since we were children."

"Stop lying to me!" Elijah roared, picking Natalya up by the neck and tossing her across the room in the desk.

She whimpered lifting her face. Her mate hurt her! Natalya's wolf pushed forward to defend them as she felt her injuries. There could be a few broken ribs and definite bruising.

"Elijah!" the brunette whimpered, running over to Elijah. "Are you okay? Did that witch hurt you?"

"I'm fine, baby," Elijah softly said to the girl. "Don't worry, Kendra. Once I dispose of this imposter-" he spat at Natalya "-I can introduce you to the kingdom as the true Luna queen."

The brunette, or Kendra, smiled sweetly at him before turning to face Natalya and smirking. "Bye-bye birdie," she whispered into Natalya's mind.

"Please, Eli," Natalya tried as she got up. "I'm not the witch. She is! I would never betray you."

"Shut up, slut!" Elijah growled, pulling Kendra behind him as if Natalya had the strength to hurt his newfound mate.

"Just hear me through, Eli. I would never hurt you. I barely know how to use make soup and you think I could perform high-level spells to trick you into being my mate?"

"That's exactly what you did. You took everything I had for my mate for yourself. You are selfish and deserve to be punished for your crimes," Elijah stated, pulling Kendra into his side. She smiled up at him and cuddled into his warmth.

Natalya felt a dagger was being plunged into her. It dug deeper into her soft heart when Kendra ran her hand up Elijah's chest. He purred and Natalya lost it.

She rushed forward to pry this witch away from her mate. But Elijah didn't allow her close. He threw his hand and claws forward. Natalya stumbled backwards reaching for her face.

Three deep cuts ran jaggedly from her jaw, over her right eye and to her forehead. They were going to leave scars for the rest of Natalya's life. A reminder that her love wasn't strong enough to keep a witch from casting a spell on the wolf she loved. Her own wolf curled up in the corner of her mind as tears escaped Natalya's good eye.

"Guards!" Elijah bellowed before checking over Kendra for any wounds. When he didn't find any, he cuddled Kendra close ignoring the sobbing from the corner of the room.
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