Stormy weather

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Dragons are known to be heartless but not all dragons are. There is one dragon that loves stormy weather her is name alessia she has been through a lot she lost her parents at age 7 she can also turn into a human no other dragons can do that .Let's see what happends now when she incounters another dragon like her.


Alessia was laying down from just waking up from a nightmare, she was panting. She was also in her human form, she has emerald green hair color, orange eyes, and a fluffy vest, and shirt, black boots, a skirt that has some spikes on it, and lastly some arm wraps. Alessia slowly got up and looked around then got up to get something to eat.
Alessia pov I woke up from a nightmare I sweating and panting, after a few minutes I got up and went to get some food. I placed my hand on my heart and then black light shined all around me then I was my dragon, my dragon has blackish-purple scales with black claws and red eyes with a pointed tail.
An hour later now I was trying to catch a sheep I was swaying my tail back forth ready to jump at it, I jumped and latched my claws into it feeling the blood pour out of it as it perishes very quickly. After eating it lick the blood off my claws and stretch out. As I was stretching I hear something in the bushes, I quickly rose my head and bring out my claws and go see what the noise is what I find makes me ga
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