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By Alexis Huntoon All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


I tapped the shell, and thin, hair-like cracks spread across it. Not that I could see all that far around it. My shell had been comfortable the past millennia, but ever since the One touched my shell, I have been shifting and uncomfortable, getting ready to break through it.

Dragons, like me, only hatch when the One that will be their partner, best friend, and closest soul mate touch their shells. We can stay in them for millennia, or as long as it takes to find the One. Our eggs remain unbreakable up until that point, and then only the baby dragons inside can break through using their own brand of magic. Only they know when it is soft enough to be broken. The knowledge of who the One is innate, and we dragons can tell with the slightest of touches.

Tap, tap.

The lines on the shell spread further.

This is it! I thought, and hit it again, this time with all my strength. pieces of shell scattered around me as I started to push and pull them off, making a bigger hole to fit through.

Finally, I thought, it is big enough!

I hopped out and immediately started eating the membrane that covered me. I never realized that I would be so hungry when I hatched! I never had any need to eat before this.

When I finished, I looked around. I could see that I was in a room, though it is much bigger than my old egg. In it is a rocking chair with a blanket on it, and, lining the walls, nests with eggs in them. On the far wall is a closed door. Turning around, I saw that I was standing right in front of a roaring fire, which was filled with more eggs. My ancestral memories told me that these were very close to hatching.

"Well, what do we have here," something boomed, "an early hatcher?"

I should have looked closer at the rocking chair! I thought as I scrambled around. In it, under the blanket, was a big man. He had dark skin, hair, and eyes, and was pretty young, for a human. Pushing my mind out towards him, I relaxed.

It is just the Caretaker!

He had talked to me for as long as he had the job, though his voice wasn't nearly as loud when I was in the egg. He had told me nearly all I know about humans, though the caretakers before him had started the process. He never told me his real name, only calling himself 'the Caretaker'.

" I had better go wake the young one that touched you last, youngling. You better wait here." He had stood up while I processed all of this information. He dropped the blanket on the seat and turned to go. At the door he stopped and turned back to me. "Her room is right down the hall, it shouldn't be too long, alright?"

He left when I nodded, looking pleased and slightly surprised.

I curled up closer to the fire, soaking up the warmth. I am going to meet the One!

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