Her Unwilling Soulmate

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"Miss Kim Y/n will you accept Mr.Kim SeokJin as your lawful Husband" priest asked. "Ye..." "I have an objection from this marriage" Y/n words got cut when someone shouted from the crowd. Y/n face got pale by seeing the person face. "Who are you?" Jin asked. "I'm Jeon Jungkook, Husband of Kim Y/n and also the Father of the child She is carrying right now," Jungkook told with a smirk. It is a Story of a Girl name (Kim Y/n) Who become a victim of Cruel Revenge taken by person Name (Jeon Jungkook). What Revenge was Jungkook taken? Why He made Y/n his Prey? Jungkook did right or wrong with Y/n? Is She really pregnant with Jungkook child? Will Jungkook ever love her? Will Y/n ever forgive Jungkook? This story don't support any type of Human Voliance.

Fantasy / Romance
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"Revenge sound so Mean, That's Why I prefer to call it returning a favour"

Author Pov:

Y/n was standing in front of Jungkook. Her body was covered with White bedsheet which was had some Bloodstains. Under it Y/n was naked. Her eyes were Puffy and Red. Tears were rolling down. Her body was paining. Her face was pale. She was sweating.

Y/n grabbed the white bedsheet more tightly. Making sure that Bedsheet wouldn't slip down from her body. Y/n felt sore in between her legs.

"You took what You wanted from me......Please let me go now" Y/n told with a crying voice.

There were completely silent in the room. Y/n's heart was beating very fast. Her eyes were pleading to Jungkook.

Jungkook was sitting on a couch. Observing Y/n's dazed and frightened expression. Which was giving him Inner peace. Jungkook's eyes were roaming all over Y/n's body from head to toes. Lust and Anger again took place inside Jungkook.

"Well, I'm not satisfied yet because I'm not a big fan of force Sex......So I'm giving You two minutes to think and Serve Yourself to me willingly......otherwise after two minutes I will again forcefully took What's mine." Jungkook spat.

Y/n became stiffed from Jungkook's words. She wanted to kill Jungkook but She knows She couldn't do this. Her strength comparing to Jungkook was nothing. She didn't have any other choice just to knee down.

Y/n closed her eyes all happy memories came flashback in her mind before She opened her eyes again.

Jungkook was sitting on the couch desperately waiting for Y/n's consent. He knew that He was doing wrong but His needs, His revenge, His detestation made him Blinded. He wanted to Burn Y/n in the fire of his brutal. He wanted to make her feel the pain He was in for many years.

Y/n loosened her grip on Bedsheet. Which made Bedsheet fall on the ground. She was now stood naked in front of Jungkook eyes. Jungkook felt his member got twisted.

Y/n raised her head and looked towards Jungkook. This was enough for Jungkook to understand that Y/n gave him consent.

Jungkook quickly got up, walked towards Y/n and filled her into his arms.

He started hungrily kissing her. Y/n could feel Jungkook's eagerness, his lust for herself. She felt loathed and scorned from his action but She was helpless.

Y/n was feeling disgusted from Jungkook's touched. But She couldn't do anything just to resist him.

Jungkook broke the kiss and pulled away. When He felt that Y/n became breathless. He grabbed Y/n from her hair. She whimpered loudly.

"I told you My feelings but what You did... You took my feelings for grant.....I opened my heart for You but what You did....... You made My heart toy and played with it......Tonight You will know what is the result of playing with someone's feeling......Tonight I will fuck You till You beg me to stop."Jungkook told with venom in his voice.

Jungkook pushed Y/n on the bed. Y/n's body bounced on the soft mattress.

Jungkook harshly turned Y/n made her lie on her stomach. Her back faced Jungkook. He took a pillow and placed it under Y/n's stomach and raised her hips.

Jungkook spanked on Y/n's Bumps.

"Ahhh" Y/n whined.

Y/n felt embarrassed and humiliated. But didn't protest let Jungkook do what He was doing.

Jungkook removed His T-shirt showing his torso and then pant along with boxers and hangovered on Y/n.

"I wanna be Your first in everything...Even in breaking Your Anal virginity" Jungkook whispered.

Jungkook hands were roaming on Y/n's naked thighs. Y/n was trembling beneath Jungkook but He lost his sanity to feel any agonies of Y/n.

Jungkook caught Y/n's throat tightly.

Y/n felt suffocated but again resisted his Torture.

"Let me tell You that it is going to be a very painful experience for You My Love.....You will never forget tonight in Your entire life I will make sure this" Jungkook added.

Jungkook didn't waste much time and entered his sharf roughly into Y/n from the back. He shoved himself into her all in once.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Y/n yelled.

Jungkook started thrust Y/n hard and mercilessly.

Y/n at starting resisted all rough thrust of Jungkook but after sometimes the pain became unbearable.

"Ple...Ahhh...Please Jungkook...Ahh, stop I...Ahhh...I'm begging you...I'm tried Now" Y/n plead.

The whole room filled from the voice of Y/n's painful moans, Skin slapping and Her begs for Jungkook to get stopped.

Jungkook's groans in pleasure least cared about Y/n's agony. Jungkook got stopped only when He got satisfied.


Jungkook was sitting on the chair. His eyes were watching the waves of the sea. But His mind was full of Y/n. There were not Single day when Jungkook didn't think about Y/n. Even He wanted than to He couldn't stop himself to think about Y/n. His heart always beat fast for her. But He knows He couldn't do anything. How much He wanted He just couldn't go back and change the past.

"Y/n is getting married tomorrow"

Jungkook ears caught a voice. He turned his face with the speed of light towards the owner of the voice. Jungkook felt shocked couldn't believe his ears.

"You heard me right," Suga told.

Jungkook felt his heart stopped. He became pale. Then suddenly Y/n's painful face came into Jungkook's mind. He took a deep breath before answering. But He still feeling pang inside his heart.

"Th...That....really good.....She deserves a good Husband" Jungkook replied with a heavy heart.

"Yess...You're right an innocent girl like Y/n deserved A good Husband but what about the baby..... The child needs His biological father the most" Suga said.

Jungkook knitted his brows.

Suga removed an envelope from his coat and gave it to Jungkook.

Jungkook scanned the paper.

"According to this Medical Report Y/n is 4 months Pregnant.....and I'm damn sure this baby is Yours.....We all know How much You like raw sex.....And Four months ago what happened We all know very well" Suga scoffed.

"So Mr Jeon Jungkook now tell me could You bear if Your child calls someone else Father instead of You...HuH!!!" Suga added.

Jungkook looked blank towards Suga. Didn't know How to react.

"Ugrhhhh.....You imbecile Guy.....Just Go and Get What belongs to You Jungkook.....Go get Your Y/n back and Your flesh.....Your blood...Your baby back" Suga told.

Jungkook didn't think twice He got up and ran towards His car.


"Miss Kim Y/n will you accept Mr Kim SeokJin as Your lawful Husband" priest asked.


"I have an objection from this marriage"

Y/n's words got cut when Someone shouted from the crowd.

Y/n'd face got pale by seeing the person. She felt dread in Her heart. A chill ran down throughout Her spine.

"Who are You?" Jin asked.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook, Husband of Kim Y/n and also the Father of the child She is carrying right now," Jungkook told with a smirk.

A black dot started to appear in the eyes of Y/n.

"He...He will going to kill me" Y/n mumbled before losing Her conscious.

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