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A storm is coming! Lukas Theodorus is unlike any other Alpha. A descendant from the Gods, Lukas possesses elemental gifts never before seen and couldn't care less. This powerful Alpha isn't used to being challenged. Feeling cursed by the Moon Goddess a fire burns deep inside that has turned into a slow burn. After years of suffering and slavery, Syble Martin, has a secret that needs to remain hidden. She tries to hate him but craves his touch. Bound by the Moon Goddess and tied by a prophecy, his pride is no match for her will. From New York to New Orleans the storm will rage!

Fantasy / Other
Paulina Vasquez
5.0 86 reviews
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Broken Omega is the 3rd Book in the Broken Trilogy. The first 2 books were developed earlier this year on this platform.

Book 1 - Broken Luna & Book 2 - Broken Alpha did so well they were contracted with Kindle Exclusive. Which means that they've moved from this platform and can be found through Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Lending Library, Amazon ebook download to Kindle app., and also available in paperback! (You can search me on Amazon by entering my name PAULINA VASQUEZ in the search bar! And if you’ve purchased them, be sure to leave a rave review 😬)

As usual, I will develop the 3rd book, Broken Omega, here and will try my very best to update a chapter each night. As many of you know, I'm a mother to 2 little girls, I have a full time career here in California, a husband and a household to run. I typically dream up the chapter during the day and write at night when the kids have gone to bed. So I will try my best to post each night as I've done with the others, and if I can't, I will post a quick note to let you know.

I highly recommend that you follow my profile so you don't miss an update, because once we reach the epilogue of this book, it will go through a final edit process and then move to a contract agreement on Kindle.

On another note, I have really enjoyed the interaction process with my readers, your comments and support make this such a fun process for me. I will also continue to select names to use as characters as we progress. So please feel free to comment and most importantly, HIT THE LIKES AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH CHAPTER TO HELP GET THE BOOK NOTICED.

To those of you who have read the first two books, Thank you ... Now get ready for the storm!
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