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Broken Omega has moved

Warning: This trilogy is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who doesn't enjoy a good spanking. It will take you on adventures around the world, make you laugh, fall in love, crush your heart and possibly leave you drooling. Side effects can only be cured by reading the next book in the Golden Series spin off coming this spring.

Broken Luna
Broken Alpha
Broken Omega

Now available on Amazon/Kindle/Kindle Unlimited.

(Note the kindle app is a free download that allows you to download/read/store ebooks on any device.)
Also available in a large paperback.

The GOLDEN SERIES will also be developed here and will be available to read as I create it, chapter by chapter. For a limited time. It will start posting in March! Follow my page so you don’t miss the updates.

You can also find me on Facebook as Author Paulina Vasquez. 😀

Thank you all for your love, support and engagement! I’m cooking up the roadmap for the next Adventure that follows Cassiopeia LaRue Theodorus in Golden Prophecy!
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