The Way

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The Beginning

There was a silent chaos in the era of the abyss before it had bloomed into its viridian cosmos. It was a deep and daunting stretch, with ringing silence and textures unexplainable. Things existed here that would be blind to eyes that were not incarnate. It was a place, without soil, or sand. It lacked a sky, nor did grass grow. This was the time of Voihed.

The Before.

There was The Before, and then there was The Beginning.

In the womb of Voihed’s abyss grew five incarnate beings. They were not made of flesh or bone, but of stars and the strength that curated in the molecules of the universe. The five appeared in creations of their own when it came time for The Beginning. A common tongue would refer to these creations as fauna.

These five beings shaped the viridian world, and the first of them would be called Oshiae.

Oshiae came forth in the form of an owl, an intelligent and beautiful creature. Oshiae was the all-knowing, precise God. The God of time and creation. Oshiae knew he could not create The Beginning without help, and thus summoned four more Gods to rise from Voihed.

The second God to manifest, was Lupae. Lupae was a powerful God, who grew from the strength of the chaos. Lupae took the form of a large wolf and was the most courageous and loyal of the five Gods. Lupae was entrusted with the protection of the new world’s inhabitants, and so he created the warriors of Lupae, men who could shift into wolves.

Then, there was Voihed’s God of molecular control, Dreigah. Dreigah took the form of a massive flying dragon, who created mystics and flora. Dreigah was a beast of complexity and improbable outliers. A massive beast that flew as if it were as light as a dust particle. A true embodiment of the cosmos’ magic.

Velosi was the fourth God to break through Voihed. Velosi was the smallest and weakest of the Gods but made up for his lack of strength with a cunning and deceitful mind. Velosi adopted the form of a serpent, a slithering and cautious creature. Velosi was tasked with representing death and mortality in the new world, a task he did not appreciate. Velosi was a jealous God. He did not enjoy his brother’s powers, or their superfluous tasks, and so he created Velosian’s. Men who could take the form of reptiles; an immortal species to watch over the impracticality of the mortality his brothers insisted upon instilling in this new world.

The last of the Five, was Mahn, later known as man. Mahn was created from the hands of the first four. Mahn was the rebirth of the cosmos, into a combined creation. Mahn was the most intelligent inhabitant of the world, creating conscious mortals and fauna for this new world that would arise from The Beginning.

On the eve of the creation of The Beginning, the night was cool and damp. A song of Katydid’s hummed in the brush below where the Owl of Oshiae sat perched on his occultous tree. The Owl listened deeply to the sounds of the nocturnal forest around it, where the air of this earth danced to the hum of her latest hour’s occupants. The Owl never grew bored of the night, for it was the Owl’s own creation. The Owl had sat there for eons, watching the universes grow from specks of dust. The Owl hadn’t ever a unwell feeling, until this very moment in the middle of the highest Moon. Thousands of years had gone without the dread of what this glimpse into a disdained future brought.

The Owl of Oshiae had a spark of realization, for this sight was finally The Beginning coming into fruition. Of course, it was. The creation of a new world was manifesting before the Owl’s obsidian eyes just like he had known it would. The future glimmered above the Owl in melting colors of sapphire and turquoise, glowing beneath a burning star. The star crashed desperately into another, and from their collision birthed a depth so dark the Owl’s adjusted vision could barely reach. His brothers had gone to work.

The Owl turned its head fully around and was presented another sight. This sight was grand, no less important than the array of sparkling colors behind its swiveled head. The Owl’s attention caught on a bristling below its tree. Amber eyes with flecks of deep iridescence. Rippling past the creature’s predatory gaze was a great sea of black fur, streaked with grey and platinum. It was thick and course, wrapping around two pointed ears that sat on the top of its head and a long snout with a mouthful of carved teeth. Lupae. Within this great wolf, the Owl saw a glimmer of possibility not yet seen until that very moment.

The vision went from a dark and chaotic future to one filled with absolute serenity. The Owl hooted softly, speaking its own tongue of vibrations into the clouded air in which it perched.

The Owl sat, still as ever, watching this world come together from the ashes of burning gas collisions. Three Suns grew, and one Moon. Vast and powerful it was, to only need one.

The Way would lead in the end, as it always was meant to.

This creation birthed a new era, an era of man and conquest. The Owl watched as the sight gave him the many futures that may occur, but one was for certain. Two continents would be united under one rule.

That was to come, in time. A long way away, the Owl knew. But it would come.

Until then, the new world’s most vast continent, Criyea. would be tattered in the chaos of the war.

Mages and Pagans of Dreigah destroyed each other for the control of natural and unnatural mystics, while the Velosian’s hunted for dominion on Mahn’s mortals. It was a bloodbath between godliness and mortal, the plight for control. It was a catastrophic war, called the Soulless War for how selfishly its patrons fought. They destroyed nearly the entire Realm in their bloodthirsty battles.

The God’s could only watch as their creation’s failed, time and time again. Dreigah and Mahn had failed to contain the selfishness of their creations at bay. Velosi, however, was the most successful. Velosi praised his creations, speaking in tongues to a chosen few every few eons. Keeping the power secretly in his hissing grasp.

Across the Osirian Sea was the nearly barren continent of Aeyeon. It was home to the decedents of the God Lupae and Oshiae. They had remained here in peace, only hearing the sad tales of purge and plague from the sailors who worked in the ports. After many years, the God’s Oshiae and Lupae felt they could no longer stand by as their followers did nothing. They whispered while the monks of Oshiae prayed to the cosmos, giving instructions to intervene in the evil that was unfolding across the sea.

These followers of Oshiae banded together with the Guardians at last, to bring every realm of the natural and supernatural to a peaceful agreement. The two descendants, unaware of the weight the remaining Velosian’s still carried in the Realm, felt it was up to them alone to bring peace to the continent of Criyea.

They formed what was called The Order.

The Order of Oshiae had begun, but it was not as peaceful as they had sought it to be. The Oshiae’s grew apathetic in their reign, recognizing it was not meant for them to rule. They were monks now, who did not believe in possessions or power. They offered the rule to the Guardian’s highest chiefs, but they would not take over. They would not leave Aeyeon.

A compromise was arranged. The Realm would continue on as united kingdoms, under the rule of a crowned King and Court. The King Arell was chosen, mortal and fair in his reign. He was the King of Kings. Years went by without disturbance, until the King had passed, and his pompous and selfish heirs stirred the pot of power until it spilled. Long past was his reign, as well as a calm and orderly Criyea. The peace had kept, for a time being.

Peace, however, never lasted long.

Many years passed after second Order began. Wars waged in many kingdoms, rebellions began and ended. Villages came and went, until a small cold kingdom rose in the Northern part of the western continent of Criyea. This kingdom called Upiria was carved from the icy stone of the Ancestral Forest’s mountainous outskirts. Stone forged by the sweat and blood of its Velosian nationals. It was a city of darkness, for the Sun’s made a rare appearance this far North of the Realm. Upiria was naught but a city of loneliness, with walls higher than the tallest Ivory tree’s that pillaged the Ancestral Forest that blocked any untrained eye from seeing it.

The Kingdom was not an entirely prosperous one. They had no agriculture, no trade - but where they lacked in supply they made up with bodies. Upiria was a cleverly vile city, one that made their money from mortal trades. Upiria became a slave city.

There was one young woman that lived in this lowly city, who went by the name Adyra. She was gifted in the Way but marked by the Velosian’s as one of the horde. Adyra was told her gift was a curse, and from that planted thought grew loneliness and self-hate.

Her roots had been from the eastern continent of Aeyeon, but she had no ties or desire to see it for she felt she was truly alone in this world. After all, it had been institutionalized to Adyra that her calling was to be a loyal national to Upiria, and a servant to the Serpent. The omniscient God had picked her, she was told. So, she pledged her loyalty to him from the earliest moments of her life.

Aedyra had played the God’s way of trickery, snaking her way to the chain of command for the kingdom’s armies. She was a guard to the king and queen, a revered one at that. But that was not all she was.

During the shadow of night, she walked with her Lords of Serpent, willingly, and obeyed every call to service of their secret organization.

For she always would, in the name of Serpent.

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