Ruler of fate is heart

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Zayn the dream traveler who traveling in dream and meet Sara then falling in love.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Episode one

****casts**** :
Zayn - male lead (dream traveler)

Sara - female lead

Lisa - 1st volume main character (Zayn fiance)

Diya - zayn's sister

Viki - pop star

Rocky - the enemy character

others - family members and friends.

Main leads:


Zayn is a son of Steven Aurora (who owning by famous Aurora industries , Malls , college and schools) in England and future heir of Aurora group. He also 3rd young richest son in the world. Zayn is basically famous car Racer and idol of youngsters too.
He is warm-hearted and honest one. Although he is engaged to Lisa, he is attracted to sara at first sight (who coming only in his dream) and falls in love with her despite her poor and Zayn is forced to choose between his fate or love. will he able to use his power and meet Sara and save her in this life?

A ditsy and unpopular Sara is from middle class family and lovable cute girl in India. she trying her best to story writer and finding a job to help her family. On the way she falling in love with Zayn.


Announcing (welcome to the grand finale of London car Racing. Here we go)

Manager asked Zayn Are you ready?

Zayn : I'm always ready

Announcing (King of Race Zayn on the track )

Crowd shouting his name Zayn Zayn Zayn....

Announcing (Ready 1 2 start)

(After racing)

Manager," Zayn you are idol of future generations. See the peoples outside ,they all your fans".

Zayn replied him " I'm not here for them . I'm here for me. Everything I do is for my satisfaction. I'm going to take rest".

Manager asked Again?

Zayn replied back "This is not first time then why you asking?".

Manager shouting to Zayn, Zayn don't go there. Please I begging you. I'm tired of handling the media.

but Zayn left him without response

Manager keep shouting to his car "Zayn no no listen to me,
Mr.Steven is coming tomorrow. Your father is coming"(shouting)

(zayn's dream)

That night he sleeping and dreaming something about a girl. She also sleeping in her house. Zayn confusing why his dream look like so real because he standing in her bedroom.

Zayn, why I am here? Who is she? Where I am?

Then he shocking and open his eyes in real.

Zayn, what happened ?

Then he went to the kitchen and drinking water and thinking about what he saw in his dream.

Zayn talking himself, it's just nightmare. Yeah that's it.

in phone:

Zayn asked to his manager what's my schedule today?

Manager, we have press meeting and your father is here.

Zayn, okay,cancel my press meeting. I'm going out.

Manager asked back, then what about your father?

Mr.Steven arranged dinner tonight.

Zayn said Okay.

(Zayn meet Sara again)

The life is full of miracle but it's happening sometimes only. It's rarely visiting but what happened if you find your true destiny in this way?

(Zayn meeting with his father)

Zayn call his dad,

Mr. Steven(Zayn father), oh you are here, come and sit. I need to talk to you. How long you gonna live your life like this. When you gonna take over our company and business?

Zayn said, Dad I told you I'm not interested.

Mr. Steven, "Zayn you are my only one son and I'm getting old. I need you , our company need you. Everyone waiting for you".

Zayn said, Dad but...

Mr. Steven replied, Zayn just think and tell me later. I'm not going to against your decision.
I have to go, take care.

Zayn replied, Bye dad, take care. then he left
(That day night)

Zayn sleeping in his bed and again he had nightmare about same thing. But this time....

Zayn, "where I am ? What is this place?"
Then he looking at Sara but she sleeping in her bed. He went close to her and looking...

Zayn asking himself, who is she ? Why I am here? what is this place?

He slightly confusing and frustrating but Sara is his destiny.

Zayn confused, who are you? Why i am here?

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