Out of the Darkness

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Chapter 11

If it could, my heart would be beating 100 times a second right now. I couldn’t believe it, Raven was dead. I never really thought about that even being a possibility, she just always seemed so indestructible. The demon walked to the other side of his cage with a smile spread wide across his face. When he reached the other side, he waited for a moment. He looked at the walls of the cage in confusion, wondering why they hadn’t disappeared, knowing that the spell should’ve broken when Raven died.

“What the hell?” He asked annoyed. He banged his fists against the walls, hoping to break through them, without success.

Behind him a figure rose from the ground, with a glare straight from hell and one that could kill all in sight. She crept forward until she was right behind him.

“Ahem.” A voice said right in his ear. He spun round in confusion as he came face to face with the woman that he had just killed. His shock intensified as Raven pushed the bar that he had stabbed her with through his chest. It went straight through his heart and just in case of some miracle on his part, and that didn’t kill him, her poisonous blood on the bar would have finished him off. He fell to the ground with a thud and Raven stood there looking at him for a moment. She crouched down over his body and studied him. She reached down and pulled something from around his neck and shoved it in to the pocket of her jeans before anyone could see what exactly it was. As she stood the walls of the cage disappeared and she walked out in to the crowd.

She met every curious glance and glare with one of her own. They parted to let her through, not wanting to appear as a challenger. Whispers surrounded her but she paid no notice. She made her way to me and I led her out of there and away from the wondering eyes. We went straight back to the office, leaving the others to get rid of all the guests and the demon’s body.

“Are you ok?” I asked her. I already knew from her test results that she had the ability to accelerate the healing process of her wounds but I didn’t know that she could still heal herself if she was dead. That was practically unheard of.

“Yes Adam, I am fine.”

“I was worried.” I said to her.

“There is no reason to be, but I apologise.” It didn’t take long for the others to burst in.

“Ok, everyone agrees that she has some explaining to do now right?” Clara asked.

“That is understandable Clara, I wasn’t going to try and talk my way out of explaining this.” Raven said. When everyone had arrived they settled down, ready for the explanation.

“I cannot die. Many people have tried to kill me but no death seems to be permanent.“ Raven told us.

“Do you know why?” Jonathan asked.

“No, nothing particular happened around the time that I found out. I feel the pain of the death, but then I just wake up again.”

“That’s incredible.” Jimmy said bewildered.

“That’s impossible.” Alexander added.

Chatter swept through the room, distracting most. That’s why, when Raven froze completely, I was the only one to notice. I studied her, waiting for her to snap out of it. I knew there wasn’t any danger; she wouldn’t have frozen if there was. She would have jumped straight in to action as she always did. She snapped out of it a moment later, picked up a piece of paper and a pen off the desk and began to draw. It only took her a moment to finish the drawing and then she studied it. She put two fingers to her lips and whistled; rather high pitched I might add, in order to get everyone’s attention. It worked, everyone turned her way after wincing slightly at the sound. She pinned the picture to the board behind her.

“Does anyone know who this is?” She asked.

“That’s Adrian.” Jonathan told her.

“And he is…?” Raven asked.

“He’s an angel, what makes you ask?” Jonathan questioned.

“He’s Damon’s other hostage.” She replied. How is Raven supposed to know an angel I wondered.

“Another vision?” I asked, piecing things together.

“Sort of, it wasn’t sent to me, it was as if it was an accident.” She said.

“Did either of them say anything?” I asked her.

“Yes, hang on a moment, I’ll show you, it will be easier.” She turned, took the drawing she did down, put her fingers to her temples and the board turned in to what looked like a Television screen. She stepped to the side as a picture started to form.

There was Adrian and the little girl sat in a cell, with chains around their wrists and ankles.

“Why do you think she hasn’t come for us yet?” The little girl asked Adrian, we still didn’t know her name.

“I’m not sure, but if she doesn’t then I know someone who will.” He told her.

“Well I certainly hope so, for your sake.” A voice said, who I recognised as Damon. We couldn’t see him; he was just out of sight.

“What do you mean by that?” Adrian asked him.

“Well……I might have erased the two of you from her memory.” He told them and they stared at him in shock.

“She will remember us, I know she will.” Adrian said determined.

“And how do you propose she will do that? There is a limit to her power you know.” Damon taunted him.

“You aren’t the first to doubt her, but it will end the same as it always does, with death. And not hers either.” Adrian warned. Damon just laughed.

“I doubt that very much.” Was Damon’s only response.

It ended there and the screen disappeared, once again showing just the usual board.

“And you still don’t remember them?” I asked Raven and she shook her head.

“No I don’t but I have an idea to help us find out where they are. The girl managed to send me a message and now I’ve got a clip that she didn’t even mean to send me. If I send a bit more power her way then she can completely draw me in to her mind, allowing me to hear her thoughts, and to see everything that she can see. Damon must let them out of that cage at some point; I will just have to wait until he does.” She explained.

“Is that dangerous?” I asked.

“No, and I will be able to see how many guards are there, and the layout of the building. I may even be able to transport myself there through her mind, and get them out like that.” Raven said.

“Will you be able to transport us there with you? I’m not entirely happy with you going in to Damon’s lair alone.” I said to her.

“I won’t be able to do that Adam, and there is no need to worry about me, I can’t die remember?” She mentioned.

“No, but you can still be captured.” I pointed out.

“This may be the only way to get them back Adam.” She told me, and I had no angle in which to argue with her.

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