Out of the Darkness

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Chapter 12

Early the next morning when I arrived at the office Raven was already there. She was staring in to the Exitium so I stopped still, not wanting to disturb her. She snapped it shut a moment later.

“What were you looking for?” I asked, announcing my presence.

“Just seeing if it had anything helpful to tell me. It didn’t.” She told me.

“Any more visions from the girl?” I asked.

“No. But we have all the information we need. It’s just knowing the best time to attack.” During our conversation the rest of our usual group of agents arrived, some looking more alert than others.

“How long have you two been here?” Jake asked us.

“A while.” Raven replied. I didn’t find out how long she had actually been here, or if she even left for the night. I started to wonder if she actually had a home. I would have to ask her that at one point. But not when the others were there though, she wouldn’t like everyone knowing her business.

“How can you be so awake? It’s far too early.” Jake said with a yawn.

“Well if you hadn’t been up playing video games all night then you wouldn’t feel so tired.” Alice said with a laugh.

“What makes you think I was-“ Jake began but his brother interrupted him.

“There’s no point in denying it brother.” Jenkins said with a laugh.

“Ok you three, enough messing around. Do we have a plan yet?” Jonathan asked before the twins could say anything more.

“We may have one after they have said what they came to.” Raven said.

“Who?” I asked and she nodded in the direction of the doors. Just then six men transported in, all of us, with the exception of Raven, tensed for an attack. But when we realised that they were all angels, and not here to harm us, we relaxed again.

“Jonathan we need to speak with you-.” The leader, Alistair began but paused when he saw Raven. “What on Earth is she doing here?”

“Greetings.” Raven said with a smile.

“Alistair, there is no need to panic, she works here.” Jonathan told the new arrivals.

“What!” Alistair yelled. “Are you insane?”

“Look, we’ve already been through all of this so you will just have to trust my judgement.” Jonathan told them.

“I’m starting to think that your judgement is seriously impaired Jonathan.” Alistair said disapprovingly.

Was there a reason you came here or was it just to check up on everyone?” Raven asked, clearly enjoying the angels’ discomfort at her being here. Alistair glared at her in reply.

“Yes there was. But it doesn’t concern you. Jonathan, one of our people have gone missing, we were hoping that you would help us.” Alistair said. Another two people transported in then, another angel who was holding a young girl by the arm, who was on the floor. “Ben, why did you bring her here?”

“You didn’t tell me what to do with her.” He replied with a shrug. I could see Raven out of the corner of my eye as she rose from her seat, not looking pleased.

“Alicia?” Raven asked the girl and her head snapped round to look at her. She didn’t seem to recognise Raven though as her eyes filled with confusion. Raven noticed this and within a second her appearance changed so her hair was a fiery red but her eyes stayed their usual brown.

“Abby?” The girl on the floor asked, still confused.

“Yes, it’s me.” Raven said to her reassuringly.

“I thought you were dead.”

“Many people do.” Raven replied.

“Abby, I didn’t do it, I swear.”

“I know, don’t worry.” Raven tried to reassure her.

“They’re going to kill me.” Alicia said, obviously scared.

“No they aren’t, I won’t let them.” Raven was determined.

“I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that you know her.” Alistair said to Raven. She didn’t answer him, just raised one eyebrow and then turned to Ben, who still had hold of the girl. She took slow steps towards him until she was right in his face.

“Don’t make me hurt you.” She threatened him. He swallowed hard and looked to Alistair for help.

“Don’t you dare.” He said to Ben. Raven sighed and grabbed Ben by his throat and lifted him off the ground. “You let go of him.” Alistair demanded.

“Shut up.” Raven hissed in reply. She took a few steps forward and placed Ben back on the ground when he was far enough away from the girl. She turned back and lifted Alicia to her feet and moved her away from the angles. When she was happy with the distance between them she turned back to Alistair. “So here’s the deal, I’ll get your angel back and then you will drop all charges against the girl.”

“We don’t do deals with demons.” Was Alistair’s reply.

“Good job I’m not a demon then.”

“And if we don’t agree to your ‘deal’?” He asked her.

“Then I’ll still take Alicia, I’ll save the young girl that Damon has captive but leave your angel there. Oh and I’ll kill any of you that get in my way.” She threatened and the room was silent for a moment.

“How do you know the demon?” Alistair was the first to break the silence.

“He’s been trying to kill me for the past 21 years.” She told him.

“Why is this girl, Alicia, so important to you?” He asked her.

“Because I know that she’s innocent, she doesn’t even have any powers. You are more than likely looking for her sister.” Raven said.

“What makes you say that?”

“From past experience.” She replied.

“How does she not have any powers?” Alistair questioned her.

“Her twin sister tricked her in to giving her powers to her a few years back.”

“I still don’t trust you.” He told her.

“That’s fine, I don’t trust you either. But we both have something to loose, or rather someone, so we will just have to accept the situation.” Raven said.

“Fine.” Alistair said as he held out his hand.

“Fine.” Raven repeated and shook his hand, very business-like.

Well this was certainly going to be interesting.

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