Out of the Darkness

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Chapter 15

The rectangle screen disappeared as Raven, Adrian and the young girl arrived in the office. Raven instantly turned to Alistair.

“I held up my end of the deal, your turn.” Adrian and the young girl looked at her confused.

“Fine.” Alistair said and allowed Alicia to walk to Raven.

“Go home to your family, you won’t be bothered anymore.” Raven told her and transported her out of the room.

“What’s going on?” The young girl asked Raven but she just looked confused. “You can’t seriously pretend that’s the only reason why you rescued us.” She added.

“But it is.” Was Raven’s short reply which brought tears to the girl’s eyes.

“She doesn’t remember us.” She whispered. “Daddy, why doesn’t she know who we are?” The young girl asked Adrian.

“Damon erased most of her memories.” I answered for him.

The young girl and Raven were staring at each other, the girl’s eyes filled with sadness, and Raven’s filled with confusion.

“What do we do?” The girl asked Adrian.

“We just have to help her remember us.” He replied.

“But how? She doesn’t remember us dad! She doesn’t remember me.” The young girl yelled and then ran out of the room. All eyes went to Raven. The room was silent, everyone waiting for someone to speak.

“Raven, you still have blood around your lips.” Alexander criticised. Slowly, as if to wind him up, she raised her finger to her lips, wiped the blood off and then ran her tongue over her finger slowly. Alexander looked disgusted.

“That’s the only way to kill his kind isn’t it?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes, I certainly don’t eat people’s hearts for fun you know.” Raven replied.

“It was completely hard core! The look on his face was just the best.” Jenkins commented which, as usual, was followed by laughter from others.

“Do you know how many of his kind there are?” I asked her.

“I think they’re all dead now, I only knew of his family. His mother was human and his father killed her in a fit of rage.” She told us.

“What happened to his father?” Jonathan asked.

“I killed him when Damon killed my family. Then he killed hundreds of innocent people, and I killed him.” Raven replied.

“So you have no idea who they are?” I asked and she shook her head, knowing exactly to whom I was on about.

“Shouldn’t the spell on your memory have broken when he died?” Clara asked.

“He must’ve cast a spell to prevent that.” Raven said.

“So he’s screwing with you from the grave? So medieval.” Jenkins added in.

“I might have something that could help you. I come from a long line of powerful witches; I can have a look in the archives to see if I can find a spell to help you.” Clara explained, I’m sure that her offer surprised some, considering she’s had it out for Raven since the beginning, but she did save her life after all.

“Thank you Clara.” Raven said sincerely. Clara nodded in reply and transported out of the room.

Just as she disappeared from sight, a woman with jet black hair appeared in almost the same place that she was in. I recognised her instantly as Jonathan’s wife Maya. Jonathan turned to her with a surprised smile.

“Jonathan dear –“ His wife began. Even though I was curious about this my attention, was as usual, drawn to Raven. She had fixed Maya with a look that I didn’t entirely understand at first, I presumed that this was the first time they had met, but by the look on her face, I’d say perhaps not.

As I paid very close attention, I noticed subtle differences in her demeanour. Her entire body tensed, starting with her shoulders, her brown eyes darkened and I could almost see the thoughts passing by them. Then, her eyes turned completely black, which caused myself and Alexander to freeze as we remembered what Raven had told us a while back.

My eyes flicked between Raven and Maya, but my reaction was too slow. Raven launched herself at Maya and that’s, as they say, when the shit really hit the fan.

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